The Elements War


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“I can’t do this, I don’t know if I’m able to go on.” I cried while Lexington held me in his arms.


“Don’t give up Haidyn, not now.” He said sternly.


“Guys, hurry we can’t hold much longer.” Cosmic’s voice was strained from the other elements.


Adair ran over to me, shooed Lex away, I whimpered as his cold touch left me. I felt empty without him.


“Go Lex, you have to save Mephisto and Cosmic.” He eyed at Lex.


Lex Nodded sternly and went ahead to save them while I’m slipping away.


“Ad, I can’t hold it anymore.” I whispered.


“Yes you can, don’t you dare give up on me Hayes.” His jaws clenches from anger.


“I’m weak, I can’t go on, and I can’t save myself.” I whimpered at the pain I was feeling.


“Cosmic, Come over here!” Adair screamed with fury in his eyes.


‘They’re bright green, such a beautiful color.’ I thought.


I look up to Lex and Mephi fighting away like their life depends on it. Lex’s hair became frosty blue and his eyes have a beautiful icy blue color. Mephi’s hair is flaming red and his eyes have that gold that was mixed with red to make it look like orange, his eyes started to watered knowing that he might lose me and just him thinking of it and the other boys that i called them my brothers. They are truly beautiful elements. Cosmic ran toward to me with his hazel eyes staring at me in shock. His black clothing actually fitted him well of course he’s Death. I turned toward to Adair and he’s staring me with a guilty look on his face. His green eyes became hazel, his green bandana still wrapped around his forehead to keep his dirty blonde with tinted green highlights hidden.


“I’m sorry, Adair.” I let out a few tears.


“Don’t be sorry, Hayes.” He choked and trying to hide the tears.


“I’m sorry, Cosmic I’m truly am.” I look up to the kiwi boy that was standing in front of me.


“You have nothing to be sorry for, I should’ve protected you.” He said sadly.


The terrible flashbacks going through in my head and I saw my father standing in front of a little girl. I walk around and went behind my dad then I saw the little girl was I. I stand in front of the younger me with lilac tinted hair and brightly golden eyes. I heard my father said.


“Hayes, I give this necklace to you to keep the immortality, use it so you don’t get hurt.” He said sweetly.


“Okay, daddy.” The eight years old me said and ran up to my dad.


“I’m off sweetie, I’ll see you soon.” My dad tried to contain his tears.


“Daddy, please don’t go.” The little me cry in dad’s arms.


Dad held her close and whispered in her ear then I caught his words.


“I’ll be here with you if you wear that necklace, with that necklace you’ll be living.” Dad whispered.


I opened my eyes and see that Adair is holding me. I moved my hand to my back pocket to reach my dad’s necklace.


“Hayes, I give this necklace to you to keep the immortality, use it so you don’t get hurt.” His voice rang inside of my head like a reminder.


I pulled out the necklace to see my dad’s necklace and I smile in happiness. I look at Adair and giving to Adair.


“Can you put it on me?” I said to him.


“Okay, Hayes.” He seems suspicious.


I looked down to see my stomach bleeding out like there’s no tomorrow. I grunted in pain and let the tear escape my eye. I felt Adair’s warm hands clasped the necklace around me. I looked down at dad’s lighting necklace as the gold lighting shines brightly. I closed my eyes and I heard the storm rolling in, bringing the thunder. I opened my eyes and see Lex staring at me at shock along with three other boys and the opponent as well.  I felt myself lifting off the ground and I looked at my hair turned lilac into dark violet. I felt my wound started to heal as I heard my father’s voice from the sky.


“My baby girl, look how much you grown.” He started to let out a few tears.


“Daddy?” I questioned.


“Hayes, you grown into a beautiful, fine, young woman.” He sniffled a few tears.

“Dad, what’s going on?” I asked him.


“You’re turning into a pure storm element and this is a final phase.” He smiles sweetly.


As I was about to answer him, everything became bright as the lighting struck again.  I look into my dad’s eyes, and I smile at him.


“I love you dad.” I shed a tear.


My dad came up to me and wipes my tear away.


“There will be a time that you’ll see me again, but for now wake up.” He whispered in my ears.


“Wake up?” I questioned him.


“Wake up.” He said.


“Dad.” I told him.


“Wake up.” He replied.


Then I closed my eyes as the darkness took over me. Then I heard a voice saying the same words over and over again.

Wake up.


Wake up.


Wake up.


Haidyn, wake up.

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Chapter 1: Jack Frost

Wake up.


Wake up.


    Groaning, slowly and I mumbled peeling my one golden eye open to see who woke me up to this unholy hour. While my one eye is adjusting the brightness in the room, I grabbed my phone to see the time and seeing that I’m late for school. I quickly opened both of my eyes and ran out of the room and into the bathroom. I took a look at the mirror and see my lilac purple hair is a mess and my golden eyes seem to look dull today. I shrugged and carry on with my routine. I brushed out my purple hair to get rid of the knots, I grabbed a toothbrush and the toothpaste and after that, I spit out the remaining foam and get the mouthwash. I applied makeup after then, nothing much to put on. I grabbed pencil eyeliner and applied it on my waterline and the above as well. After that I put on mascara, as I’m done I walked out of the bathroom and into my room.

    I grabbed my black ripped skinny jeans, Fall Out Boy muscle tee, and my black combat boots. I walked to my floor length mirror and check my overall look and today I look good. I adjust my silver spider bites and my silver nose ring. I smile at myself, grabbing my purple Jan sport backpack and my phone, and then I headed out. I walked into the kitchen to see my foster mom making breakfast and smile at me when I approached toward to her.


“Feeling hungry today Haidyn?” She asked sweetly.


“Nah, I’m going to grab the banana.” I stated and shrugging my shoulder slightly.


“Okay, be safe honey.” She yelled when I made my way toward to the door.


“Alright, mom.” I yelled back.


            As I made my way out of the doorway, just to see my best friend, Alex. He and I are still best friends for like many years, more than I can remember. I’m glad he’s still with me throughout the years. I saw him leaning his back against the car. His raven hair and his electric blue eyes are hidden behind his black ray bans. I’m not going to lie but, he has a great sense of style, and I’m impressed. His yellow, white, and black plaid and underneath you could see a black tees. And to top it all of, he wore black skinny jeans with his black converse. You can say that my best friend is a hottie.


“Where have you been, child?” He made a troll face along.


“Well, I was putting on clothes and stuff.” I shrug.


“Well, let’s go before we get detention again.” He smiles.


“Let’s go slow poke, you’re making us late.” I groaned as he finished his last cigarette.


“I’m coming, I’m coming.” He said in a joking tone.


            While we are in his car, we sang a few songs and scream on top of our lungs and trying to catch a breath. Seriously, Alex is the best friend that I can’t even ask for others. As we reach to our destination, and unlike other people, I actually love school. He parked his black Honda closer to school; we got out of the car and walk toward to school entrance. Then again I wasn’t prepared as always.












            The list of names goes on endlessly, but I went ahead and rolled my eyes at them. I walk into my first class of the day. History.


“Welcome, Miss. Scott.” Mrs. Jewels said in a genuine tone.


“Hello, Mrs. Jewels.” I smiled and greeted nicely.


    I sat down the back corner near toward the window, seeing the storm is about to come any time soon. I stared at they grey, gloomy skies and smile. The only time I would smile when there’s a bad storm coming, it made me complete I guess. Some people would think it’s weird, even Alex thinks so that it’s creepy for me for me to smile at the stormy, grey skies. The skies became darker and the lighting came and struck the ground. I gave a genuine smile at the skies for making me feel complete.

    Mrs. Jewels’ voice interrupted my mind. I turned toward to the teacher who is now occupied with a student that I never seen before. I shrugged and look back at the dark clouds. Then Mrs. Jewels got my attention then I turned toward to her again. This time she said his name out loud in class, which sound foreign to me.


“Class, this is Lexington Hemphis, our new foreign exchange student.” She smiles brightly.


Then he speaks.

“Hey.” He gave out a flat face.


    All I know that the girls in my class are already falling for him anyways. I look back to the clouds, feeling connected to the storm. Then I heard a screeching noise next to me and saw Lexington Hemphis, sitting next to me. I look back, ignoring girls’ fangirling over him.  I sighed deeply and look out to see another lighting struck again, but this time it shook all of the people except me. I smiled and close my eyes and I found it relaxing. Lexington looked toward to me as I felt his glares at me I turned to him. He smiles at me.


“Hi.” He smiles


“Hey.” I said in neutral voice.


“So, what’s your name?” he questioned, but sound curious.


“Haidyn Scott.” I said.


“Interesting, I’m Lex Hemphis.” He held out a hand for me to shake.


“Hi, Lex.” I shook his hands


‘His hands is cold, frozen cold.’ I thought.


“Hi, Haidyn.” He smiles.


    I turn my focus to the storm and stared at it while it fades away. I sighed sadly and turned my focus toward the teacher. I look out of the corner of my eyes and see Lex working on his notebook and tugging his black lip ring with his tongue. His frosty blue hair that look like white in people eyes but not in mine, was style flatly which is cute, and lastly, his ocean blue eyes are so mesmerizing and I felt lost just by staring in his eyes. I heard my name being called out and asking me about The Great Depression. Well like always, I gave her an answer that she is satisfy with and returned teaching the lesson away like there’s no tomorrow.


    I look toward to Lex and have that weird instinct telling me that he’s not like the other boys in school. There’s something about him that’s not normal about him. His hand is basically cold like a dry ice and you can get frostbite just by holding his hand. I have to find out who is that boy is and I need to find out fast.

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Chapter 2: Fire Boy

As the bell rang, signaling that is lunchtime. I walk by Alex as I slung over my purple book bag and slumping, I sighed as I close my eyes. I felt a hand on my shoulder, resulting me to jolt awake and turn around. Alex stands in front of me with a questioning look.


“Are you okay Hades?” He asked as his expression became worried.


“Yeah, just tired.” I shrugged and walk toward to the abandoned hallway.


            As I started walking I heard a footstep behind me, I stopped walking and I heard nothing. I shrugged and went ahead and walk to the girl’s bathroom. As I walked into the bathroom’s stall and lock myself in there and sat quietly. Then I saw a black combat boot walking in and out of the girls’ bathroom. I gasp quietly feeling weird out and realizing I made a noise, which made the footsteps stops. I covered my mouth with both of my hands and close my eyes shut. I heard the distance door shut so I figure I am already alone. I walked out of the bathroom’s stall; I stuck my head out making sure there is no one in the bathroom. I look both ways to see if I’m in danger or locked in, but so far all clear.


‘I could’ve sworn that there was someone here.’ I thought.


            I shook my head a few times and rapidly blink my eyes and walked out of the girl’s bathroom. As I was about to go back to the old abandoned hallway, I felt extremely hot hand covered my mouth. My eyes widen and shook my head, feeling a feverish hand on my mouth. Then my back met a feverish masculine body. I look up to see who it is then I was faced the guy with bright flaming red hair with black eyebrow piercing, with electric green eyes. His eyes filled with fury like he is about to kill someone with his heated bare hands.


I muffled behind his heated hand.


“Don’t say a word, got it?” He hissed.


I rolled my eyes, not making any sounds. It’s so funny that he doesn’t have any common sense that he already covered my mouth and tells me to be quiet.


‘He is kind of cute, yet he has a bad temper.’ I shook the thoughts in my head was making.


“Would you stop staring at me?” He said bluntly, with his blank stares.


“Mrrfff grnff wnnft ynnt.” I muffled.


“Sorry, I have no clue what are you saying.” He laughed at my attempted speaking to him with his hot hand on my mouth.


I rolled my eyes and pointed the hand that is still on my mouth. He looked down and realized that he had covered it but gave me a wondering look. I shot him a glare then I felt his hand off of my mouth and letting me speak. I gave him a wondering look, and my head is filled with so many questions. The next part what he is about to say made me gasp.


“So I heard you met Lexington, correct?” He said bluntly.


“Wha-what?” I stammered, knowingly that my head feel out of place.


“You know Lex, blonde hair, blue eyes, he has this very freezing aura.” He said, making sure I knew which one that he is talking about.


“Oh, Lexington Hemphis?” I questioned him making sure that is the right Lexington Hemphis that he was talking about.


“Yes, that Lexington Hemphis, is he in your classes or what?” He asked again.


“Whoa, why are you so interested in him?” I asked him, he gave out the stalker kind of vibe that I didn’t like.


“None of your concern.” He said bluntly, his whole expression harden


‘That dude has some serious bipolar issues, he need to control his stalker’s vibe.’


I chuckled at my thoughts, and ignored him.


“Whatever man, I’m heading outside.” I walk past him.


“You know that it is raining outside, right?” His voice laced filled with concern


“I would still go outside, now excuse me I’m heading outside to clear my mind.” I walk straight out to the door.


I felt the cool misty breeze making my skin feel calm and make me feel relaxed inside. Somehow I felt like I was related with the storm outside and it didn’t affect me at all and even people get sick from the rain but I don’t. I felt like I was born from the sky, and I was immune to sickness anyway. I walk toward to the football field and sat on the very top bleachers. As I was settled, I pulled out my ear buds along with my IPhone that I had but still have so much music that I stored in for so long. I put my ear buds in and put on “Russian Roulette” by Rihanna and put it on repeat.


I close my eyes and lay my head back and enjoy the beautiful misty feeling outside.


‘I could really get use to this feeling like this everyday in my whole life if it does come true.’ I thought.


I hummed along with the lyrics and feeling totally relatable to this song. Then I could feel my eyes getting droopy then I went ahead slept on the bleachers, not caring if I missed school, really no one gives a fuck about school. So what’s the point for going to school if I have nothing to do but to learn and being tortured over and over from the things that I had already learned and I do not want to learn again. I let my eyes relax and follow the lyrics then my brain started to serenade, the surrounding soothe me like it was singing me to sleep. I heard a man voice whispering in my ear as he soothes me to sleep, I felt like I knew him and I knew his voice somewhere but I can’t point it out.


“Sleep my darling, I will be here and you will remember me one day.” He said softly.


I fell asleep at instant as the cool mist breeze hit softly at my skin and I have never felt more relaxed than ever. I sighed happily knowing that this is my goodnight sleep. Then the darkness took over me knowingly I’m soundlessly asleep. Then I felt a footsteps coming at my way, I shrugged the thoughts and went ahead sleeping anyway. Then I felt someone sitting next to me and wrapped his feverish arms around me radiating his warmth on me. I knew this guy and he felt so familiar then it comes to mind, he is the red head dude that I walked away from. I mindlessly snuggled into him, gathering the warmth from him and heard a slight chuckle from him. Then my lips curls up into a small smile and I felt like from the start, just being in his arms made me safe and sound. I felt my eyes getting heavier than ever. Then I heard him whispered in my ear.


“Just sleep, sweetheart.” His soothing voice calms my brain and melts my heart, holding me closer than ever.


The last thing he said before I fell asleep and now he finally answered one of my questions.


“I’m Mephisto Cresence.” He whispered softly in my ear so I can barely hear it but not too soft.


I sighed in relief, knowing his name now, I’m so far from confused. Lexington has a cold touch, Mephisto has a feverish touch, which it felt like his body was dumped in molten lava and still too hot to touch it but somehow it didn’t burn me. Now one question is still left in my mind still.


Who are they? Or should I say what are they?


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Chapter 3: Nature's Calling

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