Dr. Black's Patient


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Chapter 1

“Dr. Black.  Paging Dr. Nya Black.  Please come to the Emergency Room.  Stat!  Dr. Black, please come to the emergency room,” came the nurse’s voice over the P.A. system in the hospital.

“Damn it!” Nya said to herself as she turned to go down the hall and take the elevator to the Emergency Room.  She had been just five feet from getting out of the hospital for a three day vacation. She was just coming off being at this place for the last 48 hours. She was tired and annoyed and she smelled like a dirty gym shoe. She wanted to go by her friend, Vixen’s house to check on her. Vixen had been put on bed rest by her OBGYN three-weeks ago and she had to be the worst patient in the history of man. She was going to pick up a kale and brown rice salad from the Honey Pot, go home, climb into bed and watch the 21 DVR episodes of Law and Order: SVU that she had recorded and still had not watched.

“Somebody had better be dying,” Nya said as she climbed on the elevator not realizing there was an older couple already there.  They were looking at her like she had said she just killed someone.  She turned to them and said, “I am a doctor.  If they are dead, I will bring them back.” Just as the door opened she stepped off and started down the hall. Shaking her head because she thought, “those silly people took me seriously,” she laughed to herself as she stopped in front of the nurse’s desk.

“Sharon, you paged me?” she said to the nurse that was standing there. Sharon had been with the hospital for 30 years. She knew everyone in the hospital and all their business except Nya’s.  Nya was a very private person and nothing but professional when she was at the hospital. But Sharon thought she might just get a little information about Nya after all based on the patient that was in curtain 3 demanding that only Dr. Nya take care of him.

“Yes, Dr. Black,” she said as she passed her a chart. “You have a patient in curtain 3 who refuses to see anyone but you. He will not even let the ER doctors look at him, only you.”

“Sharon, first I told you that you are the only person in this hospital that can call me Nya. Next, I am a pediatric neurosurgeon.  How can one of my patients be refusing any other doctor?” She took the chart and started to turn toward the bed that Sharon had pointed toward.

“He said that he was your patient and he only wanted to see you,” Sharon said smiling as she picked up the phone to answer it.

Nya put her backpack on the nurse’s station knowing they would take it behind the desk and put it someplace safe.  She took her badge out of her pocket and hooked it on the outside of her lab coat again. Like a professional adjustment from Nya to Dr. Black, she grabbed the chart and walked to the curtain and pulled it back saying,

“How can I make your boo-boo feel better, sweetie?”  Just as she finished the sentence she looked up into the eyes of Salvatore Barbitelli.

“Come over here and put those delicious lips right here on mine and that will be a good start,” Sal said.  He was sitting on the bed with gauze up to a cut on his forehead.

“What the f….” Nya stopped herself before she said something unprofessional. “Sal, what are you doing here and why did you have them page me?” Nya said looking at the chart in her hand for the first time now.

“Are you sure you are the top pediatric neurosurgeon in the country? Because I would have thought that was self-explanatory,” Sal said sarcastically wincing in pain at the 4 inch long gash above his right eyebrow.

“Yes, I am, Sal and if you keep talking, I am going to cut you stem to stern and see if I can sew you up before you bleed to death,” Nya said with total disgust in her voice.

Nya had not seen Sal since Vixen and Daniel’s wedding to which he had brought two brain damaged bimbette’s and had spent the entire reception flirting with Nya while the ladies found other “suitors”.  She had gotten to know Daniel a little over the past six months and she still did not get how he was best friends with this idiot!

“I will ask you again and for the last time Sal, how did you end up here and why did you have them page me?”  Nya walked across the room and placed the chart on the counter and started to wash her hands.

“Well, you are the best.  I was working on my bike and hit the throttle to test the pick-up and… well, things did not go as planned,” Sal said wincing again as she took the gauze from him and looked at the cut on his head. “Ouch,” he said as Nya touched the cut on his head examining how deep it was and how many stiches this moron would need.  Nya was nothing, if not professional, even though she hated being this close to him he was injured.

“Oh, suck it up, you big pussy!” she said. Nya took her stethoscope and started listening to his chest and back to make sure his lungs and heart were functioning properly. She was getting very pissed off with herself because she was getting turned on.

God, this man’s body was built for sin.  Nya had five different pictures flash through her mind of all the kinky positions she would like to be in with him.  Only, according to what Sal had said to Daniel about Vixen, Nya was too fat to have mind-blowing sex. She knew that was all this man wanted, so why was he pursuing her?

“Are you staring at my chest, Dr. Black?” Sal said with a sexy grin on his face.

“Yes, jerk, I am.  I am taking your vitals,” Nya replied shaking her head.  This man really thought that he was on the mind of every woman in the world. “You still have not told me why you came to this hospital and asked for me when there are plenty of capable doctors on staff here,” Nya said as she wrote his vitals on his chart.

“Well, I missed you, gorgeous. I have not seen you since the wedding. Have you gotten the flowers and notes and stuffed animals that I have been sending you?” he said to her smiling and reaching out to touch her arm.

Nya slapped his hand away and said “You are going to need at least 30 to 40 stiches on that cut and if you ever touch me again.  You are going to need a straw to eat and a full body cast,” she said, turning away to wash her hands. “I will have the ER doctor come in to stich you up.”

“If I cannot get the best doctor in the hospital to stich up my cut, I guess I will have to call my father’s poker buddy, the Chairman of the Board…” he said as he was pulling out his cell phone pretending like he was actually going to call him.

Nya stopped at the curtain and turned to him pretending to look worried. “Your father plays poker with the Chairman of the Board?” she said in a false concerned voice. If there was one thing Nya detested, it was a person with power using it to push other people around.   If Salvatore Barbitelli learned anything in his lifetime, it would be NOT to try and push Dr. Nya Black around.

“Yes,” Sal said smugly thinking he had finally gotten his way with this woman. “I would hate to get you in trouble but I think I do deserve the best, don’t you think?” Sal said smiling at her.

He really hoped this worked. Nya had been all he had thought about for months. He had given up an opportunity to go to the Playboy mansion twice because all he wanted was a chance to get to know her. He didn’t get it.  How had she managed to invade his thoughts and dreams every day?   He was sure that it was just a passing fancy that once he got her in bed it would be done…..right? 

“Yes, Sal you do.  You deserve nothing but the best.  I mean with all your money, power and influence, it was foolish of me to think that you would accept anything but the best,” she said raising her voice a little, moving to stand directly in front of him with her hand in her jacket pocket.

“Wait, Nya I just meant…”  Sal started to say but right at that moment Nya had taken a needle out of her jacket.  It was 20cc of a benzodiazepine she had her nurse get for her for last patient of the day, Jimmy Wesson who had a terrible fear of needles. Luckily for Nya, Jimmy had been a big boy today. So Nya had the pleasure of putting the medication into Sal’s neck. 

“What was that, Sal?  What did you mean?” Nya said sarcastically as Sal fell back onto the gurney completely knocked out. “Sal, what did you want to say? Nothing? Finally!” Nya laughed as she went about stitching up his cut.  Nya did not want it said that she had drugged a patient without treating them. Nya could not help but laugh to herself looking over at Sal, laid out with his tongue hanging out of his mouth like a gimp dog… it was rather ironic. 

Fifteen minutes later she pulled the curtain back and walked to the nurse’s station with his chart.  “Here you go, Sharon.  He is all stitched up,” Nya said looking for her backpack.

“Nya?”  Sharon said, reading her orders on the chart. “Didn’t he have a cut on his head? Are you sure he needs a DRE?” Sharon said trying to control her laughter.

“Absolutely!” Nya said smiling. “Make sure you wait until he wakes up to do it. We want to make sure he knows he got the best.”

“He done fucked with the wrong one,” Sharon said laughing putting the orders in the computer.

“Yes, Ma’am, he did,” Nya said laughing. She grabbed her backpack and helmet and headed toward the exit.  As she was walking she sent a text to Vixen.

“I am on my way to check on you, Lil Bit” she texted. “I had a run in with Sal today… I will tell you about it when I get there.”

Nya would never admit it to anyone else but she was surprised that Sal was still pursuing her. It was a little flattering. I mean the man was sexy as hell and until today she had not realized how sexy he was. Sal had a 3D Celtic tribal tattoo that covered his entire chest, back and right bicep almost like a short sleeve. It looked like he had spent a great deal of time on the design. Nya had to admit to herself she had respect for that and that tattoos made her wet without her wanting them to. He had let his hair grow out since the wedding.  It was now just past his shoulders. It was dark black with a gray streak at the left temple.  It was sexy as hell!  Surprisingly he had not smelled like wet dog; a vision she had of what a dirty white man smelled like. Instead he smelled like almonds and cherry bark.

“Stop it, girl!” Nya thought as she climbed on her bike, a black and yellow Honda cbr500r. You will NOT let a white man under your skin or they will have to take your Angela Davis fan club card.



“Wait… what is a DRE?” Phoenix asked laughing to the point of tears.

The ladies had to move their weekly luncheon to Vixen’s house due to her being on bed rest. Camille, Vixen, Nya and Phoenix were all sitting in the sunken hearth room having lunch off the family room of the new house Daniel and Vixen had built.  Phoenix was back to having drinks again, but to her she was not having as much as she used to have so it was not an issue.  Nya knew that Vixen was worried regardless, and Nya was close to smacking Phoenix if she kept worrying her poor cousin.

“It’s a Digital Rectal Exam. It’s about as invasive as you can get for an anal exam,” Nya said smiling.

“Well, that is a shitty situation for Sal to be in!” Vixen said from the end of the table.  She was sitting with her legs elevated rubbing her belly smiling.  She had just found out she was having triplets and Nya had never seen her friend so happy.  Vixen had been having contractions for two months. It was way too soon for her to deliver so she had a team of doctors watching over her and the babies. Nya was more excited about Vixen having the babies than she was. They were her family.

The ladies all laughed to the point of tears. Camille had been very subdued lately. Nya knew something was up in Barbie’s world but she was pretending that all was still honkey-dory but, to be honest, she could care less.

“I can just picture his face when he woke up in the fetal position with a towel in his mouth to bite down on,” Camille said falling back in her chair with tears in her eyes.

“Jesus be a tube of KY Jelly,” Phoenix said laughing. “I bet that you don’t get flowers this time!” she finished.

“I asked Sal nicely to leave me the hell alone.  He crossed the line when he came to my hospital trying to throw his weight around.  He is lucky I did not have him admitted and set up a rectal colon cleanse,” Nya said sipping her mimosa.

“AHHH,” Phoenix said falling to the floor laughing. “Please stop… I can’t,” she said trying to stand up.

“Phoenix, get your silly ass up!” Vixen said “I swear if Daniel comes in here and makes me go back to that bedroom I am taking you with me!” She finished adjusting herself to get a little more comfortable.

“How are you doing, Lil’ Bit?” Nya said. She was worried about her friend. She was already no bigger than a gnat and now she was carrying three babies and STILL trying to run her company. Vixen was a brave little midget.  She had to give her that.

“She is fine,” Phoenix said sitting in her chair “This heffa is big; “beep-beep-wide-load-backing-up” big. Yet she sits here draped in head to toe Chanel with her hair in a bun.”

“Don’t hate me cause you ain’t me,” Vixen said smiling. “I told you all when I found out I was pregnant that I was going to be the best dressed pregnant woman you ever saw.”

“You are on bed rest, woman, who are you dressing up for?” Nya said looking around.  The only people that saw her crazy ass on a regular basis was her assistant Sarah, the house keepers, the doctors and personal care attendants that came in. Now that Nya thought about it, for Vixen that was a lot of people not seeing her at her best.  There was no way Vixen was not going to be dressed to the nines.

“It can’t be Daniel.  He would take you in underwear and a t-shirt,” Camille said smiling rubbing her friend’s feet. A sad smile passed between the two friends. Nya absolutely knew now that something was up and she would ask Vixen later what it was. 

“That’s how that ass got pregnant with triplets and no fertility drugs!” Nya said smiling. “Your eggs were like ‘ohh sperm…. GERONIMO!’ Nya said laughing!

“Have you ladies learned nothing from me? A diva never stops being a diva.  Daniel met me and I was sexy.  That will not change just because I am Shamu!” Vixen said laughing. Adjusting in her seat, she was so uncomfortable, bless her heart.  She was only 4’11” and pregnant with triplets.  She had a baby in every crevice of that little body!

“Go ahead, Mahogany!” Nya said smiling. They all understood that Vixen was gone with the wind, fabulous plus size or not and nothing about that was going to change.

“Oh do not even try it, Nya.  You are in head-to-toe burgundy leather and I see you have the new Minolo boots. So don’t try and act like it’s just me!” Vixen said to her friend.

Nya smiled and looked down at her outfit.  She was wearing a burgundy red leather tank and pants with a burgundy leather cropped jacket with gold embellishment and gold and black combat stiletto boots.  She had to admit Vixen had made her a whore to fashion. But damn, if she didn’t look good doing it! 

“VIXEN!” Daniel yelled from the front door.  He had been out with the interior designer picking out the last things needed for the nursery. He had taken Sal with him since Vixen could not leave the house.  They had picked the wood and finish for the custom made antique cribs they were having made for the babies.

“In here, love,” Vixen said.

“Hey Preggers! AHHH,” Sal said as he walked into the room and realized Nya was there.  He screamed and backed up.

Phoenix started to laugh uncontrollably and Camille and Vixen were attempting to cover their laughs with their napkins.

“Hi, Sal, good to see you,” Nya said laughing and waving at him casually.

“What’s the matter, Sal, you never been in a room full of beautiful women before?” Daniel said as he walked past him, walked over to his wife and gave her a long lingering, loving kiss. Nya could see their love for each other and it still was a surprise to her the man that Daniel had turned out to be. Hell, these two might make her believe in happily-ever-after.

“Man, don’t even; you know what she did to me!” Sal said yelling and pointing at Nya.

“What? What’s wrong? Did your cut not heal up properly? I gave you my BEST work.” Nya said smiling as taking a sip of her mimosa.

“Yeah, then you stuck a needle in my neck and knocked me out.  I woke up with Hitler’s mother touching me in my special places!” Sal said, trying to inconspicuously put his hand on his rear.

“PSSSSTTT……” Vixen, Camille, Phoenix and Daniel all spit there drinks in the air and were all laughing uncontrollably.

“I will have you know that Sharon is a very capable nurse and at the top of her field.  I made sure that you had the best care!” Nya was saying as she was putting on her jacket and picking up her gloves. She walked over to Vixen and kissed her cheek.

“I will call you later, Lil’ Bit.  Sit your ass down, woman!” she said smiling and winking at her as she turned to Daniel.

“Yes ma’am,” Vixen said holding her right hand up in the air.

“Take care of my sister, white boy. I know how to chemically castrate you,” she said to Daniel and hit him lightly on his chest with her gloves as she walked toward the door.

“After what you did to him, I believe you,” Daniel said pointing to Sal. He knew that Nya did not mean anything by what she had just said. She had a history that was terrible from what Vixen had told him and she loved Vixen like a sister, so for Daniel nothing else mattered. 

“I will check you guys later,” Nya said to Camille and Phoenix. “Sal, would you like to make a follow up appointment with me?” she said looking at Sal with a smirk on her face.

“Do you think you have scared me off?” Sal asked her walking in her direction. “You have actually intrigued me even more, Dr. Black.” Sal said as he stopped directly in front of Nya.

“Well, from the way you are walking, your ass is still a little... shall we say… raw? Does it still burn when you….stretch?” she whispered right as Sal winced and reached behind him again. “Don’t answer that,” she said putting her hand up trying her hardest not to laugh. “Why don’t you let that heal up so you can stop walking like an over-worked hooker? Then I give you permission to continue the chase,” she whispered and winked. 

Nya walked around him and strolled out the door as Sal watched her ass in those leather pants as she left. Damn that woman was sexy as hell!

He turned to the people in the room and said, “I am in love!”  They all shook their heads and laughed.

“Something is deeply wrong with you!” Daniel said to his friend.

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Chapter 2

Think fast!” Gavin said as he threw the basketball at Sal’s head.

“What the fuck, man?” Sal said rubbing the side of his head looking around the indoor gym at Gavin.

“Are you having a rectal PTSD moment there, Sal?” Nick asked, laughing at his friend.

Daniel had told the fellas about his incident with Nya at the hospital two weeks ago. They had been relentless ever since.

“Fuck you,” Sal said flipping Gavin, Nick and Daniel off.

“Oh… has pretty boy finally found a woman that is immune to his bullshit?” Randy said.

The thing was, for once Sal was not flinging bullshit. He did not know what it was about this woman. She was nothing like his usual type.  She was not, tall, glamorous, or a big flirt.  She was not… well, to be frank and honest, she was not thin.  Hell, she didn’t even like him and it was mostly because how he had acted like an ass when they first met. But Sal could tell there was more there than what she showed and that she was actually a sweetheart under the gruff exterior.

Just then Nick slapped Sal on the ass and said, “You ready to D up, mate?” laughing a little because Sal still jumped and winced when his butt was touched.

“Check,” Sal said and the men started the game. Sal and Gavin were teamed up surprisingly.  Ever since the Jackie fiasco Sal had gained a whole new sense of respect for Gavin; maybe he was not the pussy he thought he was.

Daniel had been wrapped up with his new wife and their growing family so Sal and Gavin has been hanging out a lot more. Sal was happy for his friend.  He had never seen Daniel this happy before. Although being around Daniel and Vixen could sometimes be nauseating to a confirmed bachelor, their love could make a guy want to be married.

Sal had vowed a long time ago that no woman would ever get to marry his money after his father’s 5th wife.  Sal’s father, Alessandro Barbitelli, was a smart, wealthy and handsome distinguished gentleman. He had always been quite the ladies’ man but when Sal’s mother had suffered and died from brain cancer, his father had become quite attractive to women. Young women with only one thing on their minds; how much they could get out of the divorce settlement. Sal had watched woman after woman cuddle up to his father, use him and in the end cheat on him, take their pay-off and leave. Sal and his five brothers, Alfonso, Benito, Enzo, Giovanni and Rafaele had all tried to get their father to stop marrying these women and letting them use him. But his father had just said, “Adriana was my life.  To lose your mother was to lose my heart. I do not marry them because I love them, boys, I love them as company; therefore they are paid for services rendered.”  His father’s last divorce settlement had been for 10 million dollars. Sal thought that was a whole lot of service.

Adriana Barbitelli had been the light of the all-male Barbitelli clan. Her sons and husband had adored her.  She was the epitome of love, grace and spirit. She had been closest to Sal and her loss had made him close down his heart to anyone. Sal would say his mother’s death had made him smart. He had sworn to never let anyone in his heart but his family. All of his brothers were married and his eldest brother, Giovanni had 4 children; 3 girls and 1 boy. Sal adored his nieces and nephew.  They were his chance to spoil and love children without having to have any of this own.

After the guys finished their game they all went to Gillian’s a pub across the street from the gym. They were all giving the pretty twenty-something blond, big busted waitress their orders and it seemed that Sal had not noticed any of her attributes.

“I will get your order in right away and be back with your drinks, guys,” the waitress said letting her eyes linger on Sal just a little longer than everyone else while walking away.

“Earth to Sal; come in, Sal,” Randy said laughing looking at Sal like he was an alien from outer space.

“I think Sal may have lost his eyesight when he had his colon cleansed,” Gavin said in a pretend feminine voice. They all laughed.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Sal asked genuinely confused because he really had not noticed the waitress.  She came back with their beers and said their food would be right up and still not even a glance from Sal.

“Ok, what the hell is going on with you?” Nick said.  All the fellas were now looking at him like he had just told them he was terminal.

“What?” Sal said getting annoyed with the looks they were giving him.

“That bar-maid pretty much just almost served her ass on a platter to you and you did not even blink, mate.  What gives?” Nick said slapping Sal on the shoulder.

“I think Sal has it bad,” Daniel said smiling as he took a sip of his beer.

“For WHO?” Nick, Gavin, and Randy said simultaneously as they all turned to look at Daniel.

“Well, damn, Blanche, Rose and Dorothy!” Daniel said referencing that old show about four women living together gossiping, The Golden Girls. “I didn’t think you ladies were ready to gossip,” he finished.

“Us?” Gavin said. “I want to know why you know the names of the women on that show, ‘Nancy man’,” Gavin said laughing as he took a drink of his beer.

“Everyone at this table needs his man card pulled for knowing about that show at all,” Randy said. “But back to Ms. Sally over here. Who does he have it bad for?” Randy finished looking at his brother and Sal.

Right then the waitress arrived with their lunches purposely leaning over a little more, smiling and brushing against Sal trying to get his attention. Once she realized there was nothing she had that he wanted she asked them if there was anything else they needed and walked away when they said ‘no.’

“Nya,” Sal said mumbling.

“What?” Gavin said pretending that he did not hear him as the rest of the men smirked while they were eating.

“Nya!” Sal yelled in Gavin’s direction following with, “You fat fuck!”

“I have your fat fuck!” Gavin said reaching between his legs. “Isn’t Nya the doctor friend of Vixen’s that took your manhood?” Gavin said bursting out laughing.

“Fuck you, Gavin!” Sal said sitting back in his barstool type chair pushing his plate away from him.

“Come on, G, give him a break,” Daniel said behind a small smirk. Daniel knew his friend was in a bad way about Nya and he had no idea why.

“So, what’s up, Sal? Have you asked her out?” Randy said finishing the last of his second beer.

“Yes, I have had a rectal examination trying to get this woman to at least answer one of my dozens of calls. I get nothing! I don’t know what it is.  What is this chick doing to me?” Sal was really starting to wonder if he was losing his mind. No woman had ever had this effect on him and it was starting to get on his nerves.

“Man to man, my friend?” Nick said looking Sal in the eye showing him that he was serious in what he was about to say.

“Man to man,” Sal said nodding at this point he would take any answer he could get.

“I think this is the first woman you have met, outside of your mother that you respect.  Nya is the first woman that has just as much education, if not more, potential, standing and money as you do,” Nick finished.

“Nick is right, Sal.  Nya is tough, smart, funny and, I am pretty sure, affectionate if you can get past the gun,” Daniel said taking another bite of his fries. “I, for one, am not going to try and get past the gun seeing as how I like being able to get an erection. But I have seen her with Vixen at the house when they did not know I was there. She is softer, happier, but she will not put up with your bullshit,” Daniel finished.

“What am I supposed to do?” Sal asked running his hand through his long hair in frustration. He normally kept his long hair in a ponytail but his hair had still been wet from his shower at the gym. “Bullshit is all I have,” he finished looking at his friend.

“No, it’s not.  Bullshit is all you want to have because you are too afraid to let someone get close,” Nick said biting into his burger.

“If you want to get past her endoscope and her gun you are going to have to come real or don’t come at all,” Randy finished.

“In the meantime I am horny as hell.  I have not been able to get it up for another woman in months,” Sal said angrily.  He was getting more and more frustrated with the situation every day.

“Well, you can do what Gavin does and strangle the shit out of your chicken,” Daniel said laughing.

“Hey, I will have you know that I am very gentle with Bart and Homer. I give them candles, massage oil, slow music; the works,” Gavin said proudly.

“TMI, Gavin,” Daniel said starting to laugh.

“That’s just nasty,” Randy said shivering and laughing at the same time.

“I am going to need you to stop sexually molesting yourself and get a woman, mate,” Nick said as the table busted out in laughter. 

“Gavin, what’s the scent of the candles are you using?” Sal said pretending to enter it into his cell.  

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Chapter 3

“How are the contractions, Lil’ Bit?” Nya said to Vixen.  She was walking to the children’s surgical ward of the hospital, her pink chucks squeaking because her soles were wet from her taking the short cut through the outdoor atrium.  She was on her way to check on her favorite patient, Parker Jackson.

Parker Jackson was a nine year old little boy that had come to first see Nya seven months before complaining of extremely painful headaches. His mother, Teresa, had sat in one of Nya’s patient rooms and pleaded to her in tears to help her son; to fix her son. Parker had stopped sleeping and had started to have grand mal seizures. Teresa had four other kids who were all younger than Parker and she had been forced to put everyone’s life on hold to try and discover a release for Parker.  Teresa and her husband had adopted Parker when they had thought they couldn’t have children. After they adopted him, Teresa had gotten pregnant four times. Six months after her last pregnancy her husband had left.  She had not seen or heard from him since. Teresa had taken Parker to four other specialists that had essentially done nothing for him. Nya felt that it was because of two reasons. One, this was a young black boy who was unimportant to the white men in medicine; two, his mother made $11.00 per hour so she had to rely on state medical coverage.  They would not get paid their over-priced rates for “good” care. 

Nya had instantly liked Parker the first time he had come into her office.  One of the first things he said had been, “See, Mom, she doesn’t wear wigs and her hair doesn’t look like she hasn’t combed it in a decade.”  Nya had laughed out loud thinking that kids really are refreshingly honest.  

Unfortunately, through testing her previous counterparts should have thought to run.  She had discovered that Parker had an astrocytoma–which was the most common type of brain tumor in children; originates in the brainstem, cerebellum, white matter of the cerebrum, or spinal cord. Nya had immediately scheduled him for surgery and treatment to go about saving his life.  Parker had made steady progress for a while.  Unfortunately, Nya had found that the tumor was growing on his latest test scans and it was growing fast.

Nya had spent many nights lately researching alternative medicine and treatment to save his life. Parker was currently in the hospital for Nya to relieve some of the pressure on his brain and try another treatment that she had found.  She hoped would work to save this exceptional young man’s life.

“Hell in my who-ha thank you very much,” Vixen said to Nya.  Vixen had been on bed rest for two months now and she truly was officially one of Nya’s worst patients. She loved Vixen and she was her sister but this woman did not know the meaning of ‘sit your ass still.’ Nya often had to remind her that there were three little babies that were depending on her to do whatever she needed to do get them here safely. Vixen had always countered with “one day, woman, you will be pregnant and heads will roll,” while giving her the side eye.

“Well, just think who you are doing this for,” Nya said laughing to herself.  “In a few months you are going to have three little reminders of your and Daniel’s love.

“Nya, you know I love you like a fat kid loves cake, but that shit is not working on me anymore. I feel like there is a boulder trying to roll down the hill of my vaginal canal and make a great escape! When I turn over in bed, I have to turn my belly and then my ass…. that’s not cute,” Vixen said to her friend irritably.

“Your ass doesn’t need to be trying to be cute in bed. THAT is how you got in this position,” Nya said laughing out loud. She had to stop walking to take in what Vixen had said and get a good laugh.

“I told Daniel three weeks ago if he even looks at me for a long period of time, I am going to tell you that he hit me so you can shoot his dick off.”

Nya busted out laughing at her friend. Vixen was the calmest, most patient, non-violent and tolerant person she had ever met. Nya sometimes wanted to poke her with a needle to see if she bled or if she was a happy witch. But this pregnancy and bed rest had brought a side of her she never imagined seeing. Vixen was not used to being still, she had busted her ass her entire career and never backed down. Now she was forced to sit still and it was making her little ass into a monster and not the Sesame Street kind.

“Can you tell your God-babies that my bladder is not a Lazy Boy recliner?  They cannot just be sitting on it, chillin’, watching the game. It’s three o’clock in the afternoon and I have been to the bathroom 28 times,” Vixen said huffing. Nya could hear that her friend was moving around in the background trying to get comfortable.

“I am sorry that you are so uncomfortable. I told you that we can put a catheter in for you so you do not have to get up,” Nya said laughing hysterically. She had not stopped laughing since this conversation started.

“I already can’t do a damn thing and now you want to cancel my every twenty minute trips to the bathroom?” Vixen said laughing at how much her life had changed since she realized she was carrying these little babies.

“No, I would hate to rain on your parade,” Nya said.

“Have you heard from Sal?” Vixen asked Nya changing the subject of her bladder before it made her have to go pee AGAIN.

“No, I actually haven’t, not for about a month now. I think that fool signed me up for a tea of the month club because I keep getting all these exotic teas every month but when I called them they said that my account was paid for two years and they could not tell me who ordered them.” Nya had been an avid tea drinker for years. Anyone that knew Nya knew that she loved tea and often drank all different types.

“Do you miss him?” Vixen said teasing her friend. She knew that Nya had missed the loss of Sal’s strange presence in her life but would never admit it.

“NO, what is there to miss? If I would like to interact with a white boy with a little dick and a superiority complex I can just walk around on any floor in the hospital…. See there goes one now,” Nya said of the stranger that was walking down the hall of the hospital.

“Nya, are you pointing white people out again to make your point?” I told you when you do that you are making people uncomfortable,” Vixen said to her friend while she was laughing.

“What? I say if the shoe fits put the MF on, tie it up and make sure that you get its mate,” Nya said into the phone.

Vixen was laughing so hard, Nya was sure she would be talking about her having to go because she had to …… before she could finish her thought she said. “I have to go, woman, before I piss all over this bed,” still laughing at what Nya had said.

“Ok, Lil’ Bit, go to the bathroom and then get your little ass in the bed. I will not be over tonight. I have some research to do about a new treatment for Parker.”

“How is he doing, by the way?” Vixen asked.

“Not good, his tumor is growing,” Nya told her friend. Nya had gotten to the point that she felt like she was failing him.

“Nya, you knew when you discovered his cancer that there was going to be only so much you could do for him,” Vixen said sympathetically. She had been worried for months about how Nya was going to handle it when this little boy died. Losing patients when they are all children is not easy for any doctor but Vixen knew it was especially hard for Nya.

Nya was the strongest woman that she knew and gave a tough presentation to the world.  Growing up as an only child in the racist south she had to be strong or be run over.   But when she trusted you and respected you, you got to see that there was a soft loving heart beneath that hard exterior that could be torn to shreds.

“I know, Lil’ Bit,” Nya said sitting down on a bench that was in the hall right outside the pediatric cancer ward. “How can I claim to be the best in my field if I cannot save this child’s life? He is nine, Lil’ Bit, and there is greatness in this little boy; I see it. He could be the next black President.  He should be somewhere running and playing outside or at school getting his education pushing girls down on the playground. Instead he’s here in this hospital drugged to the hilt to keep him out of pain,” Nya stopped to gather her thoughts and emotions.  Because the one thing she did not do was cry in public. She leaned her head back against the wall looking at the Scooby Doo scene the hospital had painted on the ceiling for the children that were being wheeled off the floor to surgery.

“Nya, you not being able to save a terminal patient is not a reflection of how good of a doctor you are; it is an example of God’s plan,” Vixen said.

“I know, Lil’ Bit.  Aren’t you supposed to be going to the bathroom?” Nya asked her not wanting to continue the conversation any further. She loved Vixen and knew that she was offering her support and on a level knew that she was right but it still did not change that she wanted to save Parker’s life.

“Yes, I have been getting my big ass off this bed the entire time we have been talking. I need a wide-load sign taped to the back of my ass,” Vixen said laughing

“I am glad that you can laugh about it, you are my itty bitty she-ro, sis. Go to the bathroom. I will call you later,” Nya said.

“Alright, talk to you later, love ya,” Vixen said giggling. Nya did not like mush.

“Woman!” Nya started to say but was cut off when Vixen hung up the phone quickly before Nya could yell at her about being mushy. Nya laughed and shook her head.  She put her phone in her jacket pocket and took a minute to gather herself. She knew she had broken the code all doctors had to keep their sanity; never love a patient.  But it was too late.

“Hello. Hello, Ladies,” Nya said to the nurses cheerfully. She stopped at the nurses’ desk and looked at the four grown, highly-talented professional women that were sitting there drooling all over their station and staring in the direction of Parker’s room.

Snap, Snap, “Earth to Lanie.  Come in, Lanie,” Nya said snapping her fingers in the air to get their attention.

“Oh, I am so sorry,” Lanie started. All the ladies jumped to attention.

“That is ok,” Nya said taking Parker’s chart from her. “What are you all looking at?” Nya said checking his chart for his vitals from the day before as she listened for her answer.

“The new volunteer,” Lanie said looking at the other nurses standing at the desk. “HOT DAMN, he is fine,” she finished.

“Fine is not the word. I want to get naked and turn into super-head every time I see him!” one of the other nurses said.

“I just want to know where they are recruiting so I can sell my house to move there,” another one said.

“Ladies, ladies, it’s starting to sound a little desperate up in here,” Nya said smiling at them. “He cannot be THAT good looking and Lanie, I am telling Fred.  You are married and have been for twenty years,” Nya said laughing at them.

“Dr. Black, you know I love my Fred, but for that man I’d slip Fred a mickey and put him out his misery,” Lanie said continuing when Nya looked at her in shock “I am Catholic. I can’t get a divorce,” she said smiling.

“Oh, but murder is A-ok?” Nya said laughing.

Lanie leaned over to try and see into Parker’s room again and leaned back, looked directly at Nya and said “Yes, the Lord will understand… WOOOW.”

Two of the other nurses gave each other a high-five and one of them started fanning herself while measuring out medication for another patient.

“Well, damn.  What is this God’s name and do I need to put on some lip gloss before I go in?” Nya said. Nya did not wear make-up at the hospital.  She knew the sick children and their parents would not care how pretty her face was decorated when she operated on that child’s brain. But for a sexy man, she would put on some lip gloss. ‘Damn you, Vixen,’ she was thinking.

“Sal,” Janie said in a ‘he is dreamy tone.’

“Excuse me?” Nya said with her eyes wide slamming the chart closed all of a sudden feeling the need to slap someone and check her hair at the same time.

The nurses all looked at each other, a little confused and not sure what had just happened with this conversation.

“I am pretty sure that is his name,” Lanie said. “Let me quit lying, I know that is his name,” she finished laughing.

“Does he have a small scar above his left eye and walk funny?” Nya said to the nurse getting a terrible feeling that she was going to say yes.

“Yes, well he does not walk funny… ha, do you know him, Nya?” Lanie said to her.

“I think I might and if this is the man I think it is, be prepared to call a code blue,” Nya said.

“Please don’t kill him, Dr. Black. I have not missed a day of work in three weeks and being that I am single right now…. He is my reason for breathing,” one of the nurses said to her anxiously.

“I am going to need you to read a book or get a hobby because that is disturbing,” Lanie said to the nurse.

“Knock, knock,” Nya said walking into Parker’s room. “What’s up, my man Parker?” Nya said to him smiling. She was genuinely always happy to see this young man and his mother.

“Nothing but the sky, Dr. Black.  What is up with you?” Parker said not even stopping to look at her for the first time. He was playing Call of Duty on a brand new Xbox One with none other than Salvatore Barbatelli. 

“Well, well if it isn’t the beautiful, talented, sexy and tough Dr. Nya Black,” Sal said looking up at Nya smiling.

“What in the hell is happening to me? Did my little goddess just do a flip at the sight of this man?” Nya thought to herself “Yes, it did. I do not care how big of an asshole Sal is, he is candlelight, baby oil, and vibrator sexy,” she was thinking.

“Well, if it isn’t the egotistical, narcissistic, childish, self-involved…” Nya started to say.

“Whoa, Whoa, don’t mention all the things you love about me at once!” Sal said raising his hand to stop her from speaking.

“Dude, you are a step away from begging….” Parker said to Sal. “Let her come to you. Geez.”

“Hey man!” Sal said pausing the game and laughing. “What do you know? I have been trying to get her to come to me for months now.  I have tried everything, nothing works. What would you suggest?” He finished turning to look at Parker.

“Be real,” Parker said.

“Be real?”

“Yeah, Be Real. Dr. Black don’t like BS, man, just be straight up with her” Parker finished.

“Be real, ok. I will be real,” Sal said looking at Nya.  He stood up and extended his hand to Nya. “Hello, Dr. Black.  It’s nice to see you again,” Sal said respectfully.

“Bite me, Sal,” Nya said taking off her stethoscope and listening to Parker’s chest.

“Yea, you’re right.  She don’t like you,” Parker said laughing.

“Gee, thanks for your help,” Sal said to him sitting back down in the chair and starting the game back up. He was looking at Nya out of the corner of his eye as she examined Parker and talked to him. He had missed seeing her. He had initially started volunteering at the hospital three weeks ago in an attempt to even the playing field and get to know Nya. He had been placed with Parker right away by the volunteer coordinator and had fallen in love with the kid.

His volunteer schedule and Nya’s had not synchronized so he had only seen her in passing and he knew that she had not seen him at all. Looking at her now in her lab coat, he was feeling respect and desire all at the same time, and the respect was stronger than the desire. Sal had not even thought he could feel this way about a woman; let alone a woman like Nya.  The more Sal looked at Nya and every time he saw her he realized; first of all, just because she was not a size-two did not mean that the sexy curve in her neck could not make him want to take her in one of these empty rooms and take her temperature. And finally he really did want to know more about this woman. Now all he had to do was get her to stop seeing him as a sleaze ball. 

“Where is your mom, honey?” Nya was asking Parker. She was sitting on the side of the bed looking into his eyes with her flash light.

“She had to be at home with my sisters. Sal said he would stay with me and if we needed her he would call. Hey, Dr. Black, you see the Xbox and games Sal bought for me? And he gave my mom a car so she could get to work and bought groceries and clothes for my sisters,” Parker said to Nya.

“No, Parker I didn’t,” Nya said getting more and more irritated with what she was learning about how much time Sal had been spending with Parker and why. “That is really great, buddy, but you need to do some studying, you know,” Nya said staring a hole in the side of Sal’s head.

“Yeah, I know,” Parker said bummed. “Hey, you want to quiz me on my spelling words?” Parker asked her perking up asking the question. Parker loved when Nya quizzed him on his school stuff.  He liked the way she pushed him and did not treat him like he was sick.

“I would, buddy, but I can’t. I need speak to Sal in private and then go and check on some other patients,” Nya said to him sympathetically. “But I will come and hang out with you later.  How is that?” Nya said holding up her hand waiting for a high-five, which Parker gladly gave because he knew Nya would not lie to him or forget.

“Deal” Parker said giving Nya a high-five.

“Sal, can I talk to you in the hall?” Nya said as she walked out of the room to wait for him.

“Ooohh, you’re in trouble!” Parker said.

“Hey, look at me. I don’t get it trouble,” Sal said jokingly, giving Parker a fist-bump as he left the room. He did feel a little like he was in trouble and he was a little nervous. “Man up, Barbitelli.  She is a 5’5” woman.  Yeah, a woman that is an expert marksman, idiot.”

“How can I help you, beautiful?” Sal said to Nya after he had the door to Parker’s room closed.

“What do you think you are doing here, Sal? You know I expected that you were the lowest form of human being that you are; just another white man that thinks he can use his money to get and buy whatever he wants but to use…..” Nya started saying to him.

“Whoa,” Sal said to Nya finally officially being offended by her words. “Let me set you straight on something. I did not do anything for this kid and his family or buy anything other than a little bit of fun for a sick child and a little relief for his stressed out mother. If you cannot see that as a good thing no matter what my name is, then I guess that makes you more of an asshole then I could ever be,” Sal said to her angrily.  He cared about Parker and his family and if she thought she knew enough about him to think he would use a sick kid to further an agenda with her then maybe SHE was not the person he thought she was.

Sal leaned in to Nya to say what he had to say next to be sure that it stayed between them. “Look, Nya, I know that you have a perception of who I am, and I can admit I have done some pretty shitty things in my life. But this kid…” Sal said pointing to the door to Parker’s room “This kid is one of the best things I have done in my life. So if you have a problem with that because I am white perhaps you might want to take a look at yourself,” Sal finished.

Nya was taken aback; first of all that Sal could feel passionately about Parker and his health and secondly that she was so turned on by him. Standing there looking at his chest she remembered how toned and muscular he was and how sexy his tattoos were she could actually feel her panties get a little bit wet.

“I apologize, Sal, for thinking the wrong thing of your intentions with Parker. But let me make this very clear with you. I do not care how much time you spend here at this hospital in this room with Parker or with Jesus, you and I…” Nya said pointing to the both of them, “will never happen, and if you hurt that kid, the last thing you see in this world will be my eyes when I put a bullet between your eyes,” Nya finished. She turned and walked away from Sal done with the conversation and getting more and more turned on as she stood there looking into his sea blue eyes.

“Shake it, baby!” Sal said behind her.  When Nya turned around, he was shaking his shoulders back and forth with his tongue out and his arms open.

“HOT DAMN!” Janie yelled at the nurse’s desk dropping her paperwork.  She immediately slapped her hands over her mouth.  The other nurses started to laugh and Sal did too. Nya shook her head and walked away


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