More Than Expected


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More Than Expected

This story is fiction, but I based it on an incident in my life. I enjoyed writing it, and I hope you all enjoy reading it.

Kim opened the door to let the woman in and wheeled herself away from the doorway. When she was clear of the door, she gave it a shove with her hand and slammed it shut. The woman turned and looked down at her with a disappointed look on her face.

“You must be Kim. They warned  me that you might be a handful.” She placed her bag on the couch and looked back over at Kim. “I’m Lara, and I’ll be starting your physical therapy.” Lara took a step back and looked through the rooms. She went over to the recliner and pulled it over to a corner out of their way. She got the table, as well, and placed it beside where the recliner now sat.

“What the hell do you think you're doing?” Kim asked. She couldn't believe the nerve of this woman. The fact that she thought she could walk in and start moving stuff around pissed Kim off. Of course, most things pissed Kim off these days.

“I'm going to get you up on your feet and walking. In order to do that, I need a clear path. I'll move it all back before I leave today.” Lara walked into the adjoining dining room, pulled the chairs out from under the table, and turned the table so its length ran along the wall and patio doors. She replaced all the chairs before going back into the front room and getting into her bag.

“You're aware that walking is what I can’t do, right?” Kim asked with her arms folded over her chest.

“Yes, I also know that you have complete feeling in your legs and your reflexes are fine.” Lara got her belt out of her bag and placed it around her waist. “Where's your walker?”

“It’s folded up in the closet. I didn't see much reason to leave it out considering I can’t walk.”

“Would you like to tell me which closet, or would you prefer that I just start opening doors?” Lara went over to a door and opened it and peaked inside. It was the bathroom, which is what Lara had suspected, but she was trying to prove a point.

“God, you’re a bitch,” Kim said as she wheeled into her bedroom. She flipped on the light and pulled her closet door open. She reached in and wheeled the walker out. After setting it across her feet on the foot rests, she headed back out to the front room.

“Here you go, madam,” Kim smarted.

“Now see, you’re already being helpful. You can’t be as bad as what they said.” Lara raised the walker off of Kim’s feet and pulled the sides out until they clicked into place. She set it over to the side and motioned for Kim to come over and join her. When Kim was finally beside her and facing the right direction, Lara got the other belt out of her bag and went over in front of Kim. “I need to place this belt around your waist. When I get you up, I'll link our two belts together, and it will help me keep you up if you start to fall.” Lara pulled the belt apart and moved to slide it behind Kim’s back but her hands stopped her.

“I can do it,” Kim said and tried to take the belt from Lara.

“I’m sure you can, but there's a certain way the belt needs to sit in order for me to connect to it. I'd also like to make sure it's tight enough that it won’t slide too much. It's okay, Kim. I don't mind.”

Kim sighed, and her arms went straight up in the air. She watched Lara as she stood up and placed the belt behind her arms and shoulders. Kim leaned forward as Lara knelt in front of her. She saw Lara's eyes glance quickly at her chest, and her tongue slipped out to lick across her lips.

Lara couldn't help but notice Kim's chest as it pushed forward against her white t-shirt. The urge that tried to push its way forward, Lara quickly shoved back down where it belonged. Lara couldn't afford to risk her job by letting her body run things. She slid the belt behind Kim’s back and laid it on the seat of the wheelchair. She knelt and first, made sure that Kim had locked the wheelchair. She then pulled both footrests out and laid them to the side. “Can you slide forward just a bit and get your feet flat on the ground?”

Kim scooted forward until her feet touched the floor. Lara knelt in front of her and reached up to her waist for the belt. Before she grabbed the belt, Lara got a hold of Kim’s shirt and pulled it down tighter around her hips. “What are you doing?” Kim asked as she loosened her shirt.

“I need your shirt down so it won’t block the belt.” Lara reached forward again to pull the shirt back down.

“Well, at least let me-”

“You’re fine just like you are, Kim. It’s not a big deal. I just need to secure the belt easily.” Kim gave her a frustrated nod, and Lara reached back up and pulled her baggy shirt back down over her hips. As Lara slid the belt up and back down over the now tighter shirt, she couldn't help but notice Kim’s nipples as they pressed against the shirt. She tried to keep her eyes on the belt as she secured it down around Kim’s hips, but she couldn't stop her eyes from glancing up at the nipples that were just a quick move from her face. When the belt was tight and in the right place, Lara finally stood and pulled the walker over in front of Kim.

“According to your file, you can move and feel, but you can’t control your legs when you are up on them, correct?” Lara stood in front of Kim and tried to keep her voice calm and friendly.

“Yes, my knees will buckle as soon as I'm up.” Kim still didn't understand what in the hell had went wrong during the surgery on her back. Her doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong and couldn't explain the problem she was having. They had her on steroids and an anti-inflammatory, but so far, there was no improvement.

“Okay, you're going to grab hold of the walker, and after a count of three, you'll pull yourself to your feet and hold yourself up by your arms. If you keep your legs straight under you, you shouldn't have any trouble holding yourself up long enough for me to get behind you and secure the belts together. After we’re connected, you'll step with your right foot first. I'll be right behind you the entire time. Okay?”

Kim gave her a nod. She grabbed onto the walker and pulled herself further forward. Lara stood right beside her with a hand on the wheelchair, ready to step behind Kim as soon as she was up. Kim gave her a nod and Lara started the count.

“One, two, three,” Lara counted and stepped behind Kim as she stood up. She clipped their belts together and laid her hands on her waist. “With your legs straight and locked, you can stand all right with the walker, correct?”

“Yeah, they’re a little shaky, and I can't stand like this long, but they're not going anywhere.” Kim kept a hold of the walker. She knew if she were to let go, she would end up on the floor.

“Okay, I want you to relax your hold just a bit on the walker and bend your legs. I'll be right here behind you.” Lara wrapped her hands around Kim’s hips before she gave the word. “Okay, go.”

Kim bent her knees and felt her legs go completely limp underneath her. With Lara’s help, she pushed back up and straightened out her legs.

“That was exactly what I expected to happen. You okay?” Lara asked as her thumbs moved against Kim’s sides.

“I’m fine, but how the hell am I supposed to walk if I can’t bend my damn knees?”

“I’m going to stay right behind you. When you move your right leg forward, my leg is going to move right behind it. If it tries to buckle, it won’t get far because my leg will be there to stop it. I’m going to keep myself plastered to your backside the entire time.” Lara inched forward until she was practically wrapped around Kim’s back.

“I didn't even have to buy you dinner first,” Kim said as she felt Lara’s hips settle behind her ass.

“You can if it will make you feel better about the situation,” Lara said softly right behind Kim’s ear. “You ready?” When Kim nodded, Lara tapped her right hip, and Kim took her first step.

Kim made it all the way to the dining room table, but it was only her arms and Lara holding her up. She got turned around and, with Lara’s help, made it all the way back to where they started. Lara got her turned around again with the wheel chair sitting right behind them.

“Okay, I'm going to release the clips on the belts and step to your side. You’ll only have to hold yourself up long enough for me to move. Then, you can sit back in the wheelchair. It will be right behind you.” Lara slid her hand back from Kim’s hips to the clips that held their belts together.

Just as she was getting ready to release them, she felt Kim coming down on her thighs. She tried to get her back up on her feet, but since she was paying attention to the belt and not to Kim, she didn't have a good hold. Before she knew it, they were both sitting in the wheelchair, Kim on her lap. When she felt Kim snickering, she realized what had happened.

“You smart-ass, you did that on purpose.”

“My arms are tired, teach. I couldn't hold myself up anymore.” Kim got her arms on the armrests and wiggled on Lara’s lap like she was trying to get comfortable. When Kim felt the wheelchair moving, she started to freak out a bit. “What are you doing now?”

“Taking you to the bedroom,” Lara said softly right next to Kim’s ear.

“That’s real fucking funny, Lara.” Kim brought her hands and stopped the wheels from turning.

“Kim, I’m not sure what's wrong, but I would like to get you out into your pool. I assume you'll want to put a swimsuit on. Since you have gotten us in this little predicament, I'm simply wheeling you to the bedroom where you can slide off of my lap and on your bed.” Lara’s hands had come up to Kim’s sides when they had stopped so suddenly. She noticed her thumbs were gliding up and down Kim’s back as she spoke. She brought her hands down quickly and laid them on the arm rests. “Go ahead and head to the bedroom, and I'll leave you to change.”

Kim grabbed the wheels and made her way into the bedroom. She stopped in front of the bed, locked the chair, and pushed herself up to her feet. She turned as she pushed up and fell back on the bed. She sat up and kept her eyes down and away from Lara.

“Kim, I’m sorry about how that sounded. You were joking around, and I thought I would tease you a bit. I didn't mean to upset you, and I wasn't trying to imply anything. I definitely shouldn't have said it. It won’t happen again.” Lara stood out of the wheelchair and turned to leave, but Kim reached out and took her hand.

“Lara, I wasn't offended by what you said. Normally, I would have taken you up on that offer.” Kim pulled Lara over to her bed and had her sit down next to her. “My legs aren't the only thing that’s not working like they should.”

“What other problems are you having? I didn't see anything else on your file. Are your bladder and bowels working correctly?” Lara was a little confused to where Gwen was taking this conversation, but she wanted to help Kim in any way that she could.

“They're all fine. I can pee, shit, and my menstrual cycles are completely normal.” Kim fell back on her bed and brought an arm up over her eyes. “I can’t have an orgasm. I've tried many times but it just doesn't happen.”

“Have you tried to have sex with someone and it didn't work, or are you trying to do this on your own?”

“I don’t want anyone seeing me like this. I've tried so many times, but it never works. No matter how many times or what I try, I just can’t get there, ever.” Kim took a deep breath and tried to control her emotions.

“Don’t you think it’s possible that the stress and depression you've been having could be playing a part in this?” Lara looked over at Kim, who had tears running down her face. “Oh, honey, it'll be alright in the end. You’ll see.”

“You don’t know that, Lara. You can’t guarantee that I'll walk again. And you can’t guarantee that I'll ever be able to climax again.” Kim finally lost it and the tears turned into sobs. She turned over on her side and curled up in a ball.

Lara couldn't sit there and do nothing. So, she scooted up on the bed and lay down next to Kim. She reached a hand over to her shoulder, and Kim quickly slid over and went into her arms. “It’s okay, honey. Just let it out. You’ll feel better.” Lara kept one arm wrapped around Kim’s head and held her against her neck. The other arm was around her back and was trying to soothe her by sliding her hand up and down her back.

It had been so long since anyone had held Kim like this. She didn't realize how much she had missed it. Lara smelled like springtime flowers. Her hand caressing her back made Kim want to turn over and let her caress her front. But then she wouldn't have breasts crushed against hers. Lara seemed to fit perfectly against her body.

“Lara, if I asked you do something for me, would you?” Kim wiped away her tears and slid an arm around Lara’s waist.

“It would depend on what it was. I’d do just about anything to help you.” Lara eased her hand on Kim’s head when she felt her pulling it back. Kim looked up straight into her eyes.

“Would you kiss me, please?”

“Why?” Lara asked. She should have just said no. She shouldn't even be considering it. But Lara was a complex woman who was having a lot of problems dealing with what was going on with her. The fact that she was good-looking didn't hurt either.

“I haven’t been this close to anyone since before my surgeries. I’m lying here in your arms, and you smell wonderful. I can feel your breasts pressing into mine. I don’t think anyone has ever fit so well next to me than you. In other words, I'm thinking about your body. If you were willing to kiss me, I wanted to see how my body reacts to it.” Kim slipped her hand under the back of Lara’s shirt and skimmed her fingers across her lower back. She felt Lara’s body respond and press into her.

Lara placed her palm on Kim’s chest and eased her over on her back. She slid over until she was lying right beside her. She brought her hand up and placed it on Kim’s neck and let her fingers tease down toward her chest. Lara continued moving her hand down and stopped it when she got between Kim’s breasts. “I admit it was a little difficult when I was kneeling in front of you putting the belt around your waist. Your breasts would push forward against your shirt, and I would be able to see your hard nipples right in front of me. I so wanted to lean forward and capture one between my lips and suck on it through your shirt.” Lara slid her hand over and lightly teased her palm across the top of Kim’s nipple.

Kim watched and listened as Lara touched and teased with her hand and her words. She wasn't feeling anything major yet, but she was responding. Lara moved against her, and this time, she pulled up over the top of Kim and settled across her hips.

Lara moved her hands up and slid one back behind Kim’s neck. The other cupped her cheek right before Lara lowered her lips down on Kim’s. She started out soft, barely kissing. Then, she let her tongue tease against Kim’s lips until they parted. Lara ran her tongue across Kim’s full, wet lips before slipping it between them and sliding along her tongue. She pressed her lips harder and tilted her hips against Kim’s pelvis. She kept kissing and thrusting until she had herself so worked up she had to stop. She hovered over Kim as she tried to catch her breath.

“It looks like you’re responding rather nicely so far,” Lara said as she slid her hand down Kim’s chest and stomach. She pushed herself back off the bed and stood there with her hands on her hips. “Why don’t you get your swimsuit on, and we’ll head out to the pool.” Lara turned to leave Kim’s bedroom.

“Lara, would you mind getting my suit please? It’s in the second drawer of the dresser there. It’s red with black strips down the sides.”

Lara walked over to the dresser and pulled it open. She closed her eyes for a second when she saw the drawer was full of under garments. Bras and panties lay there, waiting for Lara to stick her hand down and feel them. She finally lowered her hand down and carefully slid things from one side to the other until she caught sight of the suit. She turned and handed it to Kim, who was sitting there with a smirk on her face. Lara shook her head and closed the door.

Lara had her suit on and was moving the walker out by the in-ground pool when she saw Kim headed her way. She had two towels on her lap. She came out the open doors and dropped the towels on a lounger away from the pool’s edge.

“If you trust me, I think I can get you in the pool the easiest, but we can use the walker if you would rather do that.” Lara moved as Kim wheeled up to the steps that led down into the water.

“I trust you, teach.”

Lara moved over in front of Kim and bent down so she could place her arms around her neck. Lara stood up, raising Kim to her feet as well.

“Now, lift your feet up and bend them up behind you.” Lara wrapped her arms around Kim’s waist and had a good hold of her as Kim’s feet left the ground. She walked backwards down the steps until they were both on level ground. “Bring your feet back to the ground.”

Kim did as Lara told her. Her hands stayed on Lara’s shoulders, and Lara’s hands stayed on her hips.

“You can swim, right?” Lara asked, still keeping a hold on Kim’s hips.

“I was born to swim,” Kim said as she let her hands glide down the front of Lara’s suit.

“Those aren’t going to help you,” Lara said as she pulled Kim’s hands from atop her breasts. Her thoughts paused for a moment, and she decided she could use that to her advantage. “But if you can walk the entire outer edge of the shallow end on your own, no holding the wall or the noodle, then I'll place your hands right back where you had them.”

Kim looked at Lara, glanced back down at the breasts that were peeking out of the top of the suit, and nodded. Lara walked with her until she was over by the steps. She took a deep breath, and Lara released her hand. She watched as Lara walked out to the middle with a green noodle floating in front of her.

Kim had made it down both walls on one side of her in-ground pool. Her legs had tried to collapse under her a time or two, but since she was in the water, she had been able to catch herself and push herself back up to a standing position. She stood now facing across the pool. She had to get across the open water where the shallow declined into the deeper water. She took another deep breath and took her first step. She saw Lara move closer toward her, holding the noodle out in front of her in case Kim needed it. Kim managed a smile as she looked over at the concerned look on Lara’s face.

“Are you starting to regret your challenge?” Kim asked as she took another step closer to the wall.

“Not at all, I only regret that I didn’t think to use my assets to get you moving sooner, that and the pool. I think we’ve found a good way to get your legs used to working again.” Lara continued watching as Kim reached the wall, turned, and kept moving. She walked toward the steps and sat down. Lara leaned back and watched as Kim headed toward her. It would be a real test of Kim’s strength to see how she handled it when she got to the very shallow part of the pool. It was shallow enough at the steps that the water would no longer be holding her up.

Kim headed toward the corner and watched as Lara went and sat on the steps. A strap on her swimsuit slid down her shoulder and arm. When Lara moved her hand up to the strap and slid one finger across the top of her breast, Kim didn’t even know she had stopped moving until she felt her weight finally pressing down on her legs. Kim took another breath as she walked on shaking legs to the edge of the steps. She collapsed down on her knees and let out the breath that she had held.

Lara sat there leaning back on her elbows. Kim was on her knees and catching her breath from the last strained steps that she had taken. Kim’s head came up and looked at her. Lara watched as Kim pressed up on her knees and headed toward her. On hands and knees, she made her way up the steps and over top of Lara.

Kim brought a finger up and slid the other strap down Lara’s shoulder. Her finger lingered on Lara’s arm as she pushed the strap further and further down. She ran her finger across the strap of the polyester suit until she came upon skin. She wrapped her hand across the top of Lara’s breast and leaned forward until lips found lips. As Lara's mouth stirred a longing in Kim, her hand grabbed a hold of the top of the swimsuit and pulled it down passed Lara’s full, round breasts. Kim slid her hand up between both breasts and tilted it as her hand moved down and across a nipple that was tight and enlarged.

Lara knew that everything she was doing was against the rules, but nothing had ever felt more right in her life. Even with Kim in the wheelchair and troubled because of her legs, Lara could still see the strength and confidence in her eyes. Confidence had always been Lara’s weakness. Not cocky, just someone who was proud and familiar with their strengths. And Kim oozed it. Lara reached up to Kim’s shoulders and pulled the straps off her shoulders. With Kim’s help, the swimsuit was quickly around her waist, and Kim lowering herself down on top of Lara.

Kim wanted to press and grind against Lara, but since that they were on the steps, it made it uncomfortable, more for Lara. Kim pushed herself back up, and with one hand on Lara’s hip, they moved their way up the steps until they could both feel the tiled ground beneath them. Lara lowered her back to the ground and pulled Kim down on top of her. Kim’s tongue slipped between Lara’s lips as Lara’s legs spread and pressed up against Kim’s pelvis. Both women lost themselves as lips and hands started the familiar dance of love.

“Can we move this to the bedroom?” Lara asked as Kim nibbled her way down her neck.

Kim knew that the bed would be more comfortable for them both, and it would give them the ease to explore for hours if they wanted to. But Kim was afraid that her inability to get there easily would ruin the feeling that she had, the urge that was stirring in her.

“Hey,” Lara said as she raised Kim’s forehead from her chest, “we'll get there together.”

Kim nodded and eased herself from Lara and sat on her butt on the tiled patio. She slipped her arms back into her suit as Lara stood and did the same thing. Lara knelt back down in front of Kim and helped her over on her knees.

“Bring one leg up and get ready to push yourself up in front of me.” With Kim’s arms around her neck, and Lara holding onto Kim’s hips, they both pushed up and had Kim standing in front of her.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you fall,” Lara said as she gripped Kim’s hips. “Have you ever let anyone take care of you besides your parents?” Kim’s eyes lowered as she shook her head no. “Will you let me take care of you and help you?”

Kim brought her eyes back up and looked into Lara’s bright green eyes. She could see that care and concern in her eyes. She could also see passion still lingering there. “Yes,” Kim said. Before she knew it, Lara bent over and brought an arm under her legs and picked her up. Kim looked into Lara’s eyes and the passion was stronger, staring back at her like a beacon. Kim brought her lips to Lara’s and teased against her for just a moment before smiling and trailing a finger under the edge of her suit.

Lara walked through the open doors, through the dining room and living room, and into the bedroom, where she laid Kim on the bed. Before she straightened up, she looped her fingers in the straps of Kim’s swimsuit and lowered it down her shoulders. Breasts revealed themselves, followed by a flat stomach and a small strip of curly, black hair. Lara wrapped her hands around Kim’s hips and slid her palms down her legs, pushing the swimsuit off and to the floor.

Kim watched as Lara finally stood beside the bed and slipped one strap down off her shoulder. She pulled that arm out, but held the swimsuit up with her hand. Lara repeated the process on the other side until Lara stood there holding her suit up with just her hand. Kim’s tongue slipped out to wet her parted lips as Lara’s hands started sliding down her chest. Kim worked her jaw as breasts were finally revealed again. Fingers slipped inside the suit and pushed it down Lara’s torso. Right before it slipped down her hips, Lara turned and wiggled her butt at Kim as the suit slid down her hips and finally fell to the floor. Lara looked over her shoulder at Kim and found her watching with a hunger in her eyes.

Lara turned and lowered herself down on the bed. She crawled up toward Kim, kissing and nipping at her thighs as she moved over her. Lara stopped at the curly hair at Kim’s mound and teased her tongue up each side. “You smell good enough to eat,” Lara said as she teased her tongue up the juncture of thigh and hip. Muscles jumped under her teasing and hands came down and quickly pulled her up to meet anxious lips. A tongue licked against her wet lips until she parted them and allowed it to slip through. Her tongue slid forward and glided against Kim’s as they finally pressed their bodies together. Hips, stomachs, and breasts all surged against each other until both women had to pull away to breath.

“Tell me how you feel,” Lara whispered against Kim’s neck.

“I am so wet, Lara. I don’t remember the last time I felt this wet and this ready. I can already feel the ache building.” Kim pulled her legs up and let them fall open. She laid her hands on Lara’s ass and pulled her down against her pussy. “Make me feel more, Lara, please.”

“Oh, you bet baby,” Lara sighed. She pulled her legs up behind Kim’s, spreading herself wide open. She put one leg over Kim’s and lowered her pussy down. She did a real slow grind, mixing their juiced together. Lara pulled her hips forward and back, pressing their clits together. Once she had the position she wanted, she kept thrusting her hips forward, letting her clit grind against Kim’s.

“Oh fuck,” Kim groaned as her fingers gripped Lara’s hips. She definitely felt her orgasm building, and from what she could tell, it was going to blow her mind. She slipped her hands up Lara sides and caught her bouncing breasts in her hands. Kim wrapped her fingers around both nipples and started twisting them both.

“Yes,” Lara panted as Kim tortured her tits. Her nipples had always played a role in how big of an orgasm she had. The more someone played with her nipples, the better for her. She could endure a lot of pain when it came to her nipples and that pain always sent her higher and higher through her climax. “Harder, Kim, twist them harder.”

Kim couldn’t believe how much Lara turned her on. Watching her grind against her pussy was enough to set Kim on fire. But when Lara started begging her for more pain, it shocked Kim how much it excited her to twist and pinch Lara‘s nipples until she screamed.

Lara opened her eyes and looked down at Kim. She kept grinding against her pussy as Kim kept painfully pleasing her nipples. Lara knew that she could cum any second, but she didn’t want to without knowing Kim was ready as well. “Are you ready to cum baby?” Lara asked with hooded eyes. “Because I’m not stopping until you do.”

Lara slid her hands up Kim’s stomach and captured both nipples in her hands. She rolled them in her fingers and saw Kim’s eyes finally close as her head tilted back. Lara kept rolling and pinching Kim’s nipples until she heard and felt her climax beneath her. She gave one more hard thrust and let herself go over the edge right behind Kim. Lara tried to keep her hips going as long as she could. Her exhaustion eventually hit. and she caught herself before she collapsed on Kim.

“My god, baby,” Kim said as she wrapped her arms around Lara and turned them both over on their sides.

Lara’s eyes were still closed, but she managed a smile. “You liked that?”

“I’m going to keep you around just to ride me every night. You can be my new jockey.” Kim snuggled in and kissed Lara’s neck.

“Aren’t I supposed to get some big ring of flowers for bringing you over the finish line?” Lara asked as she grabbed Kim’s hands and pushed her on her back again. Lara sat across her hips as Kim's hands slid back up toward her breasts. When Lara motioned to Kim, she reached up and teased her finger across the tip of her now sore nipples.

“I’ll give you more than a ring of flowers,” Kim said looking up at Lara.

“I accept,” Lara said and lowered herself down on Kim’s chest.

The End

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Leah Harvey

After my first two back surgeries, nurses had me up and walking before I was able to go home. By the time we got home, I could no longer walk. As in this story, I could feel everything and move my legs, I just couldn't control them and they wouldn't hold my weight. My PT was my wonderful wife who is an RN. I slowly learned to walk again.


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