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Introduction to Communities

Tablo Communities is a place for writers and readers to connect with people in their local area, via the library network. It’s a place for members to share knowledge, make friends and connections, grow and improve their skills as writers and discover new books by emerging writers.

Members can join the community; create and comment on threaded Discussions; see upcoming Events in their area, or relevant to their interests; and discover Books written by other members.

Members will have access to Tablo Communities by downloading the Tablo app for iOS, or by jumping onto the web.

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Community Manager

A Community Manager (CM) is the face of a community. They have been trained by Tablo and have been provided with the tools and resources to help them engage with the community members, moderate discussions and members’ behaviour, and create content. Community Managers are ambassadors of Tablo, and passionate about fostering connections with other community members, either based on location, or shared interests.

Community Ambassador

A Community Ambassador (CA) is an early adopter of the community and some of Tablo’s most popular and frequent users.


Members are Tablo users who have joined a community. In order to join a community on Tablo, members must first sign-up to Tablo.


Discussions are forum-style threaded posts that members can use to connect with and share experiences or advice with other members. Discussions are the main way for CMs to engage members.


Members of a community can add books to the community. These books must first be published to Tablo before they are able to be added to a community. Members are encouraged to add their books to the community when they first join.

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What is the role of a Community Manager?

  • Encouraging discussions between members, taking initiative to start these and to prompt people to get involved.
  • Creating and hosting events (online and/or offline) and contests/challenges.
  • Creating content—writing prompts, pinned rules, book club reviews, author interviews.
  • Promoting and sharing books and authors from the community outside of Tablo—across blogs, social media etc.
  • Welcoming new members.
  • Curation of content from the community like creating book collections, featuring a book of the week, author Q&As, and featured authors.
  • Moderating: CMs will be in charge of closing threads, removing comments, removing members, removing books.
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