Room 230


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Chapter one

Once upon a time there was a guy named Justin. He used to work in his office which was miles away from his villa. He always had to travel a long distance because there was a huge forest which he need to pass by. 

One night, while Justin was driving back home. He saw a lady standing in the middle of the road which was near the forest. Justin couldn’t resist the beauty of that lady, he stopped his car and offered her a lift with generosity.

Justin:- Hi...You seem to be lost 

Lady:- Yes, can you please take me to the hotel which is nearby this forest. 

Justin:- Yes sure, How did you end up in the middle of the road? 


Justin:- May I know your name miss? 

Lady:- Maryjane Evans 

Justin:- nice to meet you,mine is Justin smith 

Then both stayed quiet till they reached at the hotel. 

Justin:-  shall I accompany you? 

Maryjane:- No but thank you for your help 

When maryjane turned her back after waving at Justin. He started driving to go back home.When he reached at his place, he couldn’t stop thinking about Maryjane. He kept on thinking about her all the night. It was a sign that he fell in love with her at the first sight itself ,till he decided to meet her the next day in the hotel.  

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Chapter 2

 The next day, Justin went to the hotel and asked the receptionist about his dream girl “Maryjane Evans”. 

Justin:- Good morning Madam 

Receptionist:- Good morning can I help you?

Justin:- Well, there’s a young lady whom I’m looking for 

Receptionist:- Her name please? 

Justin:- It’s Maryjane Evans 

The receptionist got shocked and silent. After a few second she replied “ sorry sir, there’s nobody who booked a room in the name of  Maryjane Evans ”. Justin felt disappointed. 

Justin:- Are you sure?

Receptionist:- I’m well aware sir. 

Justin:- alright .Thank you for your time 

Justin went outside and got back into his car with a sad expression. He thought maybe MaryJane left the hotel recently in the morning, or she didn’t trust him enough so that she faked her name. 

When Justin was about to start driving he then realized that his car engine got damaged. He called up a mechanic but it was said that his car will be repaired a day after. Justin got furious but then he said to himself “ oh there’s nothing to bother about. I can stay here for a day and who knows if ever by chance I meet up with my dream girl” . Justin had this only hope. He went inside the hotel again and talked to the receptionist.

Justin:- I want to booked a room 

Receptionist:- Here is your keys sir. Your room number is 229.

Justin:- Thank you 

Receptionist:- Have a nice day sir if ever you need any service just dial 201 to contact me.

Justin:- Thank you and have a nice day as well .

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Chapter 3

 Justin went into his room and directly throw his body on the soft mattress of the comfortable bed. He was thinking about the mysterious girl of his heart. He was feeling exhausted and when he closed his eyes he said “where are you maryjane?”. Right after he said this, He heard a loud music in next the room. As Justin was a curious guy, he wanted to figure out what going on. 

He decided to go out and knock at the door so that he can suggest the person to reduce the volume of the music. But surprisingly,he noticed that it was the last door of the corridor and that door was dusty. It seemed that nobody entered the room for such a long time so that the door is filled of dust. He went back in his room and contact the receptionist. 

Receptionist: how may I help you sir?

Justin:- well I’m Justin smith from room 229.I heard a loud music from the next room and when I was about to check in. The door of the room was filled of dust as if people didn’t got inside it for years.

Receptionist:- well I’m sorry to tell you that there’s nobody in this room as it has been always locked. You might be hallucinating . 

Justin:- I swear on god,I am not lying. 

Receptionist:- I think you need some rest sir 


Beeppppppppp the receptionist hanged up the call. 

Justin tried to calm himself down. He then decided to put on his jacket and go for a walk to forget about what just happened. Before he could step outside the room, he heard the same noise once again but this time there were movement of a furniture. It sounded like a chair. Justin tried to figure out what’s going on. He then noticed a hole on the wall which was next to a wooden cupboard. He tried to peak through it and at his own surprise,he saw Maryjane inside the room who was dancing by following the tune of the music. 

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