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Living in Las Vegas

Here I will tell you why you should love to live in Las Vegas.

  1. The Continuous Growing Economy - The economy is definitely blasting here! There are development and expansions wherever you look. As per Fox Business News 12-9-19-Nevada is the 4th state with the best economy for 2020. Our companions talk about how incredible their organizations are. Housing gratefulness has eased back however not halted. Las Vegas is still "The Land of Opportunity." Times are extraordinary and Las Vegas is an incredible driving goal.
  2. The best place for tourists - With more than 42 million tourists per year and a blasting national economy, loved ones will be dropping by – particularly at New Year's when hotel and resort rates triple. Following 32 years around, I'd hit the sack around evening time and give visitors my vehicle keys. How often would you be able to visit Hoover Dam in a year?
  3. Cheap Fare for Travelers - Las Vegas appreciates minimal traffic, excellent streets, modest airfares and rental vehicles, and modest transportation. The economy in Las Vegas flourishes to some extent in view of airline partners. In Fall 2019-Our Delta departure from Vegas to San Jose, Costa Rica was $400 RT with a 2-hour delay at LAX. Our friends went along with us on the excursion at LAX however paid $600 for their RT tickets. We took same planes and we flew 600 miles further. Pleasant For Us!
  4. Taxes - Nevada’s residents have the 8th Lowest Tax Burden in the U.S., according to Money Magazine. There is NO State Income Tax! No Inheritance Tax, NO Gift Tax, and NO Corporate Tax. There’s an 8.375% Sales Tax and Property Tax is just under 1% for residents. Awesome!
  5. Lots of Job Opportunities - Each hotel is credited with 2.5 employments 1 inside the inn/gambling club and 1.5 inside the community. Likewise, Manufacturing, Construction, Infrastructure, Airport, Convention and Technology include a great deal of employments. With 3 Incorporated Cities in Clark County, they all utilize. Presently, there are 150,000 hotels in Clark County with 10,000 new rooms booked to open in 2020. Over 5M square feet of processing plant/distribution center space opened in N. Las Vegas in 2019-around 2000 employments. There is a genuine deficiency of clinical work force and educators!
  6. Weather - The Las Vegas Valley averages 310 sunny days a year, and 26.5 rain days with a total of 4.2 inches a year. The coldest month is December with an average high of 56.7 and a low of 38.7 degrees. The hottest month is July with an average high of 104.1 and a low of 81 degrees. There are no tornados, hurricanes, tsunamis or wildfires. We do have wind but nothin extreme. As a So. Cal. girl, I know earthquakes. Since I moved to Vegas I’ve felt 5 and they were barely noticeable.
  7. Last but never the least, Very Affordable Housing - The Las Vegas Valley has 5000 individuals a month migrating to it as a result of the outgrowing economy, and 33% of those individuals are from California. A BIG explanation they move here is the expense of homes. You can purchase a decent brand new home in Las Vegas for under $300,000. Used homes start around $200,000. A $500,000 house is astonishing. You can purchase land and construct a custom dream house for under a million.  Look over master-planned communities, horses, golf course living and views. The Median Price of homes for December 2019 was under $300,000 and apartment suites were nearly $200,000. (That implies a large portion of the homes or apartment suites sold were over that number and one-half were under it for the month.)

So if you are already convinced with my reasons to Live in Las Vegas, consult and call now the Best Realtors that you can Truly Trust.

Kurt and Terri Grosse of REALTY One Group - 702-750-7599

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