The Life Of A Sad Little Girl :(


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im 12 years old I have 2 brothers they are called Jack and Logan I also have 2 sisters too Darcie and Ava-Lilly. They are all younger than me my mum is called Rachel and well my dad is called Mick but he left me when I was a little baby well he dident leave me he just did something bad and went to jail and when he got out exactly last year he never came to see me. But there is one happy thing in my life and

They are my friends: Lauren mainly but something that made me extra special came and that was my boyfriend his name is Lewis. We have been in a relationship for 4 months and 2 weeks! He is the best thing ever and I love him! That's he end of this introduction but if you haven't relised this is about me and that's my life exactly! 

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When I was born :)

When I was born on the 15th of June 2004 I weighed 4 pound, I was not heavy and when I was 1 week old I started being a very mardy baby as my mum always said. But the happiest thing in my childhood was when I was 3 I got a dog, staffi, I called her Cleo she was amazing she was my best friend and I loved her until I was 4 and my brother Logan was born on the 4th of April 2008. He was a very cute baby and very quite too but when he was 8 and I was 12 we had another brother called Jack. He was another quite child but after that my mum had a very hard relationship and was abused so me, Logan and Jack got took off our mum. I went to live with my nan and grandad while Logan went with his dad BTW we all had different dads and Jack well he went into care so we could not see him and we still can't in 2017! 

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Something else! :)

 After we were took off of our mum she had a little girl called Darcie she was born on the 11th of October 2013 and her dad and our mum also had another bad relationship but then mum found a man who had our newest sister called Ava-Lilly who weighed 6 pounds and up to now she is a mardy baby like how I was when I was a baby but my mum said she has everything about me right now but when she grows up I know she will look exactly like her dad. And our little brother Jack does not know he has 2 little sisters Darcie and Ava-Lilly but hopefully we all will get to meet and be a happy family again but as we were took off of mum by court order they say we will be able to meet Jack when he is 16! But also Darcie and Ava-Lilly do not know they have a brother  they only know of Logan as their brother but when they are older hope they will be able to meet Jack! 

This is the end of my book not long but hopefull some people will read this and think that some people have bad lives! And yes I'm 12 years old and I wrote this and I'm happy to share my life with people that read this! 

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