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The first 10% of each of my published works in the Discover Yourself Set, about discovering, exploring and accepting sexuality.
Excerpts include:
10% of Oscar
10% of Aaron and Philip
100% of Playing the Game
10% of Blind Love
All of these books are available for purchase from the Amazon international stores, Smashwords, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Nook, Kobo (just search my name to find my books) and my own website:
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The Discover Yourself Set

A collection of short stories about men discovering, accepting and exploring their sexuality.


Book 1 – Oscar

Oscar is shy, reserved and a little bit lonely. 
In an attempt to cheer him up, his mum buys him a puppy. 
When Comet runs away, Oscar is thrust into the path of a boy who is about to change his world, forever. 
At first unsure about the boy's advances, Oscar soon relents and begins to realise just how much having a boyfriend can change your life.


The Park


“Comet! Come here!”

Oscar ran down the park after his puppy.

He groaned softly when she disappeared down the long concrete tunnel that was embedded in a grassy mound; the tall slide was supported by the mound.

Toddlers and small children, who loved running through it, used the tunnel when they came down to the park with their nursery group.

Unfortunately, Comet also loved the tunnel, and Oscar was now too tall to fit inside.

Oscar fell to his knees in front of the tunnel and peered in.

Comet was sat inside, her long tail wagging happily, her pink tongue lolling out.

“Comet, come here,” Oscar ordered, his voice stern.

Comet flopped onto her belly, content to ignore him.

Oscar felt about in his pocket, and found a dog biscuit.

“What’s this, Comet?” Oscar asked her, trying to sound excited about the biscuit. “Come on. What is it?”

Comet’s floppy ears perked up, but she didn’t move.

“Come on, Comet. Look. Yummy biscuit. Mmm!”

“Need a hand?” A soft voice behind Oscar asked.

“Ouch!” Oscar whacked his head against the top of the concrete tunnel as the voice made him jump. He scrambled to his feet, brushing his knees down quickly, and turned towards the voice.

“Are you alright?”

Oscar nodded dumbly.

A tall boy, a couple of years older than Oscar, was stood at the base of the slide, watching him with amusement. His green eyes, half-hidden by a shaggy fringe of thick black hair, were twinkling merrily.

Oscar blushed under the boy’s deep scrutiny.

The boy looked at him for a moment longer, before he knelt down in front of the tunnel and held his hand out towards Comet.

“Come here, Comet.” He commanded firmly, clicking his fingers gently.

Comet obediently trotted out to sniff his fingers.

The boy picked her up, ruffling behind her ears, and held her out for Oscar to clip her lead back on.

“Thanks,” said Oscar quietly.

He gently tugged Comet’s ear, and put her back on the ground to sniff happily at his feet.

“What’s your name?” The boy asked.

Oscar looked back at him.

“I’m Oscar,” he answered after a moment.

The boy didn’t offer his own name in return.

Oscar watched him for a moment, before he tugged Comet’s lead.

“Come on, you. We’ve got to get home.”

He hauled her away from the tunnel opening, said goodbye to the boy, and headed for the entrance to the park.

As Oscar clambered over the stile, and pulled a reluctant Comet through the gap made for dogs, he noticed the boy was following him.

Oscar waited for the boy to catch up.

They walked down the path in silence, Comet gambolling happily around their feet, getting her lead tangled around their legs.

Oscar walked with the boy until they reached the end of his road.

As Oscar turned to say goodbye again, Comet chose that moment to lunge towards a cat sat on the wall across the road, washing itself.

Oscar stumbled and fell into the boy, who caught him easily. Oscar held in his gasp of surprise at the boy’s strong grip. His broad chest and wide arms obviously housed strong, thick muscles. Oscar immediately felt embarrassed about his own skinny build.

“Sorry,” Oscar mumbled, steadying himself and calling Comet to heel.

It was only after he’d called Comet back, that Oscar realised the boy’s large hands were still gripping his upper arms.

Oscar slowly lifted his gaze to the boy’s green eyes. His heart began to race when he saw the look of desire on the boy’s face.

Before Oscar could draw away, the boy’s head swooped down and captured Oscar’s lips in a tender kiss.

Oscar moaned in surprise, trying to draw back, but the boy’s hands came up to cup his face gently, keeping him still, his head tilted up towards the boy’s lips.

The boy’s tongue slowly traced Oscar’s plump lips, lightly pressing against them, begging entrance.

Oscar obediently parted his lips, not knowing what else to do.

The boy’s tongue ghosted over Oscar’s open lips, eliciting a low moan from the younger boy, before gently pushing inside and running over Oscar’s teeth. The boy withdrew his tongue slowly, nipped Oscar’s bottom lip, before pulled away completely, releasing Oscar from his firm grip.

Oscar stared up at the boy, completely stunned, aware that his cheeks were burning, before he turned, called Comet to heel again, and walked quickly home.

As Oscar unlocked his front door, he glanced back to see the boy sat on a wall at the end of the road, his head bowed against the cold wind that was beginning to pick up.

Oscar hesitated for a moment, before he heard his mother calling him from the kitchen, and hurried inside.


The Christmas Party


“Could I have another coke, please?” Oscar handed the barman some coins, and waited patiently for his drink.

He took the glass he was handed and headed back towards his table.

Oscar fished out the slice of lemon from the glass and sucked it slowly, wincing at the sour flavour. He slowly peeled the bitter flesh from the lemon and chewed it, watching his mother and her boyfriend dancing amongst the other couples on the dance floor.

Oscar hadn’t wanted to come to the Christmas party. He’d wanted to stay at home and watch re-runs of American crime shows on TV.

His mother had insisted he come to allow him to ‘bond’ with her boyfriend, but so far he’d said three words to Eric.

His mother had spent the rest of the time dancing with him, and Oscar had sat at their table eating canapés, drinking coke and feeling fat.

Finally, close to eleven o’clock, Oscar’s mother came and sat back down at the table, fanning her flushed face.

Eric had gone to fetch them drinks from the bar.

“Can I go home yet, mum?” Oscar asked, draining his glass and looking at her hopefully.

“Stay a little longer, darling. We’ll be leaving soon anyway.” His mother flattened his fringe affectionately, and accepted the drink Eric offered her. She drank half of it in one gulp and immediately pulled Eric back towards the dance floor.

Oscar rolled his eyes and sighed. He stood up and wandered out of the event room where the party was being held, and walked down a long, oak-panelled corridor, looking for the bathrooms.

He stopped beside a large window and looked out across the city. He saw the bright twinkling of the Christmas lights strung across the wider city streets, and the tall, sparkling Christmas trees on display in the park and outside the town hall.

Oscar was about to turn from the window and resume his search for the bathroom, when the reflection of two green eyes in the window made him stop.

Oscar stared at the eyes for a moment, wondering if he was imagining them, when the eyes moved.

Oscar blinked in surprise, and turned to see the boy from the park stood just behind him.

“Leaving already, gorgeous?” The boy asked, smirking at Oscar’s nervous look.

“N-n-no,” Oscar stammered.

He took a step back from the boy, feeling his heart begin to pound. He’d dreamt of his last encounter with the boy from the park practically every night since the incident, almost a month ago.

The boy grinned and, before Oscar could move, he found himself pinned back against the window; the boy’s lips were pressed firmly against his again.

Oscar whimpered softly, trying to push the boy back, but the boy weighed more than Oscar, and was almost a foot taller.

The boy’s large hands slid up to cup Oscar’s face, tilting his head slightly to deepen the kiss.

Oscar moaned when the boy’s tongue traced his lips slowly, gently worming inside Oscar’s mouth.

Instead of the tender caresses the boy had used before, Oscar found his probing tongue rough and demanding.

The boy’s fingers dragged slowly through Oscar’s hair, before grasping a handful and pulling Oscar’s head back sharply. The boy’s lips attacked Oscar’s neck, licking and nibbling roughly.

Oscar moaned softly, his hands clenching at his sides. Oscar whimpered as the boy’s tongue rubbed slowly over his soft spot, just above his collarbone.

The boy’s fingers slowly rubbed Oscar’s nipples through his shirt, smiling slightly when he heard Oscar’s moan of delight.

“What’s your name?” Oscar whispered.

The boy drew back.

“That’s none of your business,” he answered just as quietly, before lowering his lips to Oscar’s neck again.

“Don’t you think it kind of is?” Oscar murmured.

He yelped when the boy wrapped his arms around Oscar’s waist and lifted him, stepping closer to the window so that Oscar’s body was squished firmly between the window and the taller boy’s body.

The boy’s lips returned hungrily to Oscar’s.

Oscar wrapped his arms around the boy’s neck, more for support than anything, but the boy seemed to take this as a sign that Oscar was enjoying himself, and deepened the kiss.

The boy’s large hands slid slowly up Oscar’s back, feeling taut muscles. He adjusted his stance a little so that Oscar wasn’t strained so much, and smiled to himself at Oscar’s little whimper.

Oscar was finally settling in to the sensations the boy was giving him, when the boy let him go suddenly and stepped back.

“See you around, cutie.”

Oscar stood for a second, stunned, before he yelled after the retreating boy,

“Who the hell are you?”

The boy just raised his hand in a wave, and disappeared through the double doors at the end of the corridor.

By the time Oscar had regained his senses and run to the doors and peered out, the boy had disappeared out onto the street, and was lost in the darkness.

Oscar growled to himself in frustration, determined not to let the boy catch him by surprise again.

He debated about going to find the bathroom, as was his original intention upon leaving the event room, but decided to re-join the party and hold his bladder until he got home.

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Aaron and Philip

The Discover Yourself Set

A collection of short stories about men discovering, accepting and exploring their sexuality.


Book 2 – Aaron and Philip

Aaron and Philip have been together for almost a decade. 
They have a loving, easy relationship, until Aaron is promoted at work; after his partner misses anniversaries and birthdays, Philip decides he can't live with Aaron's indifference towards him anymore.


A Rough Day


Philip came up behind Aaron as he closed the front door, and wrapped his arms around Aaron’s waist.

“Good day?” Phil murmured, kissing the back of Aaron’s neck.

Aaron grunted sourly, his head hanging in weariness.

“I don’t understand divorcing couples,” he groaned. “Four hours, today, one couple were at it. They were arguing over a collection of little blue plates that the husband’s mother had left them in her will. They both hated the bloody things, but he insisted they’re worth a lot of money, so of course they both wanted the damn things.”

Phil couldn’t stop a grin spreading over his face as he nuzzled Aaron’s shoulder sympathetically.

“What did you do?”

“I took the plates to an antiques place across the road in my lunch hour. Turns out, the plates were worthless. They were in my bin half an hour later.” Aaron shook his head helplessly.

Phil bit back a giggle.

“I made dinner,” he said, taking Aaron’s suit jacket off and hanging it in the closet beside the front door. “Do you want some?”

“No, thanks, baby. I’m not that hungry. Not for food.” Aaron threw his briefcase down on the sofa and turned back to Phil, a feral gleam in his eyes.

“I know that look,” Phil said, backing away. “Oh, no you don’t!”

Philip dodged as Aaron pounced for him, and darted towards the bedroom.

Aaron followed in hot pursuit, blocking the door of the ensuite with his foot when Phil tried to close it. He wriggled his hand around the crack in the door, caught hold of Philip's wrist, and pulled the smaller man back out to face him.

Philip squirmed and wriggled as Aaron forcibly removed him from their ensuite.

Aaron slammed Phil back against the door, hearing the breath leave his lover’s body with a huff, before he pressed their lips together.

All thoughts of escape left Philip’s mind.

Phil moaned softly as Aaron’s tongue pushed forcefully into his mouth, probing deeply. Phil bit down on Aaron’s bottom lip, making Aaron growl low in his throat.

Aaron’s fingers fumbled uselessly with the buttons on Philip’s shirt for a moment, before his patience broke, and he ripped the shirt from Phil’s shoulders.

Phil groaned as Aaron’s fingertips roughly caressed his nipples, before sliding down his navel and unfastening his jeans.

Aaron kissed Philip again, his mouth hard and demanding.

Phil whimpered when Aaron’s hand wormed down the front of his jeans and began to shuck over his length, fast and hard. His hips bucked against Aaron’s navel as he whined in pleasure.

“Aaron!” Phil hissed his partner’s name, arching his back to press himself harder against Aaron. Philip wrapped his legs tightly around Aaron’s waist, his fingers digging into Aaron’s shoulders.

Aaron yanked Phil’s jeans roughly from his legs, along with his boxers. Aaron growled something in Philip’s ear, his breath hot against Phil’s earlobe, but Philip was too distracted by the pleasure to hear what was said.

He moaned softly, and reached down to unbuckle Aaron’s jeans.

Aaron’s thick tip pressed firmly against Philip, making the smaller man shiver with anticipation. Aaron let out a soft moan, and pushed his entire length inside Philip in one long stroke.

Philip yelped and arched his back, his body protesting against the swift invasion.

Aaron reached down and began to jerk Phil’s length in time with his thrusts, which quickly became fast and brutally hard. Aaron bit down on Philip's shoulder, supporting his boyfriend’s weight easily as Phil’s strength left him. Aaron smirked to himself as Philip’s fingernails clawed desperately at the wooden door, half pulling away from Aaron’s almost violent thrusts, half pushing harder against Aaron, craving more.

Philip’s moans were music to Aaron’s ears as he pressed his partner harder against the door, allowing Phil no escape from Aaron’s furious movements.

Phil moaned in disappointment when Aaron suddenly withdrew from him.

Aaron threw Philip down on their massive double bed, flipped him onto his hands and knees, and quickly jammed himself roughly back into his lover.

Phil howled as Aaron’s length entered him at a new angle, rubbing his prostate firmly with every thrust. Philip’s hands clawed at the sheets as he gasped for breath, every movement drawing a moan from his lips.

“Oh, God, Aaron!” Phil whimpered. “I’m gonna cum.”

Aaron moaned softly, and pushed Philip flat down onto the mattress, continuing his hard thrusts. He lowered his lips to the back of Phil’s neck and began kissing and nibbling the warm skin, knowing Phil loved it when he did that.

“Aaron!” Philip’s entire body tensed beneath Aaron; his muscles contracted tightly around Aaron’s length, making Aaron whimper and inducing his own orgasm.

Aaron collapsed on top of Philip as their climaxes subsided, both of them gasping for breath. Aaron nuzzled Phil’s neck gently, before rolling off him and settling down on the mattress. He pulled Philip towards him and wrapped his arms snugly around Phil’s torso.

Philip let out a sleepy sigh and pressed his body against Aaron’s.

“Are you alright?” Aaron murmured, fighting back a yawn.

Philip smiled and nodded.

“Feeling better?” He asked Aaron.

Aaron laughed softly.


They both chuckled as Aaron’s stomach rumbled loudly.

Philip twisted to kiss Aaron gently for a moment, before he sat up and stretched, wincing when his lower back protested.

“I’ll heat up our dinner.”

Philip pulled on one of Aaron’s shirts, aware of his partner watching him hungrily, and was glad that the shirt fell almost to his knees.

Aaron watched Phil walk towards the kitchen, his hips swaying seductively beneath the over-large shirt. He debated following Philip and taking him again on the kitchen floor then and there, but decided to do that after they’d eaten.

Grinning to himself, Aaron went for a shower.


Aaron’s Birthday


Philip was just lighting the last candle set on the dining table when he heard Aaron’s keys jangle in the door. He quickly blew out the match and switched off the main light, plunging the room into semi-darkness.

“I’m home, baby.” Aaron called from the hallway.

“I’m in the dining room.” Philip called back.

Aaron came in, still wearing his knee-length coat, and looked around the room.

“What’s going on?” He asked, looking bewildered.

Phil smirked, rolling his eyes.

“You forgot, didn’t you?”

“Forgot what? Our anniversary?” Aaron asked tentatively, looking bashful.

“No, your birthday.” Philip smiled and embraced his partner.

“It’s not my birthday. My birthday is June the seventh.”

“And what day is it today?”

Aaron thought for a moment, before he blushed.

“Alright, so I’m an idiot,” he said with a laugh.

“How you ever graduated law school, I’ll never know,” Philip said. “Come on. I’m starving.”

Aaron felt his mouth begin to water when Philip put a plate in front of him. He eyed lemon-drizzled grilled salmon, watercress and egg salad and roasted asparagus with boiled potatoes appreciatively, before leaning over to kiss Phil gently.

“This looks fantastic, babe. Thank you.”

Philip smiled, and they tucked in eagerly.

They ate in a companionable silence, content with each other’s company, listening to the clock on the wall ticking methodically.

Philip waited patiently for Aaron to finish, before he fetched a tall, wrapped box from their bedroom and handed it to Aaron.

“What is it?” Aaron asked, shaking the box gently. He eagerly tore off the wrapping paper and opened the cardboard box within.

He stared inside for a moment, before he reached in and carefully withdrew an antique wooden clock.

The ivory face, inlaid with silver, was polished to a neat shine. Four round silver baubles twisted slowly beneath the face; one rotation every five seconds. A glass dome covered the clock protectively.

Aaron stared at it for a moment, before he looked up at Philip, unable to speak.

“Look at the back,” Philip said gently.

Aaron obediently turned the clock around, and gasped when he read the inscription.


To my darling Kimberly,


On our twenty-fifth anniversary.

Thanks for the memories, and here’s to another twenty-five years together.


All my love now, and for always,

Your Jonathan


“You found my grandmother’s clock,” Aaron whispered. “Where on earth did you find this?”

“I went to the antiques shop you said your mother took it to after your grandmother died, and the owner remembered selling it to an old lady, who mentioned that she lived in Edinburgh. He found her address from his records, and I took the train to go and see her, and it turns out she died three weeks ago. Her family were packing up her house when I arrived. I told them about the clock; none of them wanted it, so they let me have it.”

Aaron stared at the clock for a moment longer, before he placed it gently on the table and went to kiss Philip.

“Thank you,” he said in a low voice.

He had spent most of his childhood sat in front of his grandmother’s fireplace, watching that clock ticking, counting the seconds until he could leave and go to university and never look back.

Philip smiled at him, and stood up, gathering the dirty plates and taking them through to the kitchen.

Aaron followed him, wrapping his arms around Philip and kissing his neck.

“Don’t you want dessert?” Philip asked, laughing. “I made an apple crumble, with chocolate truffles and whipped cream.”

“Ooh, whipped cream,” Aaron murmured, nibbling Phil’s neck. “I can think of something to do with that.”

Philip laughed again.

“Oh, really?” He asked, twisting to face Aaron and kissing him passionately.

Aaron’s hands were already undoing Philip's shirt and removing it from his body. Aaron’s lips moved to Philip’s nipples, gently tugging and nibbling.

Philip moaned softly, sliding his fingers through Aaron’s thick hair, pressing him closer. Philip began gently pulling Aaron towards the bedroom; Aaron resisted him, smiling when Philip drew back from their embrace, puzzled.

“I want to do it here,” Aaron murmured, stroking Philip’s cheek.

“In the middle of the kitchen floor?” Philip grinned.

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Playing the Game

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