Dear Abigail


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 Dear Abigail, 

We were identical, until I became a passing factor. Your eyes became more doll like and mine more thin. Your dress was Mother’s ideal size, where is mine was two sizes to big. Every day we would run together, but you continued exercises after I left. 

“Georgie!!” Shouted a voice. The girl finishs the last word before she closes her book. But just as the cover touches the first page a picture falls onto the freshly cut grass. It’s a picture of a tall broad woman and two identical girls either side. The only thing to tell the girls apart was one of the identical girls were standing a fraction further away from to tall woman in the middle. 

Georgie slides the picture into the book then wraps the elastic of the stretched hair tie around the brown leather cover. A girl runs up and slaps her in the back “com on Georgie mothers waiting!” She turns around and it’s as though she is looking in the mirror. But this girl has more cheek. 

Georgie follows the mirror reflection to the black BMW, with the windows tinted and parked perfectly in the car space. But she stops, as if she is thinking, or questioning? “GEORGIE!” The mirrored girl shouts again. It’s as though a rush of energy shoots from Georgie’s feet to her head like the balloon man she saw on the way to school today. She looks at the mirrored girl and notices she’s waving her into the car. 

The car ride was silent, no music, no radio and no scrolling of a smart phone. The car pulls up to a cream mansion filled with windows and green plants. All the plants were spaced evenly among the rest of the garden and windows. Not a twig out of place. “Abigail, Georgette” a voice comes from the front of the car, “go to your room, no mess, no sound and when I come up in aproxamently eleven minutes and twenty seconds I expect you to be dressed and ready for tonight” 

Without hesitation the girls reply in sinc “Yes, Mother”

The girls make their way to the front door. The glass door opens perfectly to a white and green interior. White walls and carpet, with green plants and paintings. 

“SHOES!” Their mother shouts. After leaving their shoes at the door they make their way up the stair case. The stair case is partly curved at the sixth step, with a small platform and an arch to the dining room. The platform curves around to the second stair case leading to the bedrooms. Abigail and Georgie go to their separate rooms across from each other. Abigail’s room was a perfect square, with her pink king sized quilt covering her queen bed. Grey bed head blends with the textured wall behind it. Her white French Provincial dressing table under the open window. 

Georgie shuts her door behind her, drops her bag on the floor and falls onto her bed. Her bedroom isn’t perfectly square, nor does her bed head complement the room. The white walls are covered in band merchandise and brown dream catchers. The curtains drawn over the windows to restrict sun access. Her oak bead head matches the the chest of draws next to the dirty arm chair. After staring at more band posters on the tilted roof, Georgie notices her bed is more uncomfortable than usual. She sits up to see a white flowery dress sitting on her bed, with matching sandals sitting on the floor. Georgie’s gaze becomes weak as she feels the fabric. She lets the dress fall from her hands as she looks at the back of her door, where a mans tux hung. 

Georgie begins to get undressed. Her eyes start to water as the bandage around her chest is revealed. She starts to unrap the never ending bandage. As she slips on her sandals a droplet falls onto her bony hand. She makes her way to the slightly cracked mirror on the chest of draws. Georgie stands in front of the mirror, stunned from the reflection staring back. A fist forms. Just as another tear falls, her fist goes through the mirror. 

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