Something New, Something Old


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 I am new to this school. Of course you can say I'm an immigrant, but I come from Russia. Although I am not Christen I come in peace. I am a Jew and I am proud. I had to flew from there so I don't get killed. So sad that my dad from my moms side died. His name was Elica. I hope and dream to become a writer. But I hardly know English.

 I go in this rover. I sit next to this girl since she is my partner. " Hi, my name is Azire!" I said trying to get out the worms. The girl covers her head with a piece of cloth. " You, have ringworm?" I ask. By the look of her face I might have said it wrong. I my turns red like a baby tomatoe. I look down at my fleece shoes.

 I see this big bricked house. " That is a school." The girl whispered. I nod. That is how you say yes or respond. " Note that it isn't that big." She says. That big? I would have loved living here! It is like. Mansion! Those Russian peasants live in big houses like this. I walk slowly with her. " What is your name?" I ask. " Cheerie." 

 " Students, we have a new classmate!" I bright headed Woman exclaimed. My heart was pounding in my chest. I hated talking out loud to a body of kids. Will they make fun of an hopeless immigrant? Will they laugh and say I'm a jew? " What is your name, sweetheart?" She asked. " Azire." I whispered. " Azire what type of name is that?" Cheerie shouted. What. I thought she was my friend. I sat down in a brown blank table. I was at least thankful.

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