You and me - short stories


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I'm awake and there’s a strange person lying next to me, slightly snoring, mouth hanging open. My head and tongue feel fuzzy and for a while I’m not sure what day it is, or where I am.

the bed is more comfortable than mine

It’s a hairy face, enlarged nostrils flaring in time with each breath. A manly face. Not ugly, not cute. Just manly. Flashes of the night appear, laughing over G&Ts and drunken sloppy kisses.

naked and thirsty

The strange, hairy face wakes up and opens his eyes. Good morning, he mumbles.

I'll drive you home.

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David Biddle

This is great writing, direct, open, honest, perfectly detailed. Keep going with it. If I can offer one piece of advice it would be to string a few objects in and out of each day. Objects or weather or a face in the crowd that keeps being there and then disappears. No matter. You know what you're doing. Keep it going. Seriously.


 It crunches between my teeth, the spicy flakes bursting on my tongue, causing my eyes to water. Four pieces down, two more to devour. Greasy juices ooze between my fingers and I hungrily lick them off.

It’s cold and late and I’m walking at a brisk pace. Small gangs of youths roam this neighbourhood Packs: prowling around aimlessly. Flats are too small to hold growing teenagers, anxious to exert independence from authority figures.

 'Missus, could you spare some change please?'

I don’t have any change, but I have this bag. Two hot and juicy pieces of chicken. I hesitate, not sure of the protocol. He reeks of week old piss, and cat food. Unshaven and dishevelled.

I walk on, with only a cursory glance; I have failed him.

I regret it all the way home.

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I love lying in bed next to you and taking hour-long showers. I love you when we're exploring parts of the world together, and even when we're just making dinner.

I love feeling you in me while I stare into your eyes, and I still love you even when you come home so wasted that you pee on my cardigan.

I love watching you peel your stupid mushrooms. I love that we're planning our lives together.

I love writing happy things about you: do you remember that time we took acid and just lay in bed for hours, holding hands and not speaking; just staring into each other's eyes? Or the time we were on our backs in the grass, eating KFC and all those dogs attacked us?

I'll be with you on all your birthdays; I can't wait to watch you slowly wrinkle, shrink and go grey.

Let's keep fighting about stupid things, like where to have brunch on Sunday and who’s going to take the rubbish out.

I can't wait to make babies with you and watch them grow up together. Most of all, I love being a part of your life.

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