Rose & Viola


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"I love you," Viola whispered against her ear but Rose kept quiet and never said it back.

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Chapter 1

It was the summer of 2002 when 7 year old Rose realized that she didn't like the boys in her class as much as she should. She informed her mother about it the same second.

Biggest mistake of her life.

Her mother didn't stop her from being herself but she encouraged it... too much. As she grew up, her mother would always tell her things along the line:

The waitress was totally checking you out

Gerogia's daughter is gay too, want me to set you guys up?

So, are you interested in anyone at the moment?

Rose would gasp out as her cheeks turned red, "Mother!"

It was always the same but Rose never seemed to get used to it.

At the moment, she was drying her lilac hair that she dyed last week while humming a certain tune. Her mother was invited over to a party that they apparently couldn't miss.

Rose wore her little red dress that her mother picked out for her. She wore her golden necklace and traced over it with her fingers. She snapped out of it so that they don't end up late and continued getting ready.

Once they arrived at the party, her mother was greeted by a group of women from every direction. Rose stood there awkwardly until the gaze was fixated towards her.

Rose didn't like being attacked with hugs and kisses from strangers but she did this to make her mother happy. She knows that she should be grateful for a mother like her and she is. 

It's just that it's hard for her to show her emotions but her mother understands. She always understands.

"Go have a look around, maybe you will find someone you like here," her mother, Jessie said before walking away with a red wine on her right hand.

Rose mumbled under her breath, "Doubt it," and smiled to the people walking past her anyway.

She bumped into someone and when she turned around to apologize, she froze. The girl was brunette with a black dress and a single rose in her hair. She found it hard to breathe and she doesn't know why.

"I'm sorry, I didn't see where I was going," she said while chuckling and added, "You alright?"

Rose looked at her for a moment before answering, "Y-Yeah, all good, don't worry about it."

The brunette extended her hand out and introduced herself, "I'm Viola and you?"

Looking at the rose in her hair, she replied, "Rose, just Rose."

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