That One Day Changed Everything


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 I woke up to my alarm with it's annoying sounds, I had to get up for work, it had been a lovely weekend but back to Monday! I got myself ready and I jumped into my car! As I arrived I saw this guy, I thought I had seen him before but I wasn't sure where, I kept thinking and thinking but still couldn't remember! He gave me a faint smile, I smiled a little back. He kept staring at me, I looked at him but then he quickly looked away! I was so confused of who he was, where I had seen him from, why he was here, so many questions, thoughts and emotions going through me! After work I started driving home, scratching away at my brain, unpicking every single thought and memory from my life! Out of no where this lorry came crashing into the side of me, my car tumbled over and over again! My car bent, it was like the letter 'C' and it was smoking! Everything was black, in my head I was saying "wake up" but I was weak. Memories from when I was little was playing in my head, it was like a slideshow. But then a boy popped up in my head, the boy from work, the boy who I couldn't remember. He said "hey, do you remember me? Nope? You don't remember because I'm not alive, we were in a car accident when we were little, we were about 11 when it happened! In the accident you hit your head really bad, you got a bit of brain damage and you don't remember the accident! You only remember me because I popped up in your dreams, but every dream you had you forgot! But somehow you remember my face, you managed to survive but I didn't make it. The doctors thought you was gonna die and I was gonna survive but it didn't turn out that way! I'm sorry, I had to tell you because your not gonna make it today, if you do it will be a miracle but you already have brain damage and you have hit your head again!" His voice gets blurred out by people yelling "oh my gosh, get her an ambulance!" I could here them but my mouth, my eyes, my arms and my legs wouldn't move. I couldn't make any of my body move! The voices faded, at this moment in time I couldn't hear anything, just silence! 

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Stay alive

 I went in for an emergency operation. Nurses were rushing around trying to find tools and medicines to keep me alive, there was this one nurse talking to me saying "stay alive, we are doing the best we can to keep you alive, you gotta do your part now, come on work with us!" I was watching them do this to my body, I was watching me slowly die. I couldn't watch them anymore so I walked around the hospital. I saw the lorry driver who lost control and drove into me. I thought he made it, so I sat next to him in my spirit self. Nurses were around him and then they pulled a sheet over his face and that's when I realised he didn't make it. His family was waiting in the waiting room to see him, the nurses walked over to them to tell them the devastating news. The family was heart broken. I walked away with tears in my eyes, I went back to see how I was doing. I came out of the operation, my family was sat next to me "please wake up, your family wants you safe and alive. Please, we know you can do it!" They said crying. I saw me lying there lifeless, I say to my family "I'm right here!" I say smiling but they couldn't hear me because I'm a spirit. I yelled "why can't you see me? Please I'm right here, just listen please!" I fall on my knees crying into my hands. They just stared at my lifeless body, not a move or even a flinch, they just sat there staring waiting for a response from me. The boy from the accident when I was 11 showed up, he said "I remember this from when we were 11, this was the same room, and this is exactly what your parents did. Sat and waited, you're not dead yet your heart is very slow but you are dying!" He showed me a vision from the accident when I was 11. 

-Vision from the accident when I      

was 11-

I was lifeless, but then I opened my eyes. My parents were sat next to me "who are you? Where am I? I'm scared!" I say confused. My parents say "we are your parents, you had an accident and you hurt your brain, it's fine you're okay!" My parents smile and I smile back. 

-end of vision-

I cried and looked at my body, my blue, bruised, pale, lifeless body. The boy looked at me saying "my name is bobby by the way, you never found out I died at the hospital because your parents thought you wouldn't remember me, I could tell by your thoughts that you remembered me but your slowly forgot who I was over time." I looked at him and smiled a sorry smile through my tears, I said "I'm so sorry that happened, thankyou for being there all this time!"

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 Later on that day, the machine starts beeping my parents yell "nurses! Quick come here! Help!" Nurses rush to my room, bobby pops up again "they have 10seconds to save you!" Before I could speak he vanishes. Nurses are doing all they can to save me, my parents got moved out the room. I was stood in the way of them but they couldn't see me and they walked through me. I fade away but land outside my room, I walk around the hospital not knowing if I was gonna die or stay alive! About an hour later I run around looking for my room, I found my room but the bed was empty. I rushed around. I then saw my body get wheeled around, I started crying and my parents were crying too. Bobby stands next to me "they didn't save you in time, I'm sorry!" He says crying. My parents make a phone call to each family member, "hello, how is she?" "Hi, is she okay?" Each family member would say. "I'm sorry but she didn't make it, neither did the lorry driver!" My parents say each time and burst out into tears.

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Life with no life.

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It is the way it is.

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The new move.

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