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Leila Lacey

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, corporations, institutions, organizations, events, and locales in this novel are either a product of the author’s imagination, or, if real, used fictitiously. The resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

No part of this book may be reproduced without consent from the author.

Editor: Leanore Elliott


Copyright ©Leila Lacey 2015

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“I can’t believe we’re finally on our way to Thailand!” Camille exclaimed taking a sip of her champagne.

They’d been trying to coordinate a group vacation for a year now. At one point, they all thought it wouldn’t happen when Vixen and Daniel had announced their separation.

Vixen was the Goddess that planned-well… everything and she wasn’t in the mood to really plan much with her marriage and family falling apart.

Sal volunteered to plan the trip in place of Vixen which had shocked everyone, including Nya.

“Uhhh…Sal are you sure?” she had asked him when he made the announcement at their family dinner three months ago.

“Yeah! Why are you looking like that Nya? I plan our family vacation every six months,” Sal had replied.

“Well yeah, but to be honest, they were always done so well, I thought Lil’ Bit was planning them for you and letting you take the credit,” Nya had answered.

“HEY!” Sal had replied. Laughing along with everyone, including Vixen who’d finally made it to a family dinner for the first time in almost a year.

The couples had all been going through a lot with the destruction of Daniel and Vixen’s marriage. It was exactly a year to the day, when Daniel had accused Vixen of sleeping with Gavin at a family celebration.

It was also the day it came out that Randy had been cheating on Samantha for over a year.

The humiliation and betrayal Vixen had felt at his accusations and in front of everyone, had pushed her over the edge causing her to file for a legal separation.

With the ladies all being as close as sisters and the fella’s like brothers. It was as strain on their own marital relationships when they all took a stand with the person they loved.

It was when Camille was in a business meeting with Vixen and Drew. Then they had started to have a shouting match and it had nothing to do with the deal they were working on.

Then Vixen knew she needed to do something. She’d called them all to a meeting, except Daniel, of course. She’d told them all in no uncertain terms to quote on quote, “Knock it the fuck off.” It was her marriage falling apart, not theirs and she didn’t need them destroying their marriages in defense of her.

To which Samantha had calmly said, “I’m so glad she finally said it. You people aren’t the same. Stop trying to have the same damn problems.”

“Well damn, are you with us enough to read us like that?” Phoenix had asked laughing.

“I am when my husband is actively cheating on me with the woman he got pregnant who happens to be thirteen years younger than us,” Samantha had said…finally leaking the secret.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” Gavin had shouted.

Everyone sat stoned faced and silent for a long while, as Samantha wiped away her tears.

Then Randy hung his head in shame.

“I know ya’ll are brothers but do you have to do everything D does?” Sal had finally asked breaking the silence.

“And then one up him?” Nick added.

“Damn…ALL the Mancini men are just slinging married dick all over town!” Phoenix exclaimed.

“This is not about my marriage!” Randy yelled.

“Well, it is when your wife is blubbering all over my vegan stuffed mushrooms,” Nya quipped handing her a napkin.

“OK! That is NOT the point,” Vixen had said resting her hand on Sam’s shoulder showing support. “The point is…THIS is not your problem! It’s mine, if there is one thing I wish I could fix in my marriage it’s the mistake of not listening enough and not talking enough. Talk to each other, be patient with each other and for God’s sake, screw each other until you’re too tired to have stupid thoughts or say and do things you don’t mean. I will not be the reason you let the love you all have found fall apart.”

They’d all hung their heads in shame saying, “Yes, ma’am…” simultaneously.

Now, they were on their way to Thailand. Everyone except Vixen and Gavin. They were both in El Salvador on business and would be meeting them in Thailand.

Vixen had changed so much since she and Daniel had started to fall apart. She’d gone from the happy go lucky woman with hope and love to a sad, workaholic who struggled with finding a smile once a week, let alone a day.

The ladies had tried all they knew to help her get through her pain. Vixen had said to them all that she was so grateful to have her friends and their husbands in her life. She’d told them, she didn’t know how she would’ve made it this far without them.

“I hope Vixen shows up, she was struggling to decide if she was going to come or not,” Nya said.

“If Samantha can do it, Vixen can too. She needs this break,” Phoenix replied.

“Yeah, Vixen and I can spend time together when you guys are off doing couple stuff. I needed this break, there was no way I was letting Randy’s rotten behind ruin this for me too,” Samantha said sipping her mimosa.

“I know what you guys are saying and on the surface, I agree with you,” Camille replied. “I do. I just don’t know if this is going to work out the way you’re all seeing this in your heads. She is still hurt from what he said about her in front of his parents no less.”

“I am sitting here! You see me right?” Daniel asked from his captain’s chair.”

“Yes, we see you!” Nya answered. “Who could miss a grown ass man who is walking around with a foot in his mouth? I still want to cut your dick off and throw it in a blender and hit puree for what you did to her.”

“Lawd Jesus,” Phoenix grumbled swinging her legs down off the recliner and sitting forward. “Okay, we are going to Thailand people, THAILAND! Now, while I understand that Vixen and Samantha have good reason to want to castrate their husbands. I don’t want to take my ass to a Thai prison…. A THAI PRISON! That means no stilettos and silk for Vixen and no leather and lace for you Nya, and Camille…your ass will be happy no more. We will just be there, stuck in a stankin’ ass Thai prison. Where a douche is as rare and as expensive as Persian caviar. SO... Nya, you are gonna leave Lucy’s ass on this damn plane. Daniel, you are going to leave Vixen alone and give her some space or I will have Nick and Gavin quietly drown you. Samantha—well, I don’t know how you deal with stress but if the shit looks anything like it will get us arrested, you’re gonna settle your narrow ass down too. I have said it once and I will say it one more time for you heffas…THAI PRISON! I will not get molested by some big Asian broad named Alkali, or Omnipresent! Got it?”

The plane was silent as the occupants sat in complete shock at the tirade Phoenix had just gone on.

“Well, that was specific,” Samantha was the first to finally speak.

“First of all, I think if I’m not mistaken, Alkali is a battery and Omnipresent is the Lord our God,” Nya interjected. “So, if there is a big broad in a Thai prison with those names, it would be well…astounding! Next, how long has your ass been thinking about a Thai prison and why?” She let out a chortle.

They all started to laugh, loosening up the mood on the plane.

Phoenix took a sip, of her champagne sitting back in her seat while giving Nya the finger.

“I do have to say I’m with Phoenix,” Nya spoke up again. “Not as descriptive as she was of course, but I am damn sure, I’m with her on not wanting to take my ass to a Thai prison. My husband is too damn pretty to be in jail, they will eat Sal’s sexy pink ass alive!”

“So, do we know if Gavin and Vixen are on their way yet?” Nick asked. “What are they doing in El Salvador anyway?”

“I spoke to him about an hour ago and they were on their way to the private air strip. I really don’t know what they’re doing in El Salvador. I’m sure it has something to do with finding a manufacturer for their BHM line,” Sal whispered to Nick.

“Why are you whispering? I know where my wife is,” Daniel snapped at him.

“Don’t you mean soon to be ex-wife?” Sal replied angrily.

“Really? You want to go there with me?” Daniel fumed getting in Sal’s face.

Sal and Daniel had been at odds from the moment Daniel had acted a damn fool in front of family, friends, and business associates alike. They hadn’t been able to be around each other in months, without arguing and someone storming out.

“You both better sit the hell down before I throw your asses off my damn plane,” Nick threatened

“Uhh…Nick we’re in the air,” Randy mumbled.

“Do I look like that matters?” Nick shot back.

“Okay!” Drew shouted. “This trip is going so well already! Come on you guys, we’re supposed to be relaxing, and bonding and helping this schmuck get back with Vixen.”

“I’ve efficiently had any future children I may have had kicked into my orbital sockets any time I’m within a mile of Sam, I’m not trying to even think of a reconciliation,” Randy said adjusting his cock in his shorts.

“Last I checked, you are RANDY and I’m DANIEL! He wasn’t talking about you!” Daniel said to his brother.

“Explain to me how you BOTH screw up your marriages, in the same year?” Drew asked putting the file down he was reading.

“I wish everyone would stop comparing what I did to what he did,” Daniel replied plopping down into one of the captain’s chairs. “I didn’t cheat on my wife. I made a mistake, misread some cues and did something stupid and disrespectful. I have regretted it from the moment the words came out of my mouth.”

“What I can’t understand is why you thought if Vixen was going to pick one of your friends to cheat with…it would be Gavin’s chunky ass?” Sal asked. “I mean I’m the best looking one of all of us so…..” Sal realized what he was about to say and who was around and he abruptly stopped talking. He peeked over at Nya while smiling. “I am speaking purely hypothetical here, honey”

“Sal, you’re a hypothetical dumb ass. But I love you anyway,” Nya said shaking her head.

“What I’m trying to understand is why you’d even think something like that about Gavin. He’s one of the most honorable men I’ve ever met in my life,” Drew added.

“I only asked her if she was screwing Gavin,” Daniel mumbled

“Do you know what an insult that is?” Nya piped in. “To say to a wife you think she would fuck your best friend. Shit, you might as well have spit in her face!”

“BECAUSE I THOUGHT SHE DESERVED BETTER!” Daniel yelled back. “I thought she deserved better,” he repeated quietly now. “And I thought she’d found better in one of my best friends.” They’d all been trying for months to get Daniel to talk to them about what happened. Here finally…he was. “I don’t know what happened really. Between the boys, my business, her many businesses, humanitarian work and philanthropy. We stopped seeing each other. Vixen would go days without looking me in the eye. I missed her…I missed her smile, her laugh. Even the way she said I love you changed. Then she started the Big Handsome Men line expansion, and it was like she was back. But she laughed with Gavin, always smiling at him. They were inseparable.” Daniel hung his head and stopped talking.

“Look…I don’t know why there has been so much travel for them. But I know they’ve both sent a lot legal work to the firm, getting this line off the ground,” Drew explained. “Plus, do you really think Vixen is that kind of woman? Forgetting that she is your wife. Think of her as your friend. You can’t tell your best friend in the world, you think they’re that shady and think that shit is just going to be brushed over.”

“On top of that, Gavin is a good man,” Nick added. “I mean he hasn’t put a hit out on Jackie’s ass yet. Which is fucking astounding. What would make you think he of all people would do that?”

Daniel was silent for so long, nobody thought he was going to answer at all.

“No! No! That’s BS and you know it!” Sal yelled pacing the cabin. “So, your romance and connection got lost in the shuffle of being…grown ass people! That doesn’t mean you humiliate and degrade your wife. That’s some punk ass shit and if there is anything I can’t stand…it’s a punk ass man, doing some punk shit, and trying to pass off his failures on the people around him. Dude…Vixen is an amazing woman. She loves you with everything in her. Do you know how honored and blessed I feel that Nya would allow me to love her, and live the rest of my life with her? Nothing and I do mean nothing, could ever make me treat her the way you did V. You took an oath, through sickness and health. But the moment your marriage caught the sniffles, you were acting like a damn fool. THIS is on YOU! Grow a pair and own it and quit acting like a bitch.”

The jet was thick with anger, guilt and shame as Sal finished his tirade. He’d been holding in his disdain for Daniel’s actions for a long time.

Everyone else had been coddling him, since it happened.

“Well, that escalated quickly!” Drew replied his eyes round.

“It was definitely a little Alexis Carrington from Dynasty. But he’s right.” Nick nodded.

“Another old night time soap? Really?” Daniel asked. “Turn on ESPN every now and then. Just have it playing in the back ground or something!”

“Hey, it may be a little feminine, but I’m pretty sure out of all of us that are married. I’m the only one that is going to be making love to my wife on a Thai beach tonight,” Nick replied winking.

I may be getting some too,” Drew chimed in.

“HA! Have you and Camille resolved your differences about Joshua?” Sal asked him.

“No, she still thinks I’m being too hard on him,” Drew answered looking over at his wife. “I still think we should have let the cops charge him with stealing that car.” Drew finished off his scotch.

“Yup, you’re gonna have desert dick tonight,” Sal replied sarcastically.

“I know,” Drew replied frustrated.

“This is about to be a very interesting vacation,” Nick noted.

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