The Rebellion of Eva Riverty


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Eva Riverty


The laugh of the seven year old girl echoed through the park as her father pushed her on the swings. "Higher, higher, Daddy!" she giggled, her blonde hair stuck to her back as she was pushed high in the air by her father. "You'll fall off if you go too high, Eva, darling." her father chuckled slightly at her as she giggled. Eva Riverty was an adventerous girl. Too adventerous, her mother decided when she turned seven. Her mother Kate Riverty noticed she liked to climb trees and get messy and pursed her soft lips when her daughter had mud on her hands, giggling at her. After a long and painful labour, Kate decided Eva was going to be her first and her last child although Eva hardly cried during the night, or threw tantrums when she was a toddler if she didn't get what she wanted. John was surprised at this, especially when his friends made out fatherhood to be a horrible thing.

"I want to see the birds though! The peacocks too!" Eva held onto the railings of the swings wanting to go higher, her cute little pink shoes reaching the sun, looking at the clear, cloudless sky, feeling the wind on her soft face as she was pushed into the air dangerously. Kate Riverty wouldn't have this, she would have demanded for Eva to be brought down straight away, especially that high.

"The peacocks are in the zoo, remember? They're male too!" Her father; John Riverty told her as she pushed his daughter's back hard but gently, pushing her into the air, "They have pretty feathers too... do you know what they're for? The feathers?"

"To impress the ladiesss!" she giggled, closing her eyes as she let go at one of the railings and let her hand out, wanting to grab a hold of the tree near to them, frowning as she didn't grab hold of the trunk when she came back down to Earth knowing the next push was coming.

"Honey, don't do that, you'll fall off and hurt yourself and mummy won't be too pleased with parks which would be a shame since you love them." Her father warned slightly and grabbed her hip slightly to slow her down completely as the full force of the swing was hard and rough, he didn't want to ruin his best trousers. His wife, he thought was a bit pushy around Eva especially...he was concerned about her future, he knew Eva liked helping people especially her grandmother when she was ill and dying, though Eva was too young to understand the context of death and its effects on people. The death of his mother was hard for him and Kate didn't understand much; her own mother left her when she was a newborn. Hate and spite filled his wife.

"Okay." Eva sighed and once she was stopped being swung forcefully on the swing, she jumped off the swing and there was a leaf on her hair and she picked it out, "Mummy won't like this," she told her father, her big blue eyes widened and nodded as if it was news to him.

"No." He agreed, "Although you will be a young lady soon and you will be beautiful." he bent down on his knees and winced a little. His knees was sore from gout and when Eva's mother met him at a restaurant when her date stood her up, John was an alcoholic and Eva's mother had gotten him through it as friends. As a result, they became well respected couple as he had became a manager of an IT company which did well with its profits during their first year of being together. Her mother was a horse riding instructor with her own business . John had fell for Kate that day, when she saw her blonde hair swinging in the wind and her beautiful grey stallion and asked her to marry him when she was twenty four and him, twenty nine.

"Hm. A young lady." Eva's lips curled into a grin and spun around the spot and saw her father winced, "is everything okay daddy?" she rested her hand on his cheek and he grinned helplessly. He had the perfect life. Eva, Kate and their labrador Darcy, though he wished they had another baby or two when Eva was born on the fifteenth of November. She was perfect as a baby.

"It is, just Daddy is getting old." his fingers went under her arms and she squealed as she squirmed and fell into him and he wrapped his arms around his precious seven year old daughter gently and fell into the autumn leaves and they both laughed and she pecked his nose, "Daddy is old, daddy is old with grey hair!" she giggled and John smiled at her, "Not yet with the grey hair, sweetheart. Perhaps I am old but I am not grey!" he chuckled and got up, picking her up in his arms again once she tried to escape his grasp to the tree.

In fact, John had a previous marriage. He never told Kate that he had a fear of Eva falling from trees when he was married with his ex wife, his son Harry fell off a tree and broke his neck as a result. He had his fair share of women after that but was always careful, though. He made a mistake during his and Kate's marriage, he dare not to say it as Kate was never forgiving but knew Eva was but wouldn't tell  his daughter once she knew her own mind.

Eva sighed as she was a prisoner in her father's arms but yawned. She loved her sleep. Her parents noticed that point when she was a newborn and was always worried in case she stopped breathing but loved it when she squirmed, opened and closed her eyes.

"Tired?" John asked, looking down at his daughter as he sat her down until he picked her up so she was facing him and raised a friendly brow.

"Maybeee. Only Thomas will know. Our secrets." Eva whispered and nodded sincerely. Thomas was her teddy bear since she was born. John had to admit she was a bit spoil on his in law's side, especially his father-in-law. He nodded, "Is Thomas your best friend?"  he asked as she rested her head on his shoulder and smiled as she felt her head nod, wrapping her arms around his neck as they left the park. London's parks were the nicest where you could see your child or dog run about, releasing their energy. The result of this was that there was absolute quietness for the rest of the night. He pondered about locations. He liked their house though he felt it that Kate always had the say in the housing he wanted to pick. He knew his daughter was sleeping as he walked to their house. He opened his front car door and placed the sleeping Eva in the chair blucking her up before he closed the door. Noise didn't seem to wake her either and he walked to the other side and got in himself and drove to their street. It was a nice quiet street they lived in. He remembered briefly the pregnant Kate rubbing her bump and looking around, nodding in satisfaction, he studied the road as he drove and turned a few streets until their driveway seeing his wife outside in a bench reading a book, she took off her reading glasses and smiled at her husband raising an eyebrow as he took her daughter and smiled at her, "Eva released her energy at the park."

"Yes you were gone for a few hours," Kate nodded and John was about to roll his eyes, "But I got the house cleaned." she stroked the soft blonde hair of her daughters head and gave her husband a peck on the lips, grinning against his lips, "Darcy is inside, sleeping too."  Kate told her husband and gave a soft peck at her daughters head. "We need to talk about something."

John nodded and went into the house and upstairs into her room which was decorated nicely. Her room was the second biggest in the house. Her walls were a pastel pink but imaged filled with unicorns and fairies with hidden quotes for his daughter that he added to the wallpaper. Her bed was a little big for a children's bed, but Kate insisted on buying one, adding Eva was his princess and insisted that he must spoil her, to avoid argument he did what she said. His love for her was complicated but strong at the same time. He  walked around the Barbie filled room, trying to avoid on stepping on her Barbie dolls and crayons before laying her on the bed and went to open the window, but to tilt the blinds a little so that the room was dark enough for her to sleep. Eventually, when he made sure Eva was asleep he went back outside, seeing his wife reading, resting her head back and he chuckled gently, his hands rested on her shoulders and began rubbing them and he saw her setting her book down and she smiled and she released a groan and chuckled, "You have good massaging skills, love." she told him gently.

"Why, thank you darling." John smiled widely. Finally, she was actually being nice to him for once. Perhaps she was changing personality, slowly but sure. He pecked her head, before kissing the nape of her neck.

"I don't think people will appreciate seeing your bare arse even though it's warm here." Kate laughed gently and turned around to kiss his lips, "I have an idea for Eva's future, though." she told her husband and turned her body to face him.

"Oh? Have you got a park set up for her? With her name on it?" he asked, raising his eyebrows and chuckled making Kate chuckle as well, "No, I have looked at her child's bank account and thanks to my customers across the globe, I have enough funds for her to go to University and become a solicitor, she is a brilliant debater and she will have the looks for it too, John! Oh, darling, this is a perfect set for Eva."

"Oh?" John tried to sound enthusiastic as his wife but failed, "I thought we were going to let her choose her own life, Kate? I mean, she is only seven. She can debate what food she wants, yes, she's a fussy eater! That doesn't mean she can deal with criminal cases or will be able to wear a wig all day defending murders."

Kate looked at her husband disappointed in his lack of "enthusiasm" of her project of Eva becoming a solicitor and sighed, "Eva will like it, John. Why are you doubting my knowledge and logic?"

"What logic?!" He tried to keep his voice down not to attract neighbours. It would be such a scandal if the two most 'happiest' couples in the world were arguing over their daughter's future.

"I thought you would support me and my dreams in the best interest of Eva! Like you said, Eva will change her mind every two seconds what she would want to be when she is older, but come on, a solicitor has an excellent wage and she has the brains for it. Our little and only girl is smart, John. Why are you doubting her determination John? You were an alcoholic and now, look at you!"

He hated when she brought up the subject of him being an alcoholic. It was his fault his son died in that tree accident and his previous marriage with Rose had broken down a year later. Rose had an affair during the time of Harry's death. He was angry and furious at her. He had broken his fist whilst punching a wall when he found out she was sleeping with his best friend.

Kate knew she had gone too far and bringing up John's problems was a bad anecdote but she never saw someone so low and poverty-stricken, for Christ sake, he was living with his mother Jennifer and when he met her he became rich and happy because of her and their daughter. "I'm sorry John, I'm naughty, I should earn a spank for that." she giggled and kissed her husband's neck which made him grin slightly, "Alright..if Eva turns eighteen and does not want to become a solicitor, she will choose her own path."

"Thank you darling." John responded with a small sigh. Perhaps he was overreacting of course he Kate smiled and kissed his neck but John pushed her away and smirked lightly at her, "Tonight, I promise. Now, what were you reading?" his hand was on her upper chest.

Kate swatted his hand away and chuckled, "Pride and Prejudice." she held up her book but placed it on her stomach and laid on her husband on the bench, placing her sunglasses to look afar into the sun. "Dad rung today, too. He's inviting us all out for dinner." she announced proudly, sighing, "I had clients today wanting to co operate with the company."

"Oh? What did you say?" John asked, kissing her head, running his fingers through her long blonde hair and she smiled as she loved him playing with her hair. "I'm thinking about it." she nodded and took off her sunglasses and got up and smiled at him, "What would you like for dinner?" she asked.

"If Eva hasn't awakened, -" he was about to continue his lecture before he heard Eva's loud cries. John, felt panicky in case something was wrong with Eva, he ran upstairs without a second thought. Maybe she had a nightmare, who knows but Eva was distressed and he needed to help her. He needed to help and love his daughter. Kate slowly behind him and ran over to her quickly and picked her up, "What's wrong sweetheart?"

"I heard you and Mummy talk and I don't want to be with murderers! They're bad people!" she cried , tears running down her face and she looked at her mother who narrowed her eyes slightly very unamused.

"It's okay - "

"Eva! No, John it's not okay! Eva, how dare you listen to our conversations. What have I told you about eavesdropping?! You shall be what I want you to be.  A respectful young woman who brings justice and not be a silly hairdresser or a nurse, for that matter!" she boomed angrily.

Eva stopped crying, the tears racing down her face, feeling silly. John looked shocked at his wife. How dare she!

"Do you hear me?!" Kate asked walking over and Eva went back to lean against the wall and nodded, biting her lip, "Yes-yes Mummy." she wiped her tears and saw her father's face and watched him storming out. Kate, looking taken aback, brushing her summer dress before following him closing the door.

Eva curled up on the big bed she received out of generosity. Her mother had given her a massive bed so she would be more comfortable in her own room so she wouldn't have to keep disturbing her mother and father who were "cuddling" almost every night. Eva wanted her father's cuddles more than ever after being harshly scolded from her beautiful mother. Cruel, but beautiful. Did her mother even love her? Why would she shout at her like that if she did?  How was that love?  Eva was terrified of her future. What would it include? Eva released a soft sigh, her hand going through her long blonde hair. Some girls in her class had it short, and she really liked the thought of short hair, but her mother would never allow it.  The six year old felt a lump in her throat and began to cry, but inwardly and the tears steamed down her cheeks as she got down from the bed beginning to play with her Barbie dolls whilst she heard her parents yelling downstairs.

She found herself asking where her daddy was that next week, feeling miserable that he didn't take her with him. Kate stared longingly at her daughter, as if she was the devil that caused the arguments before silently shaking her head and looking at the newspaper.That next Sunday after Sunday School, she learnt the important commandment. Honour thy father and thy mother or she would go to hell. The person in charge was a strict woman with a pointy face with big green eyes with an angry face. Eva didn't like her much after that. Eva stared at her unfinished paintings but she saw books in a bookshelf. She had to make her Mummy proud.

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The Unchanged Spots


 10 years later

"This must be called for celebration!" Eva's mother nearly squealed as she hugged her sixteen year old daughter who had received her GCSEs. Excellent GCSEs. Eva Riverty now sixteen had finally passed maths. When she was younger when she was twelve, she was struggling horribly with the subject. Of course, Kate Riverty poked her nose in and ordered a Maths tutor whilst her husband stood in the corner as she greeted him that night, shaking his hand furiously.

"Please come in Mr Harris...You must be shown around. This is my husband John." she smiled at her husband who didn't seem to smile back. The maths tutor nodded simply at him and gazed down at the mother, "What age is the child? Sometimes when maths comes so suddenly into their lives -"

"She's twelve. Eva has always struggled, though. I want the best for her and she needs to excel in maths and I am going to pay you Mr Harris, I hope I don't have to replace you." Kate placed her hands her hips. The age on her skin was beginning to age, her lips thin as she stared at the short maths tudor. Kate was keen for her daughter to learn. Mr Harris, only less than five minutes into their home, and he always wanted to leave. John, however was not impressed. It seemed that his wife seemed interested brain washing their daughter. John was never the same with Kate after scolding Eva so harshly for listening and he wanted a divorce, but he was afraid Eva would be unhappy if he did that. The aspects of falling in love with the same species again made him shudder if he ever got to divorce Kate. As the manager of the successful IT company, he was home late almost every day but tried his best during the weekends to be with Eva as Kate had her own business to run with those horses and people gazing at her perfect groomed horses. In result, she had to work late nights so Eva spent time with Kate's father: Eric. He wished that his mother was alive again. Anna, his mother loved her to pieces. When Eva was born, she smiled so widely when her own husband died a month before she was born. John released a sighed of happiness as Eva brought so many happiness to everyone's lives.

"Thanks Mum." Eva smiled as she looked at the paper that was the key to her future of becoming a lawyer though deep down she didn't want to be a lawyer. As she had passed her double award science thanks to her teacher Mr Johnson getting her extra classes to help with physics. She went to an all girls' school and was in the highest band in the year as she had tutoring since she was nine. Some people throughout their neighbourhood thought this was extreme and Eva too but dared not to say anything.

She was proud of her results. When her form Tudor Mrs Poppy gave her the sheet to pick the GCSEs, she  wanted to do PE as she was very active especiallu when Darcy wanted a walk or play tug of war. Her parents weren't able to do that. John, her father, got very ill when she turned thirteen and he got the all clear in the end thankfully. Eva knew he was  recovering but she feared he knew something that she should have been aware of. Eva remembered briefly when she was seven and went to dinner with her grandfather. The three of them felt the tension around her father but did not ask any questions as she ate away at her burger and drank at her orange juice whilst her mother tried to act friendly to her husband.

Her mother persuaded her to do the core subjects English and Maths, Sociology, History, RE, ICT and Double Award science. She didn't enjoy science very much. Eva was more of a religious person. She received A* in History, ICT and Sociology and C in Maths and English and B in Double Award Science! That was amazing for her!  She decided to go to the path to study Law if she got into University. Eva still had her A-Levels to do though. Eva decided to do Politics, History and Single Award ICT. Even though her father told her it would be hard work, she wouldn't have to face her mother twenty four seven if she was in her room with her friends Claire and Jessica studying and testing each other with their subjects as well. Eva sighed mentally. It would be boring though as she hated science, she would have loved to be a midwife even though she had a passion of hatred for science but the career of a children's entertainer appealed to her more than ever.

"There will be wine tonight for celebration." Kate said and smiled at her teachers who were at the foyer of the school, "Eva passed all of her exams." she told them happily. Eva hated her mother bragging so she forced a smile, she felt she didn't deserve the grades at all. There were people in her form class who wanted to do the same subjects as her, but they weren't good enough in the eyes of the school. She didn't cheat nor leave her studying to the last minute either but she felt awful miserable inside. She felt controlled.

"Excellent Mrs Riverty. Eva certainly deserved it." Her history teacher Mrs Blair smiled at the young woman who was holding the important piece of paper, "Well done Eva. I'll see you in September."

"Of course Mrs Blair. Thank you for everything." Eva said sweetly to her History teacher and nodded. She pushed her blonde hair away from her face; she would have loved a bob as she felt like a snob like her mother. Long hair and good grades. It sucked being an only child too. She envied when Jessica moaned and complained about her brother pulling her hair. The thoughts of loving someone and  to depend on them when your parents died. Eva had no-one but herself but she wasn't sure who she was. She was the twin of her mother.

Eva and Kate left the school in silence both of them walking down the street to find her mother's car. Once they found the car, they got in and were buckled Eva got her iPhone out, seeing an unread text: Hey, you free tonight?  By the way, how were your  exam results? Call me!  she tried not to grin as it as it was from James Harrington. She met him when she was helping her mother groom the horses. Eva secretly slipped into a daydream, remembering that blissful day when she met him.

"You lost?"  Eva chuckled raising a soft eyebrow as she brushed the horses hair and smiled at the horse as she obeyed and stood still as the brush went through its hair and looked at the man approaching her. He was tall and handsome, he was eighteen and she was sixteen. She had met him during the early days of January when it was frosty, snow in her blonde hair. He was from London too. He made her laugh and they had so much in common from films and authors. 

"Yes, I'm quite lost actually. James Harrington by the way." He held out his gloved hand and Eva couldn't help but smile. Eva had her expensive ear muffs in her ears and her long blonde hair was feeling cold and snow was in her hair.

"Eva Riverty." Eva shook his hand, their gaze lingering for quite some time. She turned her head, chuckling turning her attention back to the stallion for a second before looking at him.  He had auburn hair and brown eyes, her stomach fluttered and chuckled slightly, "It's cold, isn't it?" she suggested. Eva struggled with her confidence and never had a boyfriend which was embarrassing to her seeing she always liked boys her age, but James...He was nice. It made her giggle in her head that the only adjective in her head to describe him was nice.

"It is." James chuckles and stroked the horse she was grooming. Eva gave him a soft smile, "Do you like horses?" Eva asked, turning to look at him.

"I love them." James replied to her and gazed at the young woman.

"My mum owns this business so it works out, I suppose." Eva smiled at the brown stallion and opened the stable door. James stepped behind her and Eva let the horse out as she placed the reins, "Could you hold?" she asked and he nodded taking, stroking the horse. She went over to the next one and did the same however, she picked out her favourite horse: Lydia. The stallion was a grey nearly white horse and Eva placed her reins on before stepping up onto her horse after placing the saddle on and settled gently. Her mother had given her riding lessons before so she was an expert at this sort of stuff. "Do you want  to get up?" Eva asked, almost getting down to help him if he was a beginner.

"No it's quite alright." he smiled as he repeated her movements and she was surprised that he knew what to do. Did he get lost in purpose?

"Ooh excellent." she giggled, "Well since you can get up on a horse, you'll probably know how to control one..well come on then!" she grinned and whipped the reins gently and Lydia ran over to her own personal space and heard Tom, the horse that was being ridden by James behind her and Lydia turned, Eva smiling at him chuckling. "Not bad for a beginner."

"Well, first time lucky." James smiled back at her. Eva could have swore he had winked at her and she looked around. It was nice and peaceful. "Hmm, can you jump, no?"

"No! I'm afraid in case I break my neck." James seemed hesitant.

"Understandable." Eva nodded and she moved her reins slightly and Lydia ran and jumped over a post. It was slightly dangerous as it was slippery and James chuckled, shaking his head, "Show off." he jokingly said.

Now it was Eva's turn to show off. Eva winked, grinning before letting Lydia gallop around the field that was her "playground." and James followed her and they gave each other looks which made them chuckle and once they placed the horses back into the stables and they began talking about their education. There was once slight glitch, though.

There was a two year difference. She was sixteen and he was eighteen but that didn't seem to bother her but it bothered him, "We can't be anything, Eva, I'm sorry.." he said and once she saw her disappointment he quickly added, "we hardly know one of another and besides...even though you are beautiful...we cant be anything else than friends, I know it might not bother you but I just can't...not yet.. you are in the middle of your education." he promised and she nodded sadly. "Can I have your number though? Please.." Eva bit down on her lip.

James agreed and gave out his number. She then remembered just walking around feeding the other horses and introducing James to her mother. Kate didn't like him. As usual.

Eva returned back to Earth when her phone buzzed and she jumped and looked at the time.  She looked at her missed calls and saw Daddy on her phone and frowned. "Dad phoned me." Her phone was on Do Not Disturb Mode so his calls went to automatic missed on her phone.

"Probably to apologize for being a rubbish, unencouraging, selfish father." she replied coldly, "I found out about his affair during our marriage. I'm filing for a divorce..I've had enough of him." Kate narrowed her eyes in thought as she started the car.

Eva was shocked. One moment she was happy and she checked the time of the arrival date on her exam GCSE time table. 11:30... she was gone for two  hours! She must have really day dreamed as she thought about James. She cursed inwardly to herself and was worried for her father. Eva loved her parents and she really did but her mother could be such a cow and selfish.

She said nothing but she was afraid to say something. Eva learned how to control her tongue when she was growing up but she didn't get it though; her friends mother didn't shout like the way her own mother did. It was hurtful sometimes, though. When she begged to do PE for GCSE, she refused angrily when her father wasn't in the house as he was working to get away from her.  Eva was not afraid, however, to admit that she was a daddy's girl to her admit and Kate shrugged her shoulders. She knew deep down in her heart that her mother longed for a boy, so the boy would make her proud than Eva ever did. Eva admired her father hundred percent. He would give her anything since she was the only child.

"Was he cheating?" Eva finally asked, swallowing as they drove up the motorway towards their house and her mother stopped at the red light and turned to her, "Did you know about it?" Kate asked seriously. Most of the time, she could joke but other than that, she was a fierce woman with hatred. It was hard for Eva to see that she cared.

Eva furiously shook her head, "No, Mum. I didn't. It's terrible of Dad..." she felt sorry for her father at this moment. She wished he had came and Eva could have walked away with him with her father.

They drove home in silence, as if Kate didn't believe her at all and she felt bad for the ones who were crying as they opened their piece of paper, she sighed in her head and looked at the streets. As they stopped at their home, Eva quickly got out of the car and went inside. Her blonde hair was long now and as soon as she stepped in, her father embraced her with a hug.

"Hello darling, well, how did it go?"  He asked eagerly. He was getting old with his grey hair and winkled slightly face though his smile made him look young.

"I passed every subject." Eva beamed and held the paper tightly, "I'm so proud of myself." Not.

Kate narrowed her eyes and went upstairs, her face cold as a brick.

"Is it cheated?" Eva's throat was tight and looked at her father bravely.

John lowered his head. It was obvious now. "I did.  I regret it but before you were born, I had a wife and a son. My son Harry died in a tree accident and my wife cheated on me and I became an alcoholic. Kate, your mother and I loved each other but recently, Eva, I don't like the way she's treated you and myself. She is a selfish dulilled cow. I wanted the best for you and I assumed a divorce during childhood would effect you. You're smart, and bright but you need to get away from your mother and make your own choices and decisions, and more importantly, about your education."

Kate looked hurt for once in her life. "Am I that selfish John? Am I really that selfish? I care about Eva's education, you don't! I came to her parents evening every year. I want the best for her. I want her to marry someone that is going to make money to secure her life, not a wasted old sod like your ex wife, well, I hope you and her enjoy your lives together, you deserve it. Get out of my house now!" Her voice was raising and Eva felt like the pig in the middle.

"Don't you dare bring her into it! I slept with Sophie! Your best friend."

Eva's head went dizzy. Her father was cheating on her mother's best friend. Sophie Johnston.  Kate looked betrayed and angry, "You fucking -" Her heart was shattering into a million pieces. This was not what Eva imagined what results day would be like. A few words of congratulations and a glass of wine would be fine, but not a full scale argument which could led to a divorce. Eva felt upset, but she was so afraid to speak to be shut down by her mother. Eva sped out of the room, dropping her GCSE results on the paper and she was shaking. She could hear yells and shouts and she slid down the wall and sighed, breathing deeply, closing her eyes and her phone buzzed again.

It was from James.

"Are you free?  If so, meet me at the Jacksons club for a catch up. x"

She wasn't going to stay here so she quickly tapped out a reply, "Yes, meet me there at six." she tapped the reply button and looked at her watch, before going in, her parents not noticing she was leaving and was yelling at each other, Eva grabbed her bag and went out.

To escape.

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The Gift

Two Years Later

Eva held her breath as she stared at the blank envelope. What if she didn't get the results needed to go to Oxford University? Her palm was soaking wet with anxiety. Her mother's eyes on her didn't help either. Everyone was opening their letters, either screaming with delight or silent with disappointment.

"Go on." Kate encouraged her, giving looks to the other parents that looked disappointing with their teenager's result. Eva's 18th birthday was the next day and her father had contacted all of Eva's friends and family to the surprise party.

By now, her parents had decided to get divorced when Eva ran out of the house and refused to go home to two parents that argued constantly. The police thought it was half funny and half serious. It was 5:03am when the police caught her in the streets, drunk out of her mind with alcohol, singing in the streets loudly and falling over the pavement. She was lucky that she wasn't arrested and put in prison overnight, she couldn't remember much that night as it was quite a blur for her, but she remembered the thunder like expression on her mother's face the next day when she had her horrible hangover. Kate took her iPhone, laptop and books away. It worsened their relationship. Her dad had packed that day, and kissed Eva's head despite being sixteen years old. Wet tears came to her eyes as she realised this was it - her parents were no longer together because she was a bothersome. Eva had hugged her father, not wanting to let go. Her tears just slipped and she began to sob, "Please don't go."

"I'm here, honey. I'm not going out of your life, it's me leaving your mum, and I'm sure you understand my reasons." After that, they were silent to agree on that statement. "You can stay with me as long as you like - and when you're 18 and go to University or college, you can live with me. You'll be old enough to decide for yourself... I promise." 

Will that promise ever be fulfilled?


Eva was suddenly brought back to life, she took a deep breath to calm herself before glanced at her mother. Her teeth bit her lip before ripping the envelope, excited to see her results but there was an underlying layer of anxiety visible. Her wet hands were soaking the paper. It was so important to her family, not her, but her mother who always wanted Eva's best interest at heart. Three A's were required to get into Oxford to study Law. Her eyes widened as she looked at the results. She had received A in History, A in politics and A in single award IT. She was over the moon. Wet, hot tears tickled her face as they dripped down before she realised.

Her mother scowled, "What?!" Kate sneered.

"I've...I've...passed them all..I've got the grades to go to Oxford!" Eva almost squealed in happiness now. She did struggle with History and Politics since they were hard subjects. Her long, blonde hair bouncing as she jumped.

Kate looked as if she had won the lottery. "Three A's?!"

Eva nodded excitedly, "Yes, mum!" she looked at her mother who was in shock and seconds after, they were both hugging, the results hanging in Eva's hands. Kate was crying, busting with pride and love for her perfect academic daughter. Her birthday present was well and truly deserved, Kate thought as she hugged her daughter more tightly. "I'm so proud of you - I love you. You've chosen the path that I wanted you to go."

Financial security...well...there would be no worry for income now Kate was convinced she was going to study to become a solicitor, which of a matter of fact, was excellent pay. Kate needed a son-in-law that was good enough for Eva. Millionaire perhaps, no, no, maybe a doctor. Yes of course.

Eva opened her eyes as she said that, but said nothing, clinging to her mother before breaking away a few moments after before smiling weakly, "Thank you..." She needed to check online if there would be an offer on the UCAS from Oxford. There had to be.

Eva held her breath, before rushing to the nearest computer which was the library, and quickly logged on to the UCAS website. Her eyes widened. An offer from Oxford! Her hand moved the mouse to the accept straight away. She was living her mothers life. Her dream, but Eva was happy to. She was a fantastic mother. University in October. At Oxford. The Law course did not start until October, which was strange, but she was excited already.

The majority of Eva's friends did get normal passes such as Bs and the smaller part of her group got the As. Now she was part of that special group. Naomi, a few weeks older than Eva got A* and two As. They never really got on but now they had to. Eva was beginning to get excited as the anxiety disappeared form her hands. 

Eva was on the way home in her mother's car, gazing out in awe, excitement and feeling anxious. No one had called her quite yet, which was strange. Once Kate, Eva's mother had stopped driving as they got into their driveway, she left the car and walked into the house.

It was raining and quite dark for it to be August, but she brushed that concern off wanting to get out of the coldness, get a bath, visit her father since she had now learnt to drive herself. Eva sighed to herself when she placed her hand on the knob, turning it and opening the door.

"SURPRISE!" chanted around twenty people.

There was a hand made banner saying, 'Well Done Eva! You're going to Oxford!'

"I had called everyone!" Kate jumped up and down, feeling and looking excited.  Darcy, Jessica, Claire, James and her father were there. She was beyond happy and shocked at the surprise celebration. Of course she knew the rest of her family and her friends but those were the ones that stood out. Her heart thumped as she saw James walking towards her, looking excited. His ginger hair made him more noticeable in the crowd.

Eva felt embarrassed, but happy that they came. "Thank you mum.." she felt emotional, and even ungrateful. Eva's relationship with Kate had went down hill ever since her father left on that sunny day on 28th June.

"You're welcome darling." Kate brushed Eva'a long blonde hair with a finger, before tearing herself away to place the music on, which was at a moderate level of sound. It was embarrassing. Eva didn't like being the center of attention at any occasional parties; even her birthday parties, if she was lucky to have one.

"Hey, congratulations on the results." James said happily. Now he was engaged. Her heart slightly sank when she saw the ring on his left finger. She thought it would be far too soon in her opinion, but shook her head mentally.

"Thanks." Eva nodded with pride, well tried to. She couldn't put her finger on it, but she felt controlled and miserable. It was hardly surprising, but she kept smiling at James as if nothing had ever happened. Even during their night out when her parents had an argument two years ago. Something had happened that Eva didn't even want to know herself. James and Eva had unprotected sex in his flat since they were really drunk, but they decided to not see each other as friends, and that was the last they had seen of each other. Until now.

Nor her father or mother knew, but afterwards James and Eva had sex, they had a fight because they felt so much for each other, but Eva was too young and she hated that. So she ended up going outside into another night club because her cousin Claire had given her ID after she stopped drinking herself but she wanted Eva to get out in the world to enjoy herself. Although, being caught by the police in the middle of the streets wasn't a pleasant memory. She was grounded for a month after that. Eva was just lucky that she didn't get pregnant and that her period arrived promptly after that.

"So how have you been?" James asked, crossing his arms, breaking the awkward silence. He was staring at her but he was smiling still which was promising.. Was it? Would it be possible? No! Eva, he's engaged! Her angel voice said in her mind. She was so messed up, but she needed to act happy in front of everyone because she was known for a happy person.

"Oh, I'm um have been good, thanks James. You?"

"Oh I've been great. You know, Flair and I are engaged," he looked happy and excited. It made Eva smile but jealous underneath. "Oh that's fantastic!" Eva almost squealed in happiness and hugged James tightly, breathing in his manly scent, hugging him even tighter, not wanting to let him go. Flair was gorgeous, she caught a glimpse of her photo when he shown her on his own iPhone but Eva told him he was a lucky guy. Maybe Flair wasn't too bad, she made him happy after all.. He was her best friend, he was her lover, he was a stranger. Pulling back, Eva saw his lovely brown eyes with his lovely ginger beard. He was lovely.

Sighing, Eva pulled away since James' fiancée came up behind him. Lovely Flair. A French, International student that came to study in England at University. That was when they had met during one of his lectures, apparently.  "Nice to meet you Flair. I'm sorry, I have to go to my father, I haven't spoken to him yet." Eva said quickly as James was about to introduce her. Lovely auburn hair, like James, and hazel glittering eyes whereas James...James was now pecking her on the lips, and she was responding.

Who the hell did her mother invite? Did she receive a knock in the head? For once in her life, she just wanted peace and quiet. 

Eva quickly walked to her father, which she managed to past her mother without noticing. Her father was now grey haired, but he looked young and happy. Ever since their divorce, John had now got married to Lyanna despite declaring he would never get married again. Sophie was a memory. Thank goodness, she thought. Sophie was just like her mother, and she didn't fancy having Sophie Johnston as a stepmother, whereas Lyanna Riverty had a lovely personality. Her and Eva got on very well, but to please her mother she said she hated Lyanna.

"Hey." Eva greeted both her father and now stepmother. Eva was allowed to go to the ceremony and reception. Even her mother had a boyfriend, but he wasn't ready to propose just yet. Eva could list a hundred reasons why, but there was one particular reason why she didn't want her mother's boyfriend to propose but because she fancied him now too.

"Hello darling!" John smiled at his little girl, before hugging her very tightly, "Congratulations on the results, my smart cookie is going to Oxford University!" he was so proud. Lyanna even gave Eva a hug when John managed to let go. "Yes, well done Ev! You can now tutor me in History! I failed my History with an U." she smiled though. Her rosy lips made it seem that failing was OK, but still do well in life.

"Thank you so much, don't worry Lynn." Eva had personally asked Lyanna one day if she could call her Lynn instead of Lyanna, and much to her pleasure, Lyanna said yes and asked Eva if she could call her Ev. "You done very well for yourself, it doesn't matter if you wanted to go to University or not, you still are the best stepmother out."

Lyanna looked touched. "Thank you darling. You are the best stepdaughter out!" she laughed,  John and Eva joining in with the laughter as they teased each other about their struggles when they were at school. "This feels like a birthday surprise, and I feel as you and mum are up to something. I mean you never come together like this. What is going on?"

John looked guilty. "Well you are both our daughter despite as much as Stud -," Stud was Kate's boyfriend nickname, since he looked like one according to her father. In fact he was called Johnny, and Eva hated to admit that he looked very handsome, "- likes to think he is your real father. Me and Lyanna are just as your parents just like Kate and Stud."

"I know I know."

"We can get along. I know it was very awkward, but now we are adults, and we have to act like ones." John smiled and so did Lyanna, nodding her head in agreement. Lyanna had no children of her own, because of fertility problems. Johnny had a son at age 12 to a previous ex lover, apparently. John's hand slipped around Lyanna's thin waist and pulled her closer to him. Eva wished Kate was more like Lyanna. Kind and smart.

Eva smiled at him, "Of course. I'll be back soon." She was about to turn on her heel to change into something more formal when everyone went suddenly quiet. She felt anxious. Kate had a wine glass with coca cola (which she suspected with vodka), and had clinked a fork against the glass to quieten everyone.

"Now, now. Thank you everyone for coming, even though I didn't invite all of you..."

Oh great.

"...we have came together now to celebrate Eva Riverty, my darling and precious daughter's fantastic A Level results, and I am happy to announce that in six weeks she will be attending the excellent University across the UK which is Oxford to study Law!"

The whole room clapped and everyone stared at her with happy smiles.

Oh no. Eva was blushing again. She hated when everyone focused their attention on her, and even her stepmother hands were on her shoulders, patting smiling widely. Eva could have swore out of the corner of her eye Kate looked like she was going to vomit at the sight of the beautiful Lyanna.

Eva smiled as if she felt happy to say she was going to the brainiest University out there.

"Now now, me, my ex husband and his...lovely wife, we have come together as a united family and have given Eva a gift."

Oh Lord.

Eva braced herself, and placed her hands into her pockets of her white jeans,still having that fake smile on her lips.

Kate went over to her and gave her an envelope. It looked as if money was in it.

Eva glanced up at her mother, and hugged her. Despite everything, she loved her mother.

After Kate pulled away from the embrace and awaited for her daughter to open it.

Eva smiled still, and opened the enveloped. Inside it, there was American dollars, possibly two thousand. What..? They used British pounds...what was going on? Her heart thumped as she knew everyone was looking at her, eager to see what was the surprise.

After withdrawing the money, her hand went inside the envelope again and pulled a boarding pass...a holiday?! Her eyes widened in surprise genuinely as she saw the boarding pass to Los Angeles! America! She couldn't believe it. On her own! Her own!

Eva, deep in shock, looked up at her mother, Johnny, Lyanna and her father and almost squealed in excitement, "I'm going to America?!"

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