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 A girl walks in the doors of the common room. Her group of friends at their normal spot, but she sits alone. She slumps her head down, covering her doll face with her red hair. 

The boy is the girls boyfriend. He makes his way over to ask if she is okay when he sees a twinkle come from her cheek. He smiles, but as he gets closer he realised that twinkle, was a tear. He rushed over and wiped it away, only to realise there was many more. “What happen ?!” The girl doesn’t answer, but more and more droplets fall from her blue eyes. He try’s to grab her hand but she throws it away as she sniffles. The boy try’s to find a chair to sit with her. As some class mates look and stair, but non at all very nice. 

The girl screams at the top of l her lungs as she covers her face and falls to the ground. Teachers run to her aid, trying to calm the girl. But she kicks and screams louder and louder, scratching at her face. The tears streaming. 

“Holy shit dude...” he nervously says to his friend next to him, as more teachers come over to the girls aid. Two teachers ask all the students to leave, as the students question the teacher push them out the doors and lock them. 

“Wtf is her problem” laughed a student. More and more students laugh along while the girl still screams. The boys peeps through the window and notices she’s scratched half of her face and the blood is now mixed with the tears. 

The teachers rush back to the girl as they try to sit her up. Some get paper towels, some get tissues. All rejected. A student comes up to the boy “wtf is your girlfriends problem” he laughs, then looks back at his friends. “What did you brake up with her?” He laughs again, “she seems like the type to scream after a break up” he hits his leg in laughter. The boys friend walks up to the student and looks him in the eyes. The student laughs and spits at the ground. The boys friend punches the student in the nose and watches as he bleeds all over his white shirt. The other students laugh and the one student says “you broke my nose!” 

The boys friend reply’s “I’m aware” 

It’s the end of the day and the boy hasn’t seen his girlfriend since the morning, but he makes his way to the buss stop. As he approaches the seat she always waits for him in, he sees her doll face staring back. He rushes over and hugs her. His friend arrives shortly after and hugs her too. “I’m sorry” she sniffles. 

“What for?” the boys reply. 

“For this morning” 

“All I want to know is if you’re okay” comforts the boy. 

“I’m sorry to you too, for getting you suspended” she looks at the boys friend. 

“You didn’t make me punch him” he says

“No, but if I didn’t make a seine, you wouldn’t of been anywhere near him” she sniffles.

“True, but he had it coming” he says. 

“Anyway, I was only aloud out here to say we are getting a ride to your place” she looks at the boy. 

“By who?” He reply’s 

“The police” 

“Wait what! Why?” The boys says stunned. 

“Please don’t question it, your dad will explain when we get there” she sniffles, “I’m sorry for ditching you” she looks at the boys friend.

“It’s okay” The boys friend hugs her. 

The ride in the police car was silent, apart from the radio. As they arrive the boys dad is waiting at the gate. “He never waits at the gate” he points out. 

“We will contact you directly to say when you can visit and get the key for the lock up.” Says the police man. 

“Now inside” says the boys dad. After they make there way inside the boy looks out the window. 

“I wonder what they are talking about” the boy mentions.

“Me” she replies. 

“What happen?” He questions. But no answer. Soon the boys name is called outside. But the girl just sits in front of the fire. 

“Hello boy, your farther has insured me I’m aloud to tell you why she is here” the police man states “Now this story is for you and your farther only, if it is to be told it will only be told by her” 

The boy nods his head. 

“She woke up this morning to find her father had killed himself.” 

The boys eyes widen and start to tear. 

“Now she still went to school, not telling anyone till the breakdown an hour later.” 

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