She should've known


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The meeting

 Sunday. 10:00 pm. Summervacation.

She wakes up, checks her phone and goes downstairs. While she wonders what she's going to do today, she grabs some food and jumps in the sofa. After an hour she decided to go to her best friend and chill a little. 

She arrives at her friends' house. Ashley's her best friend, they always have endless conversations about nothing and everything. They decided to go for a walk. Once in the park, they see a group of boys, and ofcourse, they go talk to them. There was this really cute guy. He looked her in her eyes and she got all warm inside, she never felt this way before. 

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Let's do this


Still thinking about that guy she met yesterday. She still feels warm..and happy..

They decide to meet the group again. Back at the park, she sees the guy again, Blake, with his beautiful brown hair and the sparkles in his eyes. She can't get her eyes off of him. 

Days later..

She knows she's got to do something, she can't keep her love a secret. While she became friends with Blake's older brother, she decides to tell him what's going on. "I really think i like him, i think i might even love him". "He doesn't even show any interest in you, why him?". He's right..he doesn't..he never texts me, he never tells me i'm nice or cool or anything. "I don't think Blake feels the same for you, ellie, i'm sorry". She didn't know what she had to do anymore. Should she keep putting her energy in him, is this even going to work?

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