Reaper's Eclipse


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160 Years After Verbanan Liberation(65 Years after Kitsune Civil War)

Yoshiro walked into Fumio's temple, he held a Menschilche pistol hidden in his coat holster and smiled as he turned to Katriina, "Great-grandfather is going to make everything better, you'll see." Katriina nodded, she had hidden her true purpose for being here, she didn't trust Yoshiro, something was off about him, something she had sensed about him ever since they first met. The two of them walked through the hallways of the temple, headed for the main chamber. Yoshiro pointed towards one of the paintings, "I remember the day that Grandmother went out and acquired that for her father. It was a very good painting and Great-grandfather was very thrilled about the fact that she had gotten him that for his birthday." Katriina nodded slightly and continued to walk alongside Yoshiro, a weapon in her doublet ready, in case her suspicions were true. The two of them reached a door and Yoshiro looked at it, "Well, we're here. Time to complete my awakening."

Katriina nodded as Yoshiro pushed open the door and Fumio nodded, "Come in." Yoshiro walked in, and no sooner did Katriina enter behind him did the doors slam shut. Yoshiro looked back, "I'm not familiar with the ritual of how one completes an awakening, but I'm fairly certain that this isn't how it is done." Fumio smiled, "Of course not, deathblood. You're dying today." Yoshiro turned to look at Fumio, his hand reaching for his pistol, "Are you sure you wish to speak those very words, Great-grandfather?" Fumio nodded, "Of course, I know the kind of blood that flows through your veins, you're a product of Emiko, the accursed deity of death." Yoshiro placed his hand on the grip of his pistol, "Are you sure that you wish to continue to make that claim, Fumio?" Fumio motioned towards on of his own guards and pointed at Yoshiro, who quickly drew his pistol and shot said guard in the throat, "Let me rephrase that."

Yoshiro watched Katriina reach into her doublet and aimed his pistol at her, "You're going to betray me as well?" Katriina looked at him and spoke without hesitation, "I was never your friend, Yoshiro. I'm here to protect the deity of life." Fumio walked over towards Yoshiro, "You can't kill me. So just put that little toy away, Yoshiro." Yoshiro looked at Fumio and then swiftly moved to grab one of the handmaidens around the room, placing the weapon to her temple, "Anyone moves in a way that I don't like, this woman is going to get an amateur lobotomy." Fumio looked at him, "You insolent little cretin, you leave her out of this. I will indulge you, a one versus one. However, because I'm a deity, this means that you cannot kill me, so... if you draw blood, I will let you go." Yoshiro looked at Fumio and merely tightened his grip, "How stupid do you think I am? Your word is worthless."

Fumio growled, "You insolent little whelp, I gave you a chance to get out of this situation alive. You are in defiance of deity of life, I am all powerful when it comes to my aspect." Yoshiro knew what those very words meant, Fumio was no longer under any protection for the next five hundred years or his next reincarnation was born, whichever happened first. He aimed his pistol for Fumio's forehead and squeezed the trigger. When it was done, Yoshiro let go of the handmaiden and looked around, "By Verbanan law, I am absolved of any crimes that happened during this incident, which means you have to let me go and..." He turned to look at Katriina, "You cannot use that dagger you brought with you." Katriina looked at him, "I'll stop you, whatever the cost." Yoshiro smirked, "That's nice, Katriina. You merely achieved one thing... I have no friends and allies in this world and if that's the case, every one of you is my enemy."

355 Years After Verbanan Liberation, on a Menschilche Planet

Yoshiko looked around her surroundings, she had no idea why she was far stronger, faster or had more endurance than her other Kitsune counterparts, but she played with them nonetheless, she was happy to have friends her age. As she and the other Kitsune were playing, a Menschilche Man walked over, "Yoshiko, it's time to go back home, I have something important to show you." Yoshiko nodded and walked over to the man, "Alright, Daddy." The man picked her up and smiled, "Did you have fun with the others?" Yoshiko nodded, "Yes, Daddy." The man smiled more and nodded, "That's good to hear, little one." Yoshiko hugged him and smiled, "What do you have to show me?" The man frowned, "It's about your birth, Yoshiko. I just hope that you'll be alright with it." Yoshiko leaned back to look the man in the eye, "Why would I not be alright with it?"

The man entered his house where Sumiko was sitting, he handed Yoshiko to her and sat down, "You were cloned from the offspring of Project Kawal." Yoshiko nodded, "I'm a clone, what does that mean?" The man sighed, "You were created using an existing genetic sample of a Kitsune from Verbana. It might be a bit hard for you to swallow, but you're not a fake, nor a mere copy. I ensured that you would be your own individual person with your own identity." Yoshiko nodded, she didn't entirely understand, but she tried to anyhow. Sumiko frowned, "Cornelis, do we have to show her?" Cornelis nodded and handed a datapad to Yoshiko, "This is who you were cloned from." Yoshiko took the datapad and read it, she frowned and the frown only grew deeper as she read on, "He's an evil man, Daddy. I don't want to be evil."

Cornelis nodded and ruffled Yoshiko's hair, "You don't ever have to be if you don't want to. He chose to do the things he did." Yoshiko nodded, "I want to stop him." Cornelis nodded, "I understand, but Yoshiko, you're only forty years old, you're still a child and wouldn't be able to do much against him. You'll have to wait until you're older and better trained to handle such a task." Sumiko frowned, "Cornelis, is it really a good idea to send our daughter after a man that is known widely, even over here, as the Grim Reaper?" Cornelis sighed, "We may have no choice when she becomes an adult, Sumiko." Yoshiko nodded, "Daddy, I can wait til I'm older and better trained to handle such a thing." Sumiko hugged Yoshiko tightly, not wanting to let go of her daughter, "Do you understand what you're saying?" Yoshiko nodded, "He's a bad man, he needs to be stopped..."

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Chapter 1

480 Years After Verbana's Liberation

Yoshiko stood in the middle of a chamber within a castle, her opponent stood before her and she raised her sword in a defensive position within the Kensei fighting style. The opponent raised his hand and she used time dilation to slow her perception of time, as lightning arced across the fingertips. Yoshiko moved out of the way and looked into the ice blue eyes of her attacker as she threw a fireball back at him, catching the Kitsune in the chest. She raised her shield and advanced towards her opponent who growled and pulled out a pistol, she smirked as this eventuality presented her with an opportunity, she focused her magic into the pistol and solidified the light magic. The opponent looked at the pistol in shock as she rushed him and impaled him through the neck with her sword. The holographic castle chamber dissolved as did the hologram of her opponent as an elderly Cornelis walked in, clapping, "You did well, my daughter."

Yoshiko sheathed her sword, "These weapons and this armor are of Menschilche make, the Verbanans will not accept me as their own." Cornelis nodded, "I know, but... I think it's time for you to meet someone." A male kitsune walked into the room and Yoshiko looked at Cornelis, "I know you wish to become a grandfather before you pass away, but I'm not interested in getting married!" The kitsune placed a hand to his chest, "I am Mamoru Misawa, I was the one that started the Kitsune Civil War before you were born and I am responsible for this entire mess. If it wasn't for me, Yoshiro wouldn't have killed my son and his own brother. His mind wouldn't have fractured the way it did, and events could've taken a better course, maybe he'd still be a frighteningly effective sniper, but he'd do it to protect people instead of harm them."

Cornelis nodded, "Mamoru here was recovered outside of the Kitsune Kingdom, a long time ago." Mamrou sighed, "I've been watching you grow as a warrior, Yoshiko. You've learned the styles of the Leo Menschilche and the Kensei, but you'll need more than that to defeat Yoshiro as he is now." Yoshiko nodded, "Then what will I need to train in." Mamoru walked over towards her and she tensed up, placing her hand on her weapon, "Yoshiro is the man who killed Project Kawal." Yoshiko nodded, "But I was designed to be even more powerful than Kawal was." Mamoru nodded, "Yes, and you rely heavily on your enhanced abilities. However, there is an aspect of combat that you seem to neglect. You're a very smart woman, but you don't try to outwit your opponent. You seem to prefer to fight them straight on, Yoshiro will not give you the same courtesy."

Yoshiko nodded, "I figured if I'm faster and stronger than my opponent, then I'll always win." Mamoru shook his head, "No, there are enemies who can use that against you. Your speed and power would become a hindrance, rather than a help. I will accompany you to Verbana, Yoshiko." Yoshiko looked at Cornelis, "What about Mother and Father?" Mamoru closed his eyes, "Your mother will temporarily stay on Eltirana, it is not safe for her to be on Verbana. As for your father, he doesn't have much longer to live." Yoshiko looked to Cornelis, "Is... this true, Father?" Cornelis nodded, "Yes, however, it is my greatest wish to see that monster destroyed, Yoshiko. I don't want you to mourn for me, until the battle has been won and Verbana is at peace."

Yoshiko nodded and hugged Cornelis, "Father..." Cornelis smiled and hugged back, "Even though creating you was illegal, you were the best thing I ever made." A tear rolled down Yoshiko's cheek, "Thank you, Father." Mamoru looked over, "Yoshiko, take all the time you need, alright. Verbana isn't going anywhere." Yoshiko nodded and broke the hug, looking into Cornelis' eyes, "Father, I thought the Sagittarius Menschilche helped the Leo Menschilche take Verbana almost fifteen hundred years ago..." Cornelis nodded, "My ancestors did help the Leo faction, but a pair of Leo faction Menschilche opened my eyes. Though they had been adopted into the Virgo faction, I recognized their markings. Seth can in a way, be described as one of your parents, as it was his murder that led to Yoshiro's tissue sample being gathered for your creation. Noah would be your uncle in that case, he's the founder of the Serpentarius faction, they will be your allies in this endeavor."

Yoshiko nodded slightly, "So I go to talk to the Serpentarius faction, and then go to Verbana?" Cornelis shook his head, "No, Yoshiko. They will meet you in orbit. There is something I wish to give you, something that I want you to remember me by." Cornelis pulled out a pendant, "Here, wear this around your neck and I will be with you always, my child." Yoshiko took the pendant and placed it around her neck, "Thank you, Father." Cornelis nodded, "You're welcome, my daughter." He placed his hand against her cheek, "I love you, Yoshiko, I always will, no matter what happens." Yoshiko nodded, "I promise to make you proud of me, Father." Cornelis smiled widely, "You don't understand, Yoshiko, you already have. You were always free to choose your own destiny, your own path in life and you chose to fight to protect people against a monster like Yoshiro."

Mamoru spoke up, "I hate to break this up, but we need to head on out." Yoshiko hugged her father one last time and walked over to Mamoru. The two of them walked out of the room and into a hallway as Mamoru spoke up, "Yoshiko, the Verbanans aren't going to trust either of us when we get there, that's why we're taking troops with us, so that we'll have some sort of a military force to fight against Yoshiro and his army." Yoshiko nodded, "I'm familiar with what the Leo faction did to Verbana, and I'm familiar with your history as well, Mamoru. Though it will be a difficult endeavor, we must see it through to the end." Mamoru nodded as they walked into a hangar, which housed a shuttle, "You speak well, Yoshiko, but tell me, are you going to see this through to the end?" Yoshiko didn't answer, she merely stepped onto the shuttle and Mamoru smiled as he climbed in, "You have chosen actions over words, a good choice."

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Chapter 2

Rogelio looked at the base that Yoshiro had built in conquered Mofeta territory and sighed as he pointed towards the front gate with his only hand, "Place the bombs there." One of the troops looked at him, "Sir, with all due respect... won't Yoshiro be expecting this?" Rogelio nodded, "Of course, you don't have a guerilla resistance for centuries without him knowing our tactics." Technicians placed the bombs on the gate and everyone retreated to a safe distance. Rogelio placed his hand up to signal the hidden archers to ready their arrows to be drawn back. As the bombs were detonated, he stood out in the open, knowing that Yoshiro's men wouldn't open fire on him as to Yoshiro's knowledge, he wasn't part of the resistance. As the soldiers came out, Rogelio closed his fist and arrows started flying towards the soldiers and Rogelio ducked behind a tree to hide from the firefight that erupted.

Rogelio hung back as the soldiers rushed in as the arrows stopped and engaged the enemy soldiers that remained. The Mofetian resistance soldiers were able to easily overpower the forces of Yoshiro and slay every soldier to the last. When the sounds of fighting stopped, Rogelio walked out to see a new group of soldiers approaching them. Rogelio became uneasy, but stopped when he recognized the uniform of a Kani Paladin, "Kauko's forces are coming, show them respect." The Kani shook its head and walked over to Rogelio in particular, "Not Kauko." Rogelio nodded, "Katriina then." Katriina took her helmet off and frowned, "You sure caused a lot of damage here, Rogelio." Rogelio nodded, "Yeah, Yoshiro doesn't know that I'm part of the Mofetian resistance movement. So I was a natural choice to lead the group, even more so than our own king." Katriina nodded slightly, "Yeah... however..."

Rogelio watched as Katriina drew her sword and placed the blade to his neck, "How can I be sure that you're not a spy?" Rogelio closed his eye, "Simple, Katriina. Yoshiro cut out my eye and cut off my arm as punishment for my betrayal of him. He let me live, seeing that I would suffer more than if I died. To me, the Yoshiro that I chose to serve died a long time ago, this annulled my Life Debt to him." Katriina didn't lower her sword, "Yet he is clearly alive, you failed to kill him." Rogelio nodded, "Unfortunate, yes. I honestly should've tried harder to kill that monster." Katriina looked into his eye, "Open your eye and look at me." Rogelio opened his eye and did as Katriina said, "Alright." Katriina kept her blade steady against Rogelio's neck, "Now swear an oath to me." Rogelio nodded, "What is your aspect?" Katriina smiled slightly, "Honor."

Rogelio pointed towards the sword, "It's a bit hard to kneel with this thing at my neck." Katriina nodded and removed the sword from Rogelio's neck, Rogelio knelt before her and placed his arm across his chest, "I, Rogelio Sanez Lorca, of the Mofetian Paladins, hereby swear an oath to serve Katriina, the Demi-Deity of Honor and the daughter of Sinikka, the Deity of Justice and the one who appointed me as a Paladin." Katriina nodded slightly and sheathed her weapon, "You may rise, Sir Sanez Lorca." Rogelio rose to his feet and looked into her eyes, "Thank you, milady, but keep in mind that I serve your mother, first and foremost." Katriina nodded, "It is impressive that you managed to become a Paladin, especially while serving that monster." Rogelio nodded, "I only became a Paladin after I betrayed him."

Katriina nodded slightly, "I should've tried to protect him from Fumio... maybe all of this wouldn't happen and Seija would be alive still." Rogelio nodded slightly, "I understand how you feel Lady Katriina, but you must realize the fact that we cannot change our past, we can only alter the course of our future." Katriina looked at the base, which both her troops and Rogelio's troops were raiding and getting the supplies from, "I think the Mofetian resistance should join the rest of us in the Mus Kingdom. Yoshiro won't be too happy with what you've done to this base and will strike even harder against the Mofetian resistance." Rogelio looked towards his men, "Honestly, the decision is up to them. I'm merely their commanding officer, I'm not their king or anything." Katriina frowned slightly, "Yeah, Rogelio, we could use someone with your expertise on our side. We could really do some damage and start taking territory for once."

Rogelio shook his head, "We're still using technology from the days before our ancestors were enslaved by the Menschilche in terms of weaponry. The same goes for his frontier forces. The main force is equipped with Menschilche type equipment and we don't stand much of a chance against that without the same kind of equipment of our own." Katriina sighed, "I know, but we can't rely on the Menschilche, not like I'd want them on this planet anyhow, they're nothing but trouble." Rogelio placed his hand on the eyepatch he wore and sighed a bit, "Well, it's not like it'd matter much. Having to deal with this or be enslaved by the Menschilche again are both terrible choices and I'd rather not have to pick between the two if I had a choice." Katriina laughed, "That's good wisdom right there, Rogelio."

Rogelio closed his eye again, "If only there were some way we could call for aid on the other side of the ocean. He's never been able to hold territory over there for long, because of logistical issues." Katriina nodded, "Getting supplies to your troops and getting more troops deployed is a nightmare when you're doing an invasion by the ocean. It'd probably be easier for him to just raze the cities he's targeting and be done with the whole thing." Rogelio nodded slightly, "Though it would be easier, he's looking at the strategical value of holding the cities, and as a foothold on a new continent, they look too good to destroy. Katriina sighed slightly, "Looks like the carts are full, come on, Rogelio." Rogelio nodded and looked at one of his lieutenants, "I'm going to go with her, alright?" The lieutenant nodded, "Alright, sir. We heard what you said and we agree, we'll talk to the king when we get back and try to move to group up with the other resistance movements." Rogelio smiled slightly, "Thank you."

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