A Hostile First Encounter


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**19,500 Years Ago**

An Aries Menschilche was disgusted with the failures that his faction had created, these genetically engineered Super Soldiers were supposed to be hyper intelligent and much stronger than any Menschilche. However they only fulfilled the second one, while their lifespan was much shorter. The only other good news is that these new Super Soldiers were very adaptable and seemed to evolve adaptations rather quickly. He watched as the creatures banged rocks together and looked at sticks rather dumbfounded about them, they were worthless. He had asked for dragonslayers, not idiots that couldn't potentially figure out what a dragon was!

The Menschilche slammed his fist on the table, "Dammit!" Another Menschilche looked at him, "Director, what's wrong?" The Director looked at her, "These are another batch of failures! At this rate the Dragons are going to win the war against us and there's nothing that we can do about this!" The female Menschilche nodded her head and looked at a datapad, "What do you propose we do, release these failures into this world with the hope that they will die?" The Director nodded, "Of course." Suddenly a door opened behind the Super Soldiers and they fled from the cage that they were in.

The director sighed and grabbed his drink, he didn't enjoy alcohol that much, but he was frustrated to the point where he didn't care. He downed the drink and though it burned all the way down, he didn't even show any reaction. The Female Menschilche sighed, "We have another batch." The Director sighed, "If they're not what we want, release them onto this world." The female nodded and walked out of the room, the Director sighed and pressed a button on his desk, "We're packing up and leaving this planet. Leave no technology for these failures to utilize. We don't want them trying to use our weapons against us." The Director sighed and looked at the Super Soldiers that sat out there, "Dammit. Where did we go wrong."

The director walked towards the hangar and got onto his personal shuttle, "I'll be glad to get off this damned planet." The Director noticed blood in the cockpit and sighed, "What the fuck is going on here? Can my day get any worse!?" Suddenly a Super Soldier rushed him with a club and started beating him to death. Though the Director tried to scream, he was much too weak to fight the Super Soldier off, "I created you! You will stop this at once!" The Super Soldier kept beating him to death, "Me Human! Me kill you!" The human didn't stop beating the director, until he saw blood leak out of his bashed in skull, he left the shuttle leaving the two corpses in it.

The female Secretary walked into the hangar and noticed the shuttle was still on the landing pad. This was extremely unusual for the director, but she noticed that the door was open on the back which worried her greatly. She walked carefully, "Director?" She paid attention to her surroundings, and was hoping that nothing was going to hurt her. She knew that no dragons were out this far, but she couldn't be too careful as things on this planet could still kill her. When she got to the door of the shuttle, she saw blood and feared the worst, but nothing could prepare her for the sight she was about to see. She climbed in and saw the director laying there, his skull bashed in and cracked open, blood everywhere.

She screamed loudly and a security team came to her position, "What is it!?" She pointed at the Director's corpse, hysterical. One of the guards sighed, "Looks like they weren't total failures after all." Still he gave his order to leave this planet and leave them to their fate. Come, we won't let them hurt you." The Secretary nodded as they boarded a shuttle, the security team made sure that there were no rogue humans on board. Within minutes the shuttle took off and she was heading for the cruiser in orbit. She looked back at the planet, angry and upset that her lover had been killed. She wasn't going to miss this planet any time soon, and she knew that after she had given her report to the Emperor, this planet would no longer be part of Menschilche territory...

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Chapter 1

**Present Day**

A redheaded female human sat in the captain's chair of a battleship. She had no idea why she was being sent out like this to a world that they had discovered thirty years ago, but she had her orders. She did enjoy her job as it meant that she could explore the cosmos, but she didn't like when she wasn't given a reason for it. She leaned her head against her hand and sighed slightly, "Helm, how long until we reach this planet?" The helmsman looked at her, "About twenty minutes, Captain." The Captain nodded slightly and looked at the ceiling, "About time." Her first officer looked at her, "Captain, permission to speak freely?"

The Captain nodded, "Always, Number One." The first officer sighed, "Listen, I've known you longer than anyone here. I can tell that something's bothering you, do you wish to share it with me?" The Captain sighed, "Number One, follow me to my ready room." She stood up and walked over to the ready room with her first officer in tow. She sat down at her desk and looked at her First officer, "Thomas, I'll be honest, I'm concerned that we have been given no reasoning for our orders. We've just been told to go to this planet and destroy any military presence near or on it. This is our chance to have first contact with an alien species and yet our leaders wish to fuck it up by having us attack first! It seems like we're some sort of sacrificial lambs!"

Thomas nodded, "Stephanie..." Stephanie glared at him, "It's Captain as long as we are on this ship." Thomas sighed, "Sorry, Captain. But we've never gone against orders before." Stephanie nodded, "I know, that's the soldier's job. We're supposed to follow orders, not question them. But I keep thinking, what if there's no military base on the planet, what if it's just a civilian colony. From images, we can tell their technology is advanced, similar to the images we received weeks ago." Thomas nodded and the comms on her desk cracked to life, "Captain, we're disengaging the FTL drive now." Stephanie sighed, "We'll continue this later." She pressed the button on the comms, "Understood. I'll be on the bridge in a minute."

Stephanie walked out of her ready room and she sighed as the viewport showed a planet that was not unlike another planet in her star system, it was a bit reddish, but there was obviously a terraforming project underway to make it habitable. However, she didn't have very long to gaze at the planet when six ships of unknown design came into view. The tactical officer spoke up, "Captain, their ships are projecting an energy field and their weapons are online!" Stephanie sighed, she wanted to try a diplomatic route, "Open a channel!" The comms officer looked at her, "Captain, we have our orders. You are to destroy any military presence here." Stephanie looked at him, "And you have your orders. I will assume full responsibility for the actions of this crew."

No sooner did the comms officer turn back to his console, did missiles fly in front of her viewport from the rest of the fleet at the unknown ships. For some reason they passed straight through the energy field and slammed into the ships, damaging them heavily. Stephanie slammed her hand on her armrest, "Dammit!" She felt like there was no dignity within her fleet anymore. She had wanted to try for a diplomatic solution and now it was blown completely out of the water. She watched as gravity took hold of the mysterious ships as a voice spoke up on her comms, "You... bastards... we were trying... to reach you..." There was a coughing sound, "we were... expecting the Menschilche... not... you..."

The sound cut off and Stephanie watched as the ships fell towards the colony that was on the planet, however, she heard her tactical officer speak, "The rest of the fleet is bombarding the colony. Do you wish to join them." Stephanie knew deep down that it wasn't a military installation on the planet, but a civilian colony, the terraforming of the planet supported that. She felt absolutely sick as she watched the colony burn, but she also knew that she couldn't do anything if she wanted to. If she tried to fight her own fleet, she would surely lose. If she tried to run, she would be hunted down and killed. She felt like her only form of justice would be to stay here and be found by and captured by this strange alien race.

Stephanie got up out of her chair and walked to her ready room, locking the door behind her. She grabbed her trash can and puked in it, the idea that she was at least partially responsible for the deaths of innocent men, women and children was too much for her to bear. She knew that she should've done something to stop this, but she was too uncertain if this new race was even hostile or not. She knew that as a leader, she had failed by not relaying her wishes to the rest of the fleet. She wiped her mouth and looked out of her window at the stars outside. She sighed and pressed the button on her comms, "Tell the rest of the fleet to return to Terra." A voice on the other side spoke, "May I ask why, Captain?"

Stephanie closed her eyes, "Because, this wasn't this race's homeworld. We know that. We also have very little intel on their military capabilities and I refuse to allow the fleet to be destroyed, just because we lack any sort of intelligence on our new enemy." She released the button and sighed slightly as she watched the fleet turn around from her window and engage their FTL drives. She placed her finger on the comms, "We're going to stay here for a bit. Wait for the people who founded this colony to come here. Surely they're going to know that they've been attacked. If our command wants a sacrificial lamb, I will gladly be it. However, I will ask you all to surrender yourselves. I would not see you die on this day..." She let go of the button and turned it off. Sighing, she looked up at the ceiling, feeling like she had made the worst mistake of her life.

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Chapter 2

Yoshiro sat in the council chamber on Lodestar, it had been four hours since the brutal attack on the Verbanan Colony. For the first time in history, all of the leaders of both Verbana and Eltirana were in the same chamber. Everyone had brought one or two others with them. Yoshiro looked up at a humanoid with gold skin, golden hair, green reptilian eyes as well as a Dragon's tail and wings. He wasn't surprised that he was picked for the speakership of the Eltiranans, after all he was pretty much the leader of all Eltirana, just for being a Gold Dragon. The Dragon spoke up, "Have the Verbanans chosen a speaker yet?" Yoshiro sighed and stood up, "I nominate Kauko Aaltonen for Speaker for Verbana."

A Mermaid king looked at him, "What about for us sea dwelling creatures!?" Yoshiro looked at the mermaid who was in a tank of water, "One of our colonies were destroyed and your first instinct is to start shit here!? There are more important things to do than bicker and fight like petty children!" The Mermaid king looked at him, "Come over here and say that, Yoshiro! Don't think that just because you're married to a sea elf that I can't drown you!" A hand slammed down onto the table, and a rather growling voice spoke up, "Both of you! Calm the fuck down!" Yoshiro looked to see the Centaur King and his bodyguard, Walthari and he sat down with a sigh. The Gold Dragon spoke, "If there are no more interruptions, I would like to continue."

Yoshiro got an idea and stood up, "Excuse me, Speaker Stephanus, may I have the floor for an issue that I wish to bring up first?" Stephanus looked at him, "What is the issue?" Yoshiro sighed and closed his eyes, "Stephanus, I know the timing isn't right for this, what with a Verbanan Colony being destroyed, with the deaths of 3000 Verbanan Civilians, 15 Eltiranan Soldiers and 760 Verbanan Soldiers. But, there may never be another time where all of us are in the same room." Stephanus nodded, "If it is what I think it is, you may go ahead." Everyone in the room looked at Yoshiro who became a little nervous, talking to his people was easy in comparison to this, and there were only 272 different people in here.

Kauko stood up and placed his hand on Yoshiro's shoulder, "I'll say it for you if you want me to." Yoshiro nodded and sat back down, as Kauko pointed towards the twelve Eltiranan leaders, "The twelve of you lead the twelve factions of Eltirana, and the rest of us lead the nations of Verbana. Long have we occupied the same binary star system, but only recently have we had contact. Any threat posed to one world is a threat to the other. We've learned this long ago when our planets were overrun by the Menschilche and our peoples enslaved. Yet, no effort has been made by Eltiranan nor Verbanan to attempt to unify ourselves as a star system, instead of just two individual planets."

Yoshiro smiled softly at what Kauko was saying as Kauko continued, "I do not ask you as a Speaker for the Verbanans, nor do I ask you as a King of my Nation. I ask you merely as a Paladin of Sinikka, as Kauko Aaltonen. Please, let us form an alliance and together move towards the future." Stephanus nodded, "Our military is currently small and we would not be able to help you in this conflict, is that acceptable?" Kauko nodded, "That is acceptable, Stephanus." Stephanus placed his hand on his chin, "What would it be called then?" Yoshiro spoke up, "The Eltiranan-Verbanan Alliance." A humanoid with blonde hair, green eyes and ram horns on her head looked at Yoshiro, "Being Verbanan, I thought you would've proposed Verbanan-Eltiranan..."

Yoshiro looked at her, "It doesn't roll off the tongue as well, Tamara." Stephanus nodded, "Quite. All for the alliance between our two worlds?" Yoshiro, Kauko and almost everyone's hands went up. Stephanus counted out, "Alright, two hundred and sixty-seven. All opposed?" Everyone's hands went down but four of them went up. Stephanus sighed, "Kaori, do you abstain?" A female Fennikusu looked at him, "I apologize, I'm a Theocrat and do not wish to make that decision without consulting with my deity first." Stephanus nodded, "Understandable, motion carries, we are now in a system alliance." Yoshiro smiled, however Kauko spoke up, "For the next order of business, declaring formal war against the aliens that attacked our colony."

Yoshiro sighed and stood up, "I oppose this idea." Kauko looked at him, "Why? They murdered innocents." Yoshiro closed his eyes, "Because I know more about humans than all of you do." Everyone looked at him and Yoshiro's hands balled into fists as he held back tears, "These are people who were genetically engineered to be super soldiers. They were literally created for war, their technological level is below our own, so I doubt they had scanners that could tell the difference between a civilian colony and a military installation. They probably saw our ships in orbit, which had their shields up and weapons ready to fire, and panicked." Kauko sighed, "Still, the point were that civilians were killed... all Verbanans that wish to declare formal war against this Human Military raise your hands."

Yoshiro opened his eyes to see a vast majority of hands go up, but to his shock, Kauko's hand didn't go up. He wasn't exactly shocked to see Kaori's or Masaru's stay down either. A few other royals that he recognized had their hands down, but a rather large Lupine had his hand up, "Bruno... you're the last person I'd expect to want to go to war." Bruno sighed, "I support attacking their military, not their civilians. Plus, we Lupines are natural born warriors." Kauko spoke up, "Hands down." Everyone's hands went down as Kauko continued, "All who oppose, hands up." Everyone who didn't agree with war put their hands up and Kauko looked down, "Motion carries, Verbana will go to war with the humans."

Yoshiro slammed his fist on the table, "All who opposed this war, I want a vote to see if we support it with troops or resources! All who are in favor of doing so, raise your hands!" No one's hand went up. Yoshiro sighed, "All who are in favor of staying out of the conflict, raise your hands." All the people who opposed going to war raised their hand. This filled Yoshiro with a little bit of hope, however a voice to his left spoke in a heavy Mofetian accent, "Of course, the cowardly Kitsune doesn't wish to hurt someone." Yoshiro sighed, recognizing that voice as to belonging to Rogelio's father, Arturo.

He tried to ignore it and started to walk out of the chamber, when suddenly Arturo spoke up again, "You're nothing but a fucking coward and that's why Katriina died! She killed herself so that she wouldn't have to deal with your ass" Every bit of Yoshiro's sadness turned into rage and he spoke coldly, "Arturo?" The Mofeta spoke up, "Yes, coward?" Yoshiro turned to him and glared at him, "If you ever speak ill of my late best friend ever again, I swear to whatever deity you worship, I will end your life." Yoshiro didn't even give Arturo a chance to speak, he knew that if he stayed in the room he would try to make Rogelio fatherless.

As Yoshiro left the room, Rogelio looked at him, "Arturo, Milord?" Yoshiro nodded, "We're staying out of the war, Rogelio." Rogelio sighed, he was happy that he wasn't going to go to war with the humans, but he was upset that his own biological father was continuing to antagonize Yoshiro, even after hundreds of years have passed since their first meeting, "Come on, Lord Yoshiro, let's go back home." Yoshiro nodded and looked up at the stars from the dome of Lodestar, "That sounds good, Rogelio. But... I wonder, what if we never were enslaved, where would we be?" Rogelio looked at him, it was a good question, "To be honest, Milord. I have no idea." Yoshiro chuckled, "That's a good answer, Rogelio." The two of them smiled and walked towards the hangar to return home.

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