Beginnings in a New Era


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1,000 Years after Inescapable Destiny

A Kitsune female led her daughter through a park within the Kitsune Capitol city, she was amazed that despite the fact that war had raged only a scant two hundred years ago, everything had returned to normal as if the fighting had never reached this world. The Kitsune looked around for a second, "I could've sworn that they were around here somewhere..." The little girl spoke up, "What is around here, mommy?" The Kitsune turned around and knelt down, picking up her daughter, "Oh, just, a bit of our history is all, three legendary heroes were buried in this city, though only one of them was born here." The little girl smiled and hugged her mother, "What were they like, Mommy?" The Kitsune smiled slightly, "What makes you think that I know what they were like?"

The little girl smiled slightly, "Well Mommy is very old!" The Kitsune frowned, "Aiko, honey, that's not something you should say, it's very rude. Even though I have lived a very long life, being the deity of the sun and all." Aiko nodded, "I'm sorry, Mommy." The Kitsune smiled and patted her on the back of the head, "I know you are, honey." The Kitsune smiled slightly as she caught a glimpse of one of the statues and she headed directly towards them. When she was in front of the three statues, she placed Aiko on the ground and Aiko pointed towards a statue of a Lupine carrying an axe in one hand and a shield in the other, "Mommy, who is that?" The Kitsune smiled, "He was my adoptive grandson, Walthari Jaeger, he was a Lupine Berserker and a Warblood." Aiko looked back at her, "What that?"

The Kitsune sighed and sat down, "A warblood is someone with the holy blood of a deity of war, holy bloods do not know their aspect until they are awakened. My granddaughter, Yoshiko is a sunblood." Aiko nodded slightly, "What was he like?" The Kitsune sighed, "Well, Walthari was always warm and welcoming before his awakening and after it, you had to earn his trust for him to open up to you. When he did though, there was no one more loyal and dedicated. He also hated what he had, called it a curse and worked his entire life to control it. Eventually he would gain the ability to do so, but it was too late for him, he was at the youngest age of my grandchildren when he passed away. He gave his life so that others may live, I don't know where he is now, but Kimiko has told me that he's since reincarnated..."

Aiko nodded and pointed towards the statue of a Lupine with a hammer, "Who is that?" The Kitsune looked over and nodded, "That's the forgeblood, Killian Jaeger, he was the twin brother of Walthari. Though they were not quite identical twins, you couldn't tell by looking at them. The two of them were very close, but... they took very different paths. Killian was somewhat cold and withdrawn prior to his awakening and became more outgoing and cheerful when his awakening happened. He was a friendly sort after that, always willing to help people with their problems, even going as far as to don traditional black Lupine armor and carry a sword into battle as a persona called the Black Knight. I don't know how he died though, some sources say he died peacefully in his sleep, others say that he died in battle."

Aiko nodded, "Did he also... reincar... reincar..." The Kitsune smiled slightly, "According to Kimiko, his reincarnation is alive and well in this age, yes. I don't know who he is in his current life, but I hope he and Walthari are happy wherever they are." Aiko nodded and pointed towards the Kitsune holding a sword in one hand and a shield in the other, "Who is he?" The Kitsune hestiated slightly, she wanted to tell Aiko the truth that Kimiko had told her, but she couldn't, "That's Yoshiro Miyamae, he was the son of my daughter and was a sunblood. However because of certain circumstances, he was unable to use his magic without using magitech as an aid. He was a kind and gentle man, he didn't want to hurt anyone, until... a specific incident that I'll tell you about when you're older, from then on, his life spiraled and he became more cold and distant."

Aiko frowned, "That doesn't sound nice." The Kitsune shook her head, "It wasn't, and for a while, it looked like he was going to push everyone away, but eventually love prevailed in the end, and he was put back on the right emotional track, but he didn't fully change until Walthari passed away." Aiko nodded, "And... how did he...?" The Kitsune sighed, "Yoshiro did not pass away peacefully at all, there is a saying that all those that live by the sword, die by the sword. I do not recall which fight was his last, but he died in combat." Aiko frowned and tried to hold back tears, as she didn't want to hear that, "Is he okay now, is he?" The Kitsune nodded, "He reincarnated, yes. From what I know about his reincarnation, he's living happy in his new life and it warms my heart, seeing my grandson live peacefully once more."

Aiko nodded, "That's good." The Kitsune nodded, "So, is your curiosity satisfied, sweetheart?" Aiko nodded slightly, "Yes, Mommy. Thank you for telling me about the three legendary heroes." The Kitsune smiled softly, "Aiko, you're very welcome, my daughter. Is there anything you would like to do before we go home?" Aiko placed her finger to her chin and looked up, "I can't think of anything, Mommy. What do you want to do?" The Kitsune looked up at the twin suns of Verbana, "Well, it do both of us some good to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, don't you think, little one?" Aiko giggled, "Of course, Mommy, after all, you always say, 'Aiko, going outside is fun and good for your health.' " The Kitsune laughed, "I do not sound like that, Aiko!" Aiko nodded and as her mother placed her down, she followed her on a walk through the park...

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Chapter 1

**80 Years Later**

Aiko awoke in her bed, she had nightmares of starting her next year of college, she heard that she was going to have an apartment and was going to have a roommate and it was making her somewhat nervous. She felt like something was off though, the temple that she lived in was too quiet, there were usually people talking, but she heard nothing and this made her nervous. She slipped out of the bed and threw on a pair of pants before changing into her night shirt for the shirt for the day. Once that was over, she slipped on a pair of socks and put on her boots. She sighed slightly as she walked into the bathroom and brushed her teeth and washed her face. When she looked into the mirror after drying her face off though, she saw a face that didn't look like her's.

She stepped back slightly, she was somewhat nervous, "What... trick is this?' Kimiko walked up to the door, "What trick is what, little sister?" Aiko sighed, "Nothing, Kimiko. It's nothing." Kimiko grabbed her arm, "Look at me, Aiko, I know when you're lying, it's not nothing." Aiko sighed, "It's nothing, really." Kimiko shook her head, "Please, sis, you know that I love you and I want to see you be happy, but unless you tell me what's going on, I cannot help you." Aiko sighed slightly, "I'm sorry, big sister, just... when I looked in the mirror, I saw a face that wasn't my own." Kimiko nodded, "Listen, if anything else like that happens, you know how to reach me and our parents, alright? You might not be a deity like us, but we'll help you all the same."

Aiko hugged Kimiko, "Thanks, big sister." Kimiko hugged back with a smile, "You're welcome, little sister. Come on, Mom and Dad are waiting for you." Aiko blinked, "Oh right, I forgot!" Aiko broke the hug and ran towards the main chamber of the temple, she didn't see anyone on the way there and it made her nervous. When she reached the main chamber, she saw her father look at her sternly, "Aiko! What did I say about running through the temple." Aiko frowned, "Sorry, Daddy." The male Kitsune was about to speak, when a female spoke, "Raiden, she's excited to start her first day of college, can you let up on the poor girl?" Raiden turned to look at the female Kitsune, "Amaterasu, she still broke the rules." Amaterasu sighed and walked into the room, "I know, Raiden, believe me, I know. If I hadn't sent the Kensei away for a bit, I'd be more upset, but this is why I sent them away."

Aiko nodded slightly, as her little brother came out and hugged her tightly, "Aiko, do you really have to go?" Aiko patted her little brother on the head, "Yes, I do, Hideo. I'm sorry." Hideo frowned slightly, "But I wanna go with you!" Aiko smiled and hugged him back, "Hideo, you're going to be able to go to college someday soon, but you're still in middle school. I'm sorry, but there's not much that I can do to help you." Hideo started to cry and Aiko frowned, hugging him tighter, "Hideo, it's not like I'm going away forever, I mean you can come and visit me any time you'd like, I'm just going to be staying at an apartment down the road is all, speaking of which, do we know who my roommate is?" Raiden sighed, "Well we do, but I don't like him."

Aiko tilted her head, "You don't like any boy that has hit on me." Raiden was taken aback, "That's not true, young lady!" Amaterasu sighed, "Your roommate is a Mus, who joined the Kitsune Security Forces, he's currently in training and he's a bit of a maverick at that..." Kimiko nodded as she walked into the room, "His full name is Xander Partanen, he's known for being able to get results when he actually does work with his superiors, but is generally known to work outside his paygrade as it's called." Amaterasu nodded slightly, "Also Raiden won't have to worry about him hitting on you, he shows no interest in women as far as I can tell, or at least any kitsune women." Raiden looked at her, and sighed, "Honey, why do you keep doing this to me, just... why?" Amaterasu chuckled, "Because you're so protective of our daughter, it's actually kind of cute."

Aiko nodded and watched as a Kensei walked in, the Kensei saluted them, "Lady Aiko, we've taken the liberty of moving your things to your new apartment, you have a new bed there and everything." Aiko nodded slightly and sighed, "I guess this is it... I'll come and visit when I can, I promise." Hideo cried harder and Kimiko pulled him off of Aiko with a sigh, "Come on little brother, she's not going away forever." Aiko hugged Raiden, "Daddy, I'm going to miss your cooking, you make the best breakfast." Raiden smiled, "I'll be sure to bring what I make to your apartment in the mornings, I promise." Aiko nodded and went to hug Amaterasu, who hugged her first, "Mommy?" Amaterasu kissed her on the forehead, "You are my daughter, I love you and I always will, and I promise that no matter what happens, you will always have a home here. If you need to get away from your roommate, you can always stay here for a bit."

Aiko smiled softly, "Thank you, Mommy." Amaterasu nodded and broke the hug, before giving her a sword, "You finished your swordsmanship training, even though you're not a fully fledged Kensei and I can't go to the permit office and get you a permit to carry this with you at all times... here is your first actual sword. Remember, my daughter, you are only to use this in self-defense and only when strictly necessary." Aiko nodded slightly as she took the sword, when she drew it, it had a faint golden glow to it and she smiled softly, "You blessed it, didn't you?" Amaterasu smiled softly, "It's reacting to your own mana. Though you haven't awakened, it reacts to you so that you know it's yours. Now, go on, Aiko. Make us proud of you." Aiko placed the sword back into its scabbard and onto her belt, before walking out the door backwards and waving, "I promise to make you all proud of me!" She sighed slightly as she left the temple, "Well time to get to my new apartment, I wonder if Xander is nice..."

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Chapter 2

A Mofeta woke up in the Temple of Justice, in Maan Valssi, he sighed slightly as he began to wonder where his partner was, as there wasn't any snoring going on, "Where could he be... I swear if he's out drinking again, I'm going to be upset." The Mofeta yawned and put on his clothes for the day, as a knight, he tried to look his best. He sighed slightly as he walked to the bathroom and washed his face, and combed his hair, so that he would look presentable. A female Kani looked at him, "Morning, Silvio." Silvio nodded slightly, "Good morning Annikki, have you seen Jorma around anywhere? He hasn't shown up and if he's getting drunk again, I'm going to be rather upset with him." Annikki sighed slightly, "You know, you should really loosen up, Silvio, I know that you come from the Mofeta Knights, but you should learn to have fun once in a while."

Silvio shrugged slightly, "I'm here to be trained as a Paladin, in all honesty, The time for fun can come later." A familiar voice spoke up, "They always did say that Mofeta made the best Paladins, but I never got to see it for myself." Silvio turned to see a Kani standing there, "Lady Maritaa?" Maritaa sighed slightly, "Silvio, you are too uptight for your own good, Paladins are capable of relaxation, you know..." Silvio nodded, "I know, but honestly, I think it's a waste of time to cut loose and get drunk for no reason, there has to be some sort of reasoning for it." Maritaa shrugged, "I will never understand the Mofeta knights, but it doesn't really matter very much, because my biological mom wants to see you and it's very important." Silvio nodded slightly, "Understood, milady."

Silvio walked out of the bathroom and headed to the main chamber of the Temple. He didn't know why Sinikka needed him so badly, but he was willing to do anything if she told him to do it, after all, she was the Deity of Justice and the one training him to be a Paladin. When he arrived, he knelt before her, "Milady Sinikka, Silvio Espina Mata reporting." Sinikka sighed slightly, "Silvio, you may rise, and it's not necessary to bow down to me." Silvio nodded slightly as he rose, "I understand, milady, but I am a knight and you are a deity." Sinikka nodded, "I know. Anyhow, I wish that I had better news to tell you." Silvio braced himself, "Yes, milady?" Sinikka sighed, "Sivilo, Jorma didn't make it back to the temple last night, he went out to get some food and meet up with his folks, but I talked to his folks, this morning, he never saw them."

Silvio nodded, "Is Jorma alright?" Sinikka shook her head, "Twenty-five minutes ago, the Kani Police alerted me to the fact that they have found Jorma's corpse in an alleyway, Judging from the state the body was in, and the fact that he never reached his folks, he died last night. Silvio, I'm sorry." Silvio nodded, he didn't like Jorma all that much, but his partner didn't deserve to die, "Milady, permission to pursue his killer and bring him in?" Sinikka blinked, she hadn't been expecting that since she knew of the arguments between the two, "Silvio?" Silvio sighed, "I didn't like him, he was always too carefree and honestly, a bit of a jerk to me, but he was still a person and my partner and he didn't deserve to be murdered. I want to bring his murderer before a court."

Sinikka nodded, "I understand, Silvio, but you are still a trainee." Silvio nodded slightly, "You once said that you had learned that the best way to learn experience is to actually go and do it yourself." Sinikka smiled, "Well, you have me there, Silvio." Silvio nodded slightly, "Of course, a Mofeta knight doesn't forget details like that." Sinikka laughed, "Alright, this is a little unorthodox, but for your safety, I will send you out with Paladin gear. You will find the armor offers greater protection than what you're used to and your sword will feel far better in your hands, and your shield will be a little bigger than you're normally used to, but it will offer far better protection." She looked over at Maritaa and motioned towards the hall, the younger Kani deity walked into the hall and soon emerged custom Paladin equipment.

Silvio started to put on his armor with the help of Maritaa, it wasn't like the old fashioned armor he was used to, instead it was more modernized, using the aesthetic of the older armor to be more pleasing on the eyes. He placed his sword on his belt and strapped his shield to his arm, "Thank you, Lady Sinikka, thank you for all of the help that you have given me." Sinikka nodded, "There is more I have to share with you. Sources have reported a suspicious figure was moving towards the Kitsune kingdom, at the rate of speed they were traveling, they would be within the kingdom itself, right now. However, you should go to the capitol city of Honoo, there you will meet someone that will be able to help you on your quest. Do not be surprised at who she is though, she's a close ally of the Paladin Order."

Silvio nodded slightly, "Thank you, milady. By your leave?" Sinikka nodded, "You may go, Silvio." Silvio bowed to her and left the temple as Sinikka and Maritaa watched. Maritaa sighed, "He's got a stick up his ass." Sinikka sighed, "Just leave it be, my daughter, he'll relax someday. Trust me, being like this all the time isn't good for his health." She pulled out a communicator and spoke into it, "Klaartje, I'm sending one of my Paladin trainees your way, I need you to help them out." The voice of a female spoke up, "Alright, Sinikka, thanks for the heads up, did you tell them not to be shocked at who I am?" Sinikka nodded, "Of course I did." The voice sighed in relief, "Good. Klaartje out." Maritaa closed her eyes, "So why did you send him out on this mission?" Sinikka sighed, "My daughter, the experience will do him good and working with people who are not knights might be able to loosen him up a bit. At any rate, it's breakfast time, I'm going to go down to the coffee shop and get a bite to eat."

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