Sex with a stranger


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Chapter 1

AJ slid the key-card into the slot and let herself in the room. She still wasn't sure why she was here. She had gone to the bar at the end of the evening to pay up her tab, and a message was waiting for her, along with the key-card. No matter how long she stood there and looked at the card, she hadn't been able to figure out, for sure, who it belonged to. She knew who she wished it would belong to, but that would just be too good to be true. She had seen and talked to so many people that evening, and it could belong to any of them.

Her fifteen year reunion hadn't been something that she had planned on going to at first, but the more she thought about it, and the more that her best friend bugged her about it, she eventually had to give in. She didn't really care about most of her fellow graduates’ lives, but there were a few that she thought about occasionally, and one that she thought about often.

AJ took another step into the dark room and took a breath. She could smell body wash left over from a recent shower. She also smelled a faint scent of spicy incense. As she took another step, she saw someone standing at the side of the room facing toward her. She could see long hair pulled back off of a neck. That, and the scent of the body wash, let her know that she was here with another woman. AJ took another step into the darkness and saw the woman moving toward her. Hands reached out toward her, and she laid her hands on top of them. The key card was removed from her hand and placed somewhere behind the woman. Hands reached up to AJ’s shoulders and gently pulled her jacket down her arms.

AJ knew she should be nervous, but the excitement of the situation outweighed her nervousness. Her jacket had been removed and placed behind the woman somewhere with the key-card. The woman turned back toward AJ and took a step toward her. She stopped right in front of her, reached up and undid every button on AJ’s shirt, and then slipped it down her arms. AJ could hear her own nervous breathing, but she didn't hear a sound from the woman in front of her. The woman was complete calm and control.

“Who are you?” AJ asked as hands starting removing her pants.

“Call me Ray,” the woman whispered as she knelt down in front of AJ and removed each leg before standing and laying the pants behind her.

“Ray,” AJ whispered as her head ran through every possible person the name could belong to. But no one AJ could think of would be so daring and confident to try this on her. If she wanted, she could end this in an instant and find out exactly who it was that was toying with her. AJ brought her head back up and looked at the woman who was barely visible. “Can I at least see who you are?” Two fingers lowered on AJ’s lips, and the woman walked around AJ, wrapped her arm around her shoulder, and stepped up against her back.

“No, you can't,” Ray whispered. As she slid one hand around to AJ’s tight abdomen, she let the two fingers of her other hand slide down AJ’s chin. She encircled her hand around AJ’s throat, and with one finger, she pushed her head back and exposed AJ’s neck.

“What-?” AJ started to say, but was immediately quieted when wet lips come down on her lower neck. There was an instant surprise, but then her eyes closed and her body registered what was going on. She felt an immediate stirring in her gut as heat spread down her face and neck. The hand around her neck moved down her chest and cupped around one of her breasts. The other hand slid down her stomach, over the top of her panties, and pressed between her legs. The feeling in her stomach had now become an ache between her legs. AJ still had no clue what was going on or who was doing this to her, but she knew better than to turn down a sure thing. She pulled her arm up, wrapped it around Ray’s head and held her as she continued sucking on AJ’s neck.

“Do you accept this?” Ray whispered as her tongue licked along the edges of AJ’s ear.

“Yes,” AJ said quickly. AJ heard a low laugh from Ray and was slowly turned around until she was facing her. AJ brought her hands up and placed them on each side of Ray’s face. She let her fingers feel across cheekbones, eyebrows and lips as she tried to figure out who was teasing her. She slid her hands up over Ray’s hair, and when she found the band, she removed it and slid her fingers through the long hair. She let her fingers linger in the silky hair and pulled it down over Ray’s shoulders. AJ slid both hands toward the center of Ray’s chest, and feeling no buttons, she moved her hands down quickly and pulled the shirt off and threw it out of their way. She brought her hands immediately back to Ray’s chest. Her fingers lightly grazed across the soft skin, and she felt Ray shiver from her touch.

Ray was having a hard time keeping calm and composed. The fact that AJ had accepted all of this, and was even a willing participant, made Ray want to rush. But she kept her hands still on AJ’s sides as she continued to touch and undress her. Ray’s breathing was not as calm as she would like, but she couldn't blame herself for being overly excited. As AJ’s hands slid up her bare stomach and up over both breasts, Ray brought her hands up immediately and lowered AJ's hands back down to her sides.

“Not until I say,” Ray whispered as she leaned forward and reached around AJ to release her bra. She pulled the shoulder straps down slowly, letting her fingers tease all the way down both arms before finally dropping the bra to the side. Ray walked away from AJ and back toward the table where she had been standing in the beginning. She reached down, found the towel she had placed on the table to help hide sounds, and pulled the night vision goggles up and on her head.

AJ stood there with her hands fisted at her sides. Her breathing was almost frantic, and Ray could see that AJ was trying to take in every sound around her.

“Ssh,” Ray sounded softly, “take a breath for me.” She watched as AJ shook her arms at her sides and relaxed her hands. She then took a deep breath, her chest rising full of air, and released it slowly. Ray released the button on her jeans and made sure she made just enough noise for AJ to know what she was doing. AJ turned toward the noise, and Ray saw her reaction as soon as AJ realized that she was undressing. Ray pulled off the night goggles and laid them softly back on the towel. She walked back over in front of AJ, cupped a hand behind one of hers, and pulled AJ’s hand down against her moist panties.

As soon as AJ realized where her hand was, it moved and pressed in tighter to the soaked panties. She pushed the material into the damp folds and heard a quick breath stop and hold. AJ smiled to herself as she slid her finger forward and grazed the top of Ray’s clit. The hand that was holding hers never stilled her roaming fingers. So, AJ continued circling, pressing, and then sliding away. Feeling even braver, AJ moved her fingers to slide underneath, but her hand was immediately pulled away.

Ray placed AJ’s hand back down at her side, placed her own hands on AJ’s hips and walked her backwards until they came to the bed. Ray gently pushed on her hips, and AJ seated herself on the end of the bed. Ray reached behind her back, unclasped her bra, and tossed it in the floor. She looped her thumbs in her panties and removed them as well. She found AJ’s hands again and brought them up to her bare hips. She kept her hands over AJ’s as they slid around to her ass, up her bare back, and came around to slide across her nipples. Ray stilled the hands there and gripped the hands against her breasts. She let them linger only a moment before pulling them back to AJ’s lap. Ray placed a hand on AJ’s chest and pressed her onto her back.

“Slide up,” Ray whispered as she hooked her fingers on AJ’s panties and pulled them off. AJ pulled herself up the bed, and Ray lowered down and crawled after her. As she got over the top of AJ, she lowered her hips down and slid them up between AJ’s spread legs. Hands slammed down on her ass and pulled Ray’s pelvis tight against AJ’s waiting pussy. Ray couldn't stop the shocked breath or the soft moan when she felt AJ grinding against her. Ray realized play time was over. She lowered herself all the way down on top of AJ, took her face in her hands, and crushed her lips. Ray’s lips were frantic as she licked, sucked and nibbled AJ’s mouth. Only when AJ finally slid her tongue between Ray’s lips, did Ray finally pause and take in the full feeling of kissing AJ again. She moaned again and slid her tongue alongside of AJ’s in a wet, slow dance of want.

AJ felt the change in Ray and new exactly when her control had slipped. As much as AJ wanted to use that knowledge and take over this little game, she loved that Ray controlled what she could or couldn't do. AJ slid her arms down Ray’s neck and chest, and slid her palms against each nipple before closing her hand around both breasts. Ray’s hands quickly grabbed her by the wrists and pulled her hands up over her head. AJ tried to pull her hands free, but Ray’s strong hands wouldn't let go. When Ray pulled her lips away, AJ relaxed her arms and didn't move. When she gripped a hold of the top of the mattress, Ray finally released her hands and slid hers down AJ’s arms slowly.

Ray pulled herself up over AJ’s hips and slid her hands down across her hard, sensitive nipples. AJ arched into her hands as her body ached for more. Ray teased her fingers around each nipple slowly and gently. As she got closer and closer, she could see AJ anticipating her move. Her breaths were coming quickly, her breasts rising and falling. Ray could tell that AJ’s eyes were locked on hers, trying to read what she was going to do. Ray clamped onto AJ’s nipples tightly and twisted them as she slid her wet pussy against AJ’s.

“God,” AJ screamed as Ray twisted and pulled her nipples for the first time. She knew it was coming, but even then, AJ couldn't have been prepared for the surge that went from her nipples to her clit. She had always been more sensitive than most women, but never had someone about made her cum by simply playing with her nipples. AJ’s back stayed arched off the bed as Ray continued the pleasure-pain that she triggered in AJ. The pain in AJ’s nipples eased just enough for her to register that Ray’s wet pussy was sliding and grinding into hers. AJ pulled her knees up behind Ray’s back and tilted her hips up toward Ray. She quickly grabbed AJ’s knees and used them to help pull herself tighter against AJ’s pussy.

“Please,” AJ begged as she stared up at Ray. She had never wanted to cum so badly in her life. The hour it had taken to get here had been one of the most pleasurable in AJ’s life, but right now, all she could think about was how badly she needed to cum.

“Say it,” Ray whispered as she wet her fingers and lowered them back down to AJ’s nipples.

“Please make me cum, Ray. I need to cum.” Ray instantly stopped moving and released AJ’s nipples, but she didn't get off of AJ. AJ realized that she hadn't said quite what Ray wanted to hear.

“I need you to fuck me, Ray. I need you to fuck me and make me cum. God, please,” AJ said as she arched her breasts up toward Ray’s hands.

Ray started rolling her hips again and felt AJ moving underneath her. She captured both nipples and tweaked them as she lowered herself down and pulled one into her mouth.

“Yes,” AJ hissed as she released the bed. One hand came around Ray’s head and held her against her breast. The other slid down Ray’s chest and captured a nipple. AJ started her own game of torture as Ray sucked and bit against one breast and then the other. She pulled her hand out of Ray’s hair, moved it down her chest and stomach, and then slid one finger through Ray’s cum and slid right up inside of her.

“Fuck,” Ray cursed as she dropped her hands by AJ’s head to catch herself. She held her hips down as AJ teased a finger inside of her. When AJ’s thumb pressed into her clit, Ray pulled herself up over AJ’s hips. Her hands went into her hair as she pulled her hips up and rammed them down on AJ’s finger. It felt so good, Ray didn't really want it to end, but she grabbed AJ’s wrist and held it still as she moved her hips down a few more times before pulling herself up and away from AJ.

AJ lay in bed alone. Her nipples hurt from all the twisting, and her pussy was so wet, she could feel the damp sheet under her ass. She’d already figured out that Ray had plans of how tonight was supposed to go, and AJ was not following those plans. AJ brought her hands up to her sore nipples and gently teased against them. Her hips moved even though there was nothing to rub up against. She slid one hand down and had just entered between wet folds when Ray spoke.

“Stop,” Ray said just above a whisper. Ray had taken a drink of water when she got out of bed, and quickly placed the goggles over her eyes so she could watch what AJ did while in bed by herself. When AJ didn't obey her command, she decided a more direct threat was due.

“You’ll either stop, or I’ll leave.” Ray hoped that threat worked. She quickly pulled the harness up and tightened it around her hips. She grabbed the dildo and slid it in. She got it positioned just right, and watched AJ for a few seconds more.

AJ stilled her hand, closed her eyes and let both hands fall on the bed beside her. She’d had just about enough of this little game. She pushed herself up and climbed off the end of the bed toward where she knew Ray was standing.

Ray had removed the goggles when she saw AJ sit up. She moved just enough to be in the position to capture AJ when she got out of bed. One foot hit the ground followed by AJ’s other foot, and she moved toward the corner where Ray had been standing off and on all night long. Before she even got one step in, her arm was pulled behind her back, and an arm came around her waist and pulled her back. AJ felt Ray’s breasts being crushed against her back, but she also felt something new that hadn't been there before. AJ slid her free hand back between their bodies and gripped the plastic cock in her hand. She pressed it back into Ray and heard her reaction. Ray quickly turned them facing the bed, and AJ was pushed forward on her hands and knees. AJ knew what was coming, and it was what she had wanted from the beginning. She lowered herself down on her elbows and felt Ray’s hand slide down her back to check her position.

“Good girl,” Ray whispered as she stepped forward and slid her cock between AJ’s legs. She got the dildo well lubricated before she stepped back and placed the tip against AJ’s pussy. Ray held onto her hips as she pushed the tip just inside of her. She ran her hand through AJ’s juices and coated the dildo again before she pushed it in further. When she felt no resistance, Ray slid the cock all the way in until she felt AJ's ass against her thighs.

“Fuck yes,” AJ moaned as Ray finally filled her completely. When Ray pulled back out slowly, AJ waited until she started forward again, and she pressed back against her. She heard a grunt from Ray and knew that she was just as close as AJ was. They got a rhythm going, and AJ felt Ray curling around her back and grasping both breasts in her hand.

Ray gripped AJ’s breasts and started pumping her cock into her harder and harder. AJ met each thrust and pushed back against her, which rammed the base of the dildo against her clit. Nipples were grabbed and pinched, and a slight scream was heard from AJ. Thrust after thrust, Ray could hear AJ grunt every time she rammed into her. When Ray heard the grunts rise in pitch, she slowed her hips down and pulled almost all the way out before pushing in just as slow. AJ’s head had fallen between her arms and was trying to get her breathing under control. Ray slipped her hand down and brought two fingers up on either side of AJ’s clit. She pressed her fingers together and slid them up and down with AJ’s clit pinched between them.

AJ’s head flew back up as Ray started stroking her clit from both sides. The tight pressure and movements on each side was something she hadn't felt before, and it was causing strong sensations from each side. AJ pushed herself back until she could move her feet to the floor. She pushed up to her hands and pushed back against the cock that was still inside of her. It hit exactly where AJ wanted it to, her g-spot. She started riding Ray’s cock again, and on every thrust, it pressed into her upper wall.

“That’s it, just like that,” AJ said through gritted teeth.

“Are you ready to cum, baby?” Ray asked near her ear. Ray was ready as well and wanted them to climax together.

“Yes, God, yes,” AJ panted.

Ray no longer held back. She brought her left hand up to AJ’s shoulder, and left the other one between her legs where her clit was still trapped between two of her fingers. Every time that Ray rammed her cock into AJ, her clit was pushed into the vee of her two fingers. With all the strength she had left, she pushed into AJ time after time. She kept her fingers tightly pressed on either side of her clit and it was being pushed against her hand with every thrust.

“Yes, Yes, god Ray, yes fuck me,” AJ ranted over and over again. AJ pressed back hard against Ray and rammed the base into her clit every time. She could hear grunts sounding next to her ear every time Ray pushed inside of her. “Now, Ray, finish me Ray. Oh god, baby, I’m going to cum all over you.”

Ray’s hips went into overdrive, and thrust after thrust, AJ’s screaming got louder and louder. Ray slid her hand down from AJ’s shoulder and pinched a nipple tightly. She started twisting and pulling again, and that got AJ screaming even more. Ray couldn't hold out much longer, and luckily, she didn't have to. AJ’s climax hit full force, and her body continued to thrust back against Ray until she heard Ray’s voice rise, and then scream out her name. Ray kept ramming into AJ until they both come back down to earth. Ray pulled out slowly, and AJ collapsed on the bed. Ray removed her dildo and harness, laid them on the table, and then curled up behind AJ and wrapped her arms around her. AJ turned over and buried her face in Ray’s neck.

AJ was completely satisfied and worn out. The only thing she still wanted was to know who the mystery woman was. The smell of sex filled the room, but as AJ snuggled in Ray’s neck, she could smell a faint perfume. She wrapped an arm around Ray’s back and closed her eyes. It didn't take her long, and she was asleep.

AJ woke late the next morning. She was confused at first, but quickly remembered the events from the night before. She slid out of bed and saw that there was no sign that anyone else had ever been there. The only thing that remained was a pair of underwear that she knew didn't belong to her. She went over to her clothes, which was all stacked neatly on the dresser and found that her panties weren't there. She smiled, shook her head, and went over and picked up Ray’s panties. She brought them up to her face and took a deep breath of the scent that still lingered. She went back over to her clothes and started getting dressed. She slipped the panties in her pocket, grabbed her jacket, and with a last look at the bed, turned and left to head home.

It was Monday morning, and AJ was late for work. She had stopped to get coffee like she did every morning before work, but had to wait as some unsatisfied customer argued about his coffee for fifteen minutes. She finally got her coffee, but now had to rush to get to work. She entered the squad room, and saw her partner already at his desk.

“You're late and already on the most wanted list of our new captain.” Jack looked at her with a disappointed look on his face.

AJ just flipped him off and set her coffee down on the desk. “Does she want me in the office right away?”

“Yes, she said as soon as you come in, I was to send you straight to her. She didn't look pleased.”

“Just fucking great,” AJ said as she took a long drink of her coffee and tossed the rest in the trash can.

AJ walked toward the office, gave a light knock on the door, and waited to be allowed in.

“Come in, Detective Turner.”

AJ entered the room, stood with her hands behind her back, and waited for Captain Miller to turn around. But she didn't right away. She walked down the side of her desk, behind AJ, and closed the door to her office. She heard Captain Miller walk right up behind her, but AJ stayed forward.

“Do you often come into work late, Turner?”

“No ma’am. It just took a little longer than normal at the coffee shop this morning. It won’t happen again.” As Captain Miller moved from behind her and walked past her, AJ caught just a whiff of a perfume that was still very strong in her memories. AJ glanced down at the Captain’s desk and to her nameplate which read Captain Olivia Miller. AJ looked back up at her captain, cocked her head and tried to figure out who she reminded her of.

“How long do you think it will take you?” Captain Miller asked as she watched AJ.


“You’re trying to figure out where you know me from. Would it help you if I told you Miller was my married name?” Olivia was enjoying the confusion that AJ felt. But only because when AJ finally figure it out, then Saturday night would all make sense. “My maiden name is Granger.”

‘Olivia Granger’ AJ said to herself. It was definitely familiar, and AJ should know who she was. When she looked back up at her new captain, and she smiled at her, AJ finally figured it out. “Liv Granger? You have got to be kidding me.” AJ forgot their positions for a moment and went around the desk and wrapped her arms around Liv. They hadn’t seen each other in many years, and AJ didn’t think they ever would, but she had been wrong. As AJ started to pull back, the perfume that she had smelled earlier was right there in front of her. She pulled back just enough to look into Liv’s eyes. She saw a bit of nervousness, excitement and, the last AJ couldn’t quite believe, but she also saw arousal. Since Liv’s back was to the squad room, AJ lifted the collar on Liv’s jacket and ran her finger across the fading love bite that she had given Saturday night.

“You,” AJ said as she let her finger linger just a moment longer before stepping back and going back around to the correct side of the desk.

“Yes,” Liv whispered in the voice she had used Saturday night.

AJ responded immediately to the voice that she had dreamed about last night. “Why?”

“I have always wanted to hunt you down and repeat that one night we had so many years ago. I didn't expect to ever be able to do it with the distance that was between us. When this job came open, I applied and was accepted.” Liv pulled her chair closer under her desk before finishing her explanation. “Once I started here, there would be no way that we could ever repeat that again. I asked around, did a little snooping, and found out where you would be this weekend. If I was ever going to get what I wanted, it had to be before today.”

“Where do we go from here?” AJ asked, but was afraid of the answer.

“That was a one-time thing, AJ, you know that. No matter how much we might like to repeat it, we can’t, not without risking both of our careers.” Liv pushed her chair back and rose. She walked around her desk and stopped in front of AJ. “I look forward to working with you, Detective Turner”

“Me too, ma’am,” AJ said, nodded to Liv, and released her hand. She walked to the door, but before she opened it, she turned back around.

“Hey,” AJ said. “Thanks for Friday night, Ray. I won’t ever forget it.” AJ gave Liv a wink, and walked away from the only woman who had ever pleased her so deeply.

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Leah Harvey

This is just a fun story. After I wrote the first chapter, people on another site told me i HAD to write more.

Chapter 2

It had been two weeks since AJ and Olivia’s night together, and AJ still couldn’t get the memories out of her mind. Most nights she went to sleep after bringing herself to a climax as she relived their passionate night together. AJ had tried to get Olivia to agree to another night, secretly, of course. But Olivia stayed stern that there was no way that they could risk it. She had dropped enough hints that AJ knew that Olivia wanted it as much as she did. Olivia had even let AJ know about a basement window that had some problem and was no longer linked to her security system.

She had stated that she was concerned that someone might break in before she got it fixed the following Monday. So, Saturday night, AJ slipped through the darkness and made her way to the low window. She tested it and found it unlocked. She lifted it up, slid her bag through first, and then slipped through the window. She slid the window down and quietly made her way upstairs to the bedroom that had just went dark.

Olivia laid in the dark and listened for any abnormal sounds. AJ hadn't said she would be here tonight, but Olivia had dropped enough hints that AJ should have known that she had tonight or Sunday night to get in without any problems. She hadn’t been able to stop thinking about AJ all day. The fact that she could sneak in without Olivia even knowing made her even more excited. She stayed as busy as she could through the day to try to keep her mind occupied. But now, she lay in the dark, and there was nothing that could keep her mind away from AJ.

Olivia had never been with any other women but AJ. It had been one time after a night out drinking that AJ had made the moves on her. She had been nervous, but AJ made it easy to make love to her. It had been the best night of sex ever for Olivia, until two weeks ago. Olivia had never been an aggressive woman. An aggressive cop, yes, but never an aggressive woman. She had numerous experiences with men and a failed marriage. She had never found anyone that could match what she had felt with AJ that one night. When she found out she had been accepted in Richmond, Virginia, she knew what she was going to do. She had to have one more night with AJ.

AJ made her way to Olivia’s bedroom door without making a sound. She saw that the door was ajar and knew she wouldn't have any trouble getting in. She stopped down from the door, quietly removed all of her clothes, and placed them in her bag. AJ got the blindfold and handcuffs from the side pocket, pulled her bag over her shoulder, and walked closer to Olivia’s bedroom. She heard soft music playing as she pushed open the door and slipped into the room. She kept herself against the wall just inside the door as she looked over at Olivia. If she had heard AJ come in, she wasn’t acting like it. AJ stayed right where she was until she saw Olivia draw her legs up under the sheet. AJ saw movement and then heard Olivia’s response as her hands evidently came down between her legs. AJ stayed quiet and moved to the empty side of the bed. She set her bag down out of the way, gripped the blindfold in her hand, and slid across the bed. As Olivia started to turn toward her and lean up off the bed, AJ wrapped a hand around her mouth and slid behind her back.

“Not a sound,” AJ whispered as she pulled Olivia’s bare back against her chest. She slid both hands up and pulled the blindfold over Olivia’s head and down over her eyes. AJ picked up the handcuffs, placed one side around Olivia’s left wrist, and pulled her arm up to the headboard. She looped the cuffs around a rail, pulled Olivia’s right arm up, and secured that wrist as well.

“If you stay quiet, I won’t gag you. Understand?” AJ asked as she placed another pillow behind Olivia’s shoulders.

“Yes,” Olivia’s shaky voice answered. She knew this had to be AJ, but it didn't sound like her. The scent that always let Olivia know when AJ was nearby wasn't here. What Olivia smelled was an all knew aroma that she would never associate with AJ. Not that it was bad, it just wasn't AJ. Olivia felt the sheet being pulled down, leaving her naked body exposed to the cool night air. Her nipples tightened even more from being exposed and from the excitement of the situation.

“Look at you. You're all ready for me, aren't you? Your nipples are so hard. I bet they could cut glass. What about your pussy? I’m guessing you're so wet that I could fist you with no problem. Would that be true, Olivia?” AJ brought one finger down and slipped it through Olivia’s folds.

Olivia didn't say a word, nod her head or anything. The only thing she did was respond immediately to the finger that was teasing between her legs. Her hips pressed against the light touch and tried to encourage the act. But the finger pulled away, and Olivia heard lips sucking her juices off of the finger.

AJ reached into her bag and pulled out the collapsible whip. She leaned against the wall and slowly connected piece after piece until the whip was fully extended. AJ stayed against the wall as she stretched her arm out and teased the whip up the inside of Olivia’s leg. It reacted right away to the light touch and pulled away. AJ moved further up and let the tip barely graze across Olivia’s thigh. Muscles flinched and tightened as she teased her way up. When she reached the top of her thigh, she slid the shortened leather strap up the side of Olivia’s mound, across the strip of hair, and back down the other side. AJ looked up and saw Olivia’s chest rise with every ragged breath. Her body was clenched from the teasing, yet awaiting every touch. AJ pulled the whip away from Olivia’s legs and up toward her breasts. She laid the leather strap across a breast and slid it down her nipple. She teased underneath each breast before pulling the strap back up and across her other nipple.

Olivia had no idea what she was being touched with, but it had her entire body tight. Every touch made her clench even tighter. Her breathing was so chaotic that she was afraid she might pass out. Olivia heard a soft sound and then felt AJ’s weight on the bed. A strong but gentle hand massaged up both legs until Olivia’s body was once again relaxed. She felt movement again and felt a body brush against hers as AJ settled beside her. Fingers teased her neck as the hand lowered down to her chest. Light touches made Olivia even more aware of the cool air. Her flesh as well as her nipples responded to more of the gentle teasing. Olivia thought she was in for more light torture when she felt a tongue lick across her nipple.

AJ surrounded the nipple and areola as Olivia’s back arched up toward her lips. A satisfying moan sounded as Olivia finally released her held in breaths. As AJ sucked on one breast, her fingers teased and pinched the other until both were straining from excitement. AJ had never seen anyone’s nipples get as big as Olivia’s when she was turned on. She sucked each nipple until they both were so large that AJ thought they had to be hurting. She pulled herself off the bed, reached into a pocket on her bag, and pulled out two clothes pins. She had used them on herself in the past. While they did hurt, there was never any permanent damage, and when you got passed the initial shock, the pain easily turned into pleasure. She had even made sure that both were not too tight on her own nipples before she had come over to Olivia’s tonight.

AJ sat back on the bed and lowered the first clothes pin around Olivia’s nipple and then slowly released it. She did it slow enough that Olivia had time to prepare for the full pressure. AJ saw her cringe, but she barely made a sound when AJ finally pulled her hand away. She got the second one and secured it on Olivia’s other nipple before sitting back and looking at Olivia’s face. A mix of pain and pleasure crossed her face as she tried to take in every sensation. AJ sat up in the bed and reached back in her bag for her next item. She pulled up the butterfly stimulator and slid Olivia’s legs through each side. She pulled it up as far as she could and had Olivia raise her hips so she could get it into place. Once she made sure that the straps were tight and everything was where it should be, she had Olivia lower herself back down. AJ pulled herself back to the end of the bed and turned the butterfly on low.

“Fuck,” Olivia groaned as the pulses started against her clit. Her body was already in high gear from all the teasing and torturing. Having a vibrator attached to her clit was just another way to string her along without her ever reaching her goal. The vibrations weren't strong enough to send her over the edge, but they were enough to keep her clit pulsing. The fact that it was still on low gave Olivia slight hope that maybe she would come before long. Olivia tried to adjust her hips to get more pressure on her clit, but with her hands cuffed above her head, she couldn't move very far.

After watching Olivia’s pleasant torture for a while, AJ slid up the bed, laid the remote just out of the way and gently removed the first clothespin that she had placed on Olivia. She took the nipple between her lips right away and gently circled her tongue around it as feeling started coming back. Olivia’s breathing let AJ know that she was enjoying every second of the sweet torture. As AJ moved toward Olivia’s other nipple, she reached over and turned the vibrator up one notch. She quickly pulled the second clothes pin off and sucked the nipple into her mouth.

“Yes, god yes,” Olivia shouted as her body started reacting to every sensation. Her nipples hurt but the pain was a good pain, and every time AJ sucked on her nipple, a shock went through her body and built up between her legs. The vibrator was up just high enough to have her right on the edge, but not quite enough to send her over. She pushed her chest against AJ’s sucking lips and clamped her legs together and moved her hips against nothing.

AJ released Olivia’s nipple and pulled her lips away. She reached for the remote and turned the vibrator off. She heard Olivia’s whine at the loss of sensation, but she never said a word. AJ laid the clothes pins on the bedside table and picked up the handcuff key that she had placed there. She reached up and started unlocking Olivia’s hands.

“I'll remove the cuffs for now. If you make one move to remove your mask, I'll leave and this will never be finished. You can touch me when I say you can touch me. Otherwise, keep your hands above your head or on the headboard. Agreed?” When Olivia nodded to her, AJ released one hand and then the other. Olivia rubbed her wrists, shook her arms a bit to wake them up, and then laid them above her head.

AJ laid the key back on the table and crawled up beside Olivia. She linked one hand with Olivia’s as she pulled her head around and kissed her for the first time. The kiss filled AJ in a way that she felt herself moan against Olivia’s lips. She didn't remember a kiss ever making her feel so complete and turned on at the same time. The kiss made her feel like she had just found the last piece to a puzzle that she had left unfinished for years. Yet, at the same time, her body immediately tensed up as she wanted more of the wonderful sensation.

Olivia kept her arms above her head, but she turned over on her side and pushed against AJ’s lips. Her tongue was welcomed by parted lips, and she felt AJ’s tongue dance alongside of hers as they moved together. AJ’s mouth was occupied, but Olivia felt one of her arms move up and pull one of her hands around her side. Olivia’s hands came down quickly and held AJ as she turned back over on her back and pulled AJ on top of her. Her hands couldn't decide where they wanted to be. They pressed AJ’s hips down as Olivia ground up against her. But then they slid up and captured her breasts and immediately started their own game of torture. They barely teased against each nipple and then would pinch a hold of both and twist them between fingers. The only thing that would make it complete for Olivia is if she could pull them up to her mouth.

AJ pulled away breathless and sat up over Olivia, trapping her hands against her breasts as she did. She encircled each wrist and made sure Olivia’s hands stayed right where they were. AJ slid her hips back until she felt the butterfly stimulator beneath her. She kept her hips there and started grinding down against Olivia. Olivia’s legs moved up behind AJ’s back, and she tilted her hips up and met AJ’s movements with her own. When AJ felt the vibrator slide up between them, she reached over and clicked it back on.

“Yes,” AJ and Olivia voiced together as they pressed into each other. AJ released Olivia’s wrists and captured her nipples in both hands. She clamped on and pulled on Olivia’s nipples as they both pressed against the stimulation between their pussies. AJ knew Olivia had been close before, but she was surprised to find herself just as close to cumming as Olivia had been. She reached down for the remote and turned it off. She dropped it on the bed and caught Olivia’s wrists and pulled her arms back over her head. AJ pulled herself up off of Olivia and reached down to remove the stimulator. She threw it on her bag and pulled Olivia down further in the bed. AJ placed her knees on either side of Olivia’s head and brought her hands down by Olivia’s hips.

“Touch me,” AJ whispered. Olivia’s hands came up and pulled her pussy down on her lips. AJ let out a shaky breath and lowered herself down and licked all the way down Olivia’s slit. AJ tongued her opening and pushed inside of her. She raised and lowered her head as she fucked Olivia with her tongue. She could feel vibrations against her clit as Olivia moaned with each thrust. AJ pulled her mouth away, slid two fingers through Olivia’s folds, and pushed them inside of her pussy. She heard a muffled scream and felt Olivia’s mouth suck harder on her clit. AJ lowered her mouth, flicked her tongue across her waiting clit, and finally pulled it in her mouth. She kept slamming her fingers into Olivia as she sucked and pulled on her clit.

Olivia was so close to cumming, but she wouldn't let herself go until she was sure AJ would be cumming with her. She brought a finger up and slid it inside of AJ and got it covered in her cum juice. She pulled her finger out and slid it up to AJ’s tight puckered hole. She did this a couple of times to make sure that AJ was plenty lubed up before her next move. Olivia circled her finger around and around and moved in closer to the tight opening of AJ’s ass. When the puckered hole gaped slightly, she gently pushed inside. Her finger slid in easily, and Olivia continued moving in slowly.

“Oh my God, Liv” AJ panted when she had to pull away from Olivia’s pussy to catch her breath. No one had ever done this to her before, but Olivia did it with such ease that there was very little pain. As she started pumping her finger in and out, AJ felt an all new sensation building in her groin. She quickly went back down on Olivia, started ramming her fingers into her and sucked her clit hard. Olivia met every thrust with a thrust of her own. AJ could hear the muffled screams from Olivia every time she rammed her fingers inside of her. And AJ was doing the exact same thing. Olivia’s finger rammed into her ass over and over again, and she sucked on her clit so hard that AJ knew any moment now she would be thrust over the edge and flying higher than she ever had. AJ humped her hips against Olivia’s mouth and kept ramming her clit into her teeth.

Olivia brought her other hand up, wet two fingers and slid them in AJ’s pussy. After just a few thrusts, AJ screamed and her hips went wild against Olivia’s face. Scream after scream came from AJ as she rammed her fingers all the way in Olivia.

AJ was fucking Olivia hard and sucking her clit quickly. Her actions sent Olivia over the edge as well, and she humped AJ’s face over and over as the climax continued coursing through her body. When they both eased down, fingers were gentle, and sucking had changed to licking as the both tried to clean as much as they could of each other. With her fingers finally removed, AJ pulled herself off of Olivia and turned around and lay down on her shoulder. Arms surrounded her and held her close as they both continued to come down from their climax.

“That was fucking amazing,” Olivia said softly. She felt AJ turn and nuzzle her neck. Olivia brought a hand up and held AJ to her as she kissed and sucked on her neck. “Can I please take my mask off now? I want to see you, honey.”

“I’m not your, honey, Olivia.” AJ stayed where she was, but she also had the urge to flee. “You'll leave your mask on until I'm long gone.”

“AJ, please let me explain,” Olivia tried to say, but she was quickly pushed onto her back and her arms were pulled back up over her head. They weren't handcuffed, but they didn't have to be. Olivia didn't want tonight to end. So she kept her hands secured around the headboard.

AJ pulled herself off the bed, got her next toy out of her bag, and sat down next to Olivia. “Hold out your hands.”

Olivia did as requested and held her hands out over her stomach. When she felt hard rubber land in both hands, she wrapped her hands around the object and quickly figured out what it was. The dildo was removed from her hands, and one end was placed back in her hand.

“Place it inside of you,” AJ said as she knelt by Olivia’s side.

Olivia placed the shorter curved side between her legs and slid it inside. With one hand she held the dildo inside of her while the other hand stroked up and down her silicone cock. AJ took her hand, held it open, and squirted lube onto her palm. Olivia ran her hand up and down the stiff cock and spread the lube down the shaft. Olivia pulled her hands away when she felt AJ climbing over the top of her.

AJ wrapped her hands in Olivia’s as she slowly lowered herself down. She started moving up and down the shaft until she could finally take it all in. AJ pulled her hands away and brought them back on Olivia’s thighs as she pulled up and then rammed herself down on the hard cock. Olivia’s hands came to her hips and pushed her down even harder.

“Fuck me, Liv,” AJ said as she started riding Olivia. “Fuck me until I scream.”

Olivia pulled her legs up behind AJ and thrust her hips up as AJ lowered herself back down. Every time AJ rammed down on the stiff shaft, Olivia’s end would press up into her g-spot. As AJ picked up speed, the quicker Olivia rose to meet her. Every thrust brought her closer and closer to an orgasm that Olivia could already tell was going to be very different from all the others she had ever had.

AJ had never felt as filled as she did right then. She continued to thrust her hips down harder and harder until she felt the stirrings of her orgasm. She lowered one hand between her legs where she started pinching her clit between her fingers. Her other hand was wrapped around her breast where it kept pinching and pulling on her nipple. The hand between her legs was pushed aside and Olivia’s hand took over. She pinched AJ’s clit between two fingers and used her forefinger to tease across the top. AJ brought her hand up to her other breast and began pinching her nipple.

“Anna,” Olivia moaned as the heat in her groin hit a high, “I’m gonna cum, baby.”

“Liv,” AJ managed to get out before a scream erupted from her lips. She kept ramming herself down as she rode her orgasm. She heard Olivia scream and continue grunting as AJ rode on top of her. It seemed to go on forever for both of them, but eventually, AJ collapsed down on Olivia’s chest with the dildo still inside of her.

Olivia pulled AJ up and kissed her softly before she wrapped her arms around her back and held her close. She could feel the damp sheet under her ass and knew that she had just ejaculated during her orgasm. Olivia had managed to get herself to squirt in the past, but no one had ever made her do it during sex. This was another first for her, and she couldn't imagine giving it up.

“AJ,” Olivia started to say, but a hand come down over her mouth and stopped her from speaking further.

AJ couldn't let Olivia speak. She was having enough trouble on her own trying to keep this a casual thing. If she’d heard Olivia’s words, it would have made things even tougher for her. Olivia calling her Anna made it tough enough. Very few people knew what AJ stood for. Those that did knew better than to call her anything but AJ. Olivia was the only that had ever had the nerve to call her Anna. AJ admitted to herself a long time ago that she loved the way Olivia said her name.

AJ pulled herself up enough to pull the dildo from between her legs. She dropped it on her bag, lay down on the bed, and pulled Olivia around her back. An arm wrapped around her waist as lips kissed the side of her neck.

Olivia knew that AJ didn't want to hear what she had to say. But so many emotions were flooding through her, and she had no idea how to handle any of them. For once in her life, she had found the perfect sexual partner. Someone who not only made her cum, but also made her discover all sorts of new things about herself. Not only that, but Olivia loved the conversations she and AJ had. They agreed on most things, and what they didn't agree on, they at least tried to see the other’s point of view. If Olivia didn't know better, she’d have thought she was in love with AJ.

AJ heard the breath that Olivia had just taken. It almost sounded like a breath of surprise, like Olivia had just realized something important. AJ closed her eyes and told herself she would never be that lucky. Olivia was here to do a job, not fall in love and make her life even more difficult. AJ sat up in the bed and pulled the quilt up over them. She turned around and buried her face in Olivia’s neck. She took a deep breath of the woman that she had fallen in love with. Even though they could never be together, AJ would always remember their nights together.

Almost an hour later, AJ lay there still awake. Olivia had fallen asleep some time ago, but AJ wanted to make sure she was good and asleep before she slipped out of bed. AJ pulled Olivia’s arm up and laid it gently on her hip. She slid backwards and brought her feet down to the floor. She quickly gathered all of her things and slid them back in one side of the bag. Once she was sure she had everything gathered up, she picked up her bag and looked at Olivia, who was still wearing the sleeping mask that AJ had put on her.

Her beautiful, peaceful face made AJ want to crawl back in bed with her. But she didn’t want to be here when Olivia woke in the morning. If she didn’t leave before sunrise, then it was possible that she could be spotted, and she wasn’t going to risk her or Olivia’s job.

AJ quietly went out into the hall where she quickly got dressed. She made her way back down to the basement, where she let herself out through the same window that she had come in. She ran the two blocks to her car and headed home alone.


Monday morning AJ was sitting at her desk, and Olivia was already in her office. Neither one of them had said anything besides the normal good morning, but AJ could see the questions on Olivia’s face. AJ had given her a normal smile before turning away and heading to her desk. AJ looked up and saw her partner Jim heading into the squad room.

“Hey AJ, how’s that hangover feeling from Saturday night? Do you even know who won the game?” Jim sat a coffee in front of AJ and put the box of donuts between them. He took his seat and looked over at his partner. He wasn't sure what was going on, but he could guess. He’d seen AJ around their new Captain, and she was a totally different person with Captain Miller.

“Jim, you know I don’t have a clue who won the game. I was so drunk when it started, I barely even remember you singing the National Anthem, badly at that. Thanks for letting me crash over there. I appreciate it.” AJ took a bite of her donut and turned her chair around. She let her eyes linger just a moment at Olivia, who was standing in her doorway listening to their conversation. “Do I owe you, or do you owe me?”

“You owe me a fifty. You’re team got their asses beat. It’s probably a good thing you were passed out, or we would have had to listen to you scream at the TV all night.” Jim took the fifty that AJ slapped down in front of him and slipped into his pocket.

“I’ll get that back from you next weekend. You don’t have a chance in hell of winning with the team you chose.” AJ gave him a wink and turned her chair back around to her desk.

She saw the confused look on Olivia’s face as she continued to stand there and listen to her and Jim. AJ wasn’t sure why, but it gave her a bit of pleasure to see that troubled look on Olivia’s face. Maybe if she’d had a say in all of it from the beginning, maybe AJ could accept what they had. The fact that it all seemed to be a game to Olivia left her feeling a bit hurt and confused. If nothing else, she had a place where she was Saturday night if anyone ever bothered to ask her. She picked up a file and her coffee and headed out to start her day.



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Chapter 3

AJ signed the bottom of the paper and stood up. She collected all of her personal items from the desk and placed them in her bag. She had a week's vacation left to take, and AJ was going to take it before her transfer. She hadn't told anyone she was transferring out, not even Olivia. It had been approved by the higher powers, and she had been told to tell Captain Miller immediately. AJ figured the longer she could put off telling Liv about her leaving, the easier it would be on both of them. AJ laid her transfer papers on the desk of Olivia's secretary. Since it was late on Friday, AJ knew she wouldn't be hearing from anyone until Monday. A quiet weekend was exactly what she needed to try to get her life figured out.

AJ was lying in her bed when she heard the noise. She grabbed her gun from her bedside drawer and made her way over to the door of her bedroom. Dressed in only a white tank top and briefs, she stepped around the door and brought her gun up toward the door to her house. Standing right inside the door was Olivia, her back pressed against the door and not moving.

"Liv?" AJ said as she lowered her gun and stepped forward. She secured the gun as she walked toward Olivia. "Are you okay?"

"You can't leave me, Anna. I just found you again." Olivia tried to keep her voice smooth and calm, but she was scared, scared that she was going to lose the woman that she loved.

"Liv, I can't keep playing this game with you. I'm glad that you're in my life again, but I'm not going to be your little plaything. And it's AJ, not Anna." AJ turned around and headed back to her bedroom. She placed her gun back in the drawer and put on a pair of shorts. She turned and found Olivia standing in the doorway to her bedroom.

"You will always be Anna Jean to me, the young girl from Texas. You had tried so hard to lose that accent, but every once in a while, it would slip through. God, you were so adorable." Olivia took a step into the room and slowly made her way to AJ.

"I'm much too old to be Anna Jean and play all the games that I did back then. I won't be your part time fuck buddy, Olivia. As much as I enjoy being with you, I won't risk my job, or yours." AJ tried to move around Olivia, but her arm was grabbed and twisted behind her back.

"Is that all I was to you, an enjoyable fuck? Don't you think I know you better than that, Anna? I know exactly why you're leaving. If you had come to me, I would have approved your transfer and helped where I could." Olivia pulled up on AJ's arm and turned her around to face the bed. She pushed AJ forward onto the bed and moved down on her back.

"I won't lose you, not when I've just got you back in my life again. You're mine and there's nothing you can do about it." Olivia slid a hand underneath the back of AJ's shorts and squeezed the cheek of her ass. The other hand slid under AJ's shirt and up her back. "If I want to fuck you, then that's exactly what I'll do."

AJ couldn't stop her body from reacting to Olivia and her harsh words. Her ass pressed up into Olivia's hand as she laid her head down on the bed. Olivia's hand slid all the way up her back, pulling her tank top up as she went. Her hand slid up AJ's neck and pressed into the back of her head. She felt Olivia's other hand grasp her shorts and briefs and jerk them down and off her legs. Olivia knew exactly how to get AJ worked up, and AJ loved that about her.

"Are you going to lay still?" Olivia asked as her finger slid down the crack of her ass.

"Yes," AJ whispered.

"Pull your shirt off, now!" Olivia lowered herself over AJ's legs and pulled her shirt over her head with her bra following closely behind. She lowered her chest down and pulled her breasts up AJ's back. "Do you feel how much I want you?"

AJ didn't speak. She pressed her ass up against Olivia's groin and ground against her. She felt Olivia's teeth bite down on her neck without breaking the skin. Olivia's hands slid down her arms and shoulders as she pulled herself up off of AJ.

Olivia kicked her shoes off and quickly rid herself of the rest of her clothing. "Turn over on your back, AJ."

AJ turned over and spread her legs for Olivia. She kept her arms above her head, her breasts raised and waiting. But Olivia didn't climb on top of her. She crawled up the bed and laid right beside of her, just looking at AJ.

"I don't want to fuck you, AJ," Olivia said as her finger trailed down AJ's stomach.

AJ brought her arms down and turned over on her side. She didn't understand what was going on. "If you don't want to fuck me, then why am I laying here naked and soaked?"

Olivia pulled AJ the short distance toward her until their chests were touching. She moved her leg between AJ's and brushed against her pussy. "I want to make love with you, AJ, tonight, tomorrow, and always." Olivia kissed AJ softly, letting her lips linger for just a moment. "I love you, Anna Jean."

AJ laid there completely dumbfounded. She hadn't expected those words, not from Olivia. The woman had never been in touch with her feelings and wasn't good at expressing herself. "What does this mean, Olivia?"

"It means with you transferring, we can be together and start an actual relationship. It means that I don't have to hide what I feel for you." Olivia finally pushed AJ over on her back and crawled on top of her.

 "I want you in my life, every day and every night." Olivia lowered herself down on top of AJ as she kissed her again. As their tongues slid alongside of each other, AJ's hands came around Olivia's hips and pulled her down against her pussy. Olivia pulled her legs up, spreading AJ's legs out at her sides. She continued their passionate kiss, but pushed herself up on her arms. She pulled her pussy up and spread her juices all over AJ's pussy.

"Make love to me, Liv. Please, baby, I need you." AJ tried to press up against Olivia to get more friction, but it wasn't enough. 

"Oh, honey, it would be my pleasure," Olivia said as she slid a hand down between their bodies. She slid her fingers through the parted, wet folds of AJ's pussy. "I love how wet you get from my touch." Olivia pushed two fingers up into AJ slowly. She eased all the way in as she kissed her way down AJ's neck. Her fingers slid out of AJ and a third finger was added before she pushed back up. Olivia let a hand caress and tease against AJ's breast without ever touching her nipple. Every time she got close, AJ would try to push up toward her hand. Olivia would pull her hand back down to AJ's ribs and cup around the outer curve of her breast. Olivia finally kissed her way down to AJ's breasts and slid her hand up over the top of AJ's aching nipples.

"Yes," AJ whispered as lips and fingers finally found her nipples. As Olivia sucked her nipple into her mouth, her fingers pushed up into her causing sensations to flow from each point.

Olivia ground down on AJ's leg as she thrust her fingers up into her pussy. Her tongue circled and flicked across the top of AJ's nipple as she twisted the other one with her fingers. AJ pressed against her and whimpered every time Olivia rammed her fingers up inside of her pussy.

AJ pulled her free leg up to her chest trying to raise her hips up to a better position. This gave Olivia enough room to adjust her hand and push up at a different angle, which was just what AJ wanted. When Olivia started making her way down AJ's stomach, AJ put a hand on her head trying to rush her. Olivia grabbed her hand, wet two of her fingers in her mouth, and placed AJ's fingers on her own nipple. She pressed AJ's fingers together, trapping the nipple between them. Olivia continued trailing her tongue down AJ's stomach and down to the thin strand of hair on her mound.

Olivia stilled her fingers as she settled between AJ's legs. She pulled her fingers out and along with her other hand, she opened AJ's folds and ran a finger through the hot moisture that gathered there. She took her time, letting her fingers explore every area of AJ's aching pussy. Olivia wasn't trying to tease AJ. She only wanted to slow down to make this moment last. Olivia pushed her tongue forward and licked up one side of AJ's pussy. She circled and teased around AJ's clit before bringing her tongue back down the other side and settling it against AJ's opening. Olivia moved her tongue around the opening and pushed in. With her tongue stiff, she pushed in as far as she could go until her nose settled against AJ's pussy.

"Oh god, Liv, please baby," AJ begged as Olivia started moving her stiff tongue in and out of AJ's pussy. When Olivia moved a hand up to AJ's clit and started pressing against its tip, AJ's back arched up off the bed and her hands moved back up to her breasts. AJ's hips started moving against the wet tongue that was sliding in and out of her. As Olivia's finger continued to slide against her clit, AJ's body started moving more and more.

Olivia pulled her tongue out and slid three fingers up inside of AJ's tight opening. She started thrusting her fingers immediately. Olivia heard AJ's gasp and its slow release as she started pushing down on the fingers that were now inside of her. Olivia ran her tongue up and replaced her fingers on AJ's clit. She sucked the hard nub between her lips immediately and thrashed it with her tongue. Olivia looked up at AJ, who had both hands busy grasping and pinching her nipples. AJ's eyes were closed, her mouth open and panting.

"Open your eyes for me, AJ," Olivia said as she thrust up into AJ. Her eyes opened and looked down at Olivia who was tonguing her clit. Olivia slid a finger from her other hand down between the cheeks of AJ's ass where her fluid already had her lubed and ready to go. Olivia circled her finger around the opening, watching AJ's face the entire time. When Olivia pushed her finger against the tiny opening, she saw AJ's eyes get large and start to close when the tip of Olivia's finger slid inside. Olivia stopped everything from moving until AJ's eyes opened and looked at her again. Olivia fingers started thrusting back into AJ's pussy as her other finger slid farther into her ass. She surrounded AJ's clit with her lips and started flicking her tongue back and forth across its tip.

AJ had to fight to keep her eyes open. It was a natural thing for her eyes to close when she was being pleasured, and she had never watched anyone as they lay between her legs and got her off. It surprised AJ how hot it was watching Olivia sucking on her clit. She could see the passion and want in Olivia's eyes as she brought AJ closer and closer to her orgasm. Olivia's fingers were ramming up against AJ's upper wall and increasing the burn in her groin. The finger in her ass made AJ feel completely filled up, and the sensations were going to push her over the edge quickly. When Olivia started sucking hard on her clit, AJ lost the fight in keeping her eyes open. They closed, and her head went back as a long groan escaped from her lips.

Olivia rammed her fingers up against the gripping walls of AJ's pussy. The finger in AJ's ass was thrusting in and out as well. The constant grunts and moans from AJ let Olivia know that she was close to going over the edge. Olivia moved her head just a bit and let her teeth graze across the top of AJ's clit as AJ pumped against Olivia's mouth.

"Fuck," AJ groaned and drew the word out as her hips picked up speed and thrust back against Olivia's fingers and mouth.

Olivia kept ramming her fingers into AJ as she wrapped her lips around the tip of AJ's clit and start suckling on it. A low scream sounded from AJ and kept rising in pitch as Olivia continued sucking on just the tip of her clit. AJ was riding high on the wave of her climax, and Olivia stayed right there with her, fucking her pussy and her ass. She didn't stop until AJ collapsed back on the bed and stopped moving. Olivia slid the finger out of AJ's ass, but left her other fingers inside of AJ, pressing up against her sensitive spot. She circled her tongue around the base of AJ's clit until AJ's hands came down and started pulling her up.

"Liv," AJ whispered as Olivia started moving up next to her.

"I'm right here, honey." Olivia lay down on her side and pulled AJ into her arms.

"Please tell me this isn't some kind of joke," AJ said as she snuggled against Olivia's neck.

"I love you, Anna, and I want a life with you. Does it sound like I'm kidding?" Olivia said softly but seriously.

"I fell in love with you fifteen years ago, Liv. I was sure that my feelings would never be returned, so I just buried them deep. Now, you come back into my life and want me to open myself back up and risk my heart. I'm scared," AJ admitted as she ran a finger along the length of Olivia's collar bone.

Olivia wrapped her hands around AJ's face and pulled it up even with hers. "I love you, AJ, and I loved you fifteen years ago. I just wouldn't let myself admit it or feel it. I'm sorry it took me so long to figure all this out." Olivia kissed AJ softly, just a slight touch of lips.

AJ looked up at Olivia and saw love staring back at her. She smiled at Olivia and wrapped her arms around her neck. She brought her lips back to Olivia's and pressed against them. As she slid her naked body against Olivia's, her lips wrapped around Olivia's and teased her with her tongue. AJ slid her leg up and pressed against Olivia's pussy. She slipped her tongue forward past Olivia's parted lips. Olivia's tongue slid alongside of AJ's as their passion was once again ignited.

Olivia opened her eyes and pulled back from AJ's kiss. She grabbed AJ's hand and pulled it down her body. She lifted her leg and placed AJ's hand against her pussy. Olivia kept her hand over AJ's and wet her fingers before pushing two of AJ's fingers up inside of her. "Make love to me, AJ."

AJ started fucking Olivia with her fingers as her other hand played with her nipples. She would tease her fingers lightly around a nipple and then would capture it between two fingers where she would pinch and pull. As AJ started kissing her way down Olivia's chest, she made sure to give the other nipple the same slow teasing torture. She continued ramming her fingers into Olivia's tight, wet pussy as her lips captured Olivia's large nipple between her lips. She sucked hard as she pinched the other nipple between her fingers.

AJ could hear Olivia whimper with every thrust of her fingers. She pushed Olivia over onto her back and kept ramming her inside of her pussy. Olivia pulled her knees up and started thrusting back down on AJ's fingers. AJ kissed her way across Olivia's chest and teased her tongue around the other nipple before capturing it in her teeth. She bit down gently and flicked her tongue across Olivia's sensitive nipple.

Olivia's hips were pushing down on AJ's fingers at an alarming speed. She was very close to cumming when AJ bit down on her nipple. That bit of pain was enough to send Olivia over the edge.

"AJ," Olivia screamed as her climax hit. She continued riding AJ's fingers and repeating her name as she rode wave after wave of her orgasm. AJ's fingers kept ramming into her as she moved up and crushed Olivia's lips. Olivia moaned against AJ's lips as their tongues moved along side of each other. When Olivia felt the fingers of AJ's other hand come down on her clit, she gripped AJ's arm as another orgasm shot through her.

"Fuck!" Olivia screamed and dug her nails into AJ's arm. She continued riding AJ's fingers as the muscular walls gripped and tightened. "Yes, yes, yes, oh god, AJ." Olivia's head spun as her body finally started to slow down and relax. She could feel AJ's fingers pressing into her, but not moving. And the fingers on her clit were idle but pressed into her.

"AJ," Olivia panted, her eyes closed.

"I'm right here, honey." AJ kissed Olivia on the lips, on each cheek, and the forehead before finally pulling her against her chest.

"I love you, Liv. I have loved you for so long." AJ still couldn't believe that Olivia had proclaimed her love for her. She had given up the hope years ago that Olivia would ever love her. Only in her dreams would AJ still occasionally dream of her and Olivia being together and in love. She couldn't believe that her dreams had come true.

"I love you, too, honey. I've always loved you. I'm just sorry I didn't admit it sooner. We have a lot of years to make up for." Olivia kissed her way across AJ's chest and up her neck. "I want forever with you, AJ. I need to know now if that is something you don't think you can handle or want."

"That's what I want as well, honey. Are you really prepared for the political fallout of this? It's going to make your job a lot tougher." AJ slid her fingers along Olivia's cheek as she looked into her eyes. "I'll be by your side no matter what. I just want to make sure you know what you're getting into here."

"I'm getting into a relationship with the woman that I love and who loves me back. I know people will see and treat me different. I earned this position because of my years of service. That doesn't change just because I'm sleeping with you. I can handle it all as long as you're there beside me." Olivia pressed against the hand that wrapped around her cheek. She closed her eyes and let herself feel the warmth of AJ's body.

"I love you. There's no place I would rather be than beside you, especially right now." AJ kissed Olivia and spent all night showing her all the different ways she could love her.





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