The Blades of Mercy


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The Beginning

There was once a time, long ago. When the world was a peaceful place with little war or conflict, but one day. One man, changed that forever.

 "Oh my god you're so slow!" Said Alex, a brown haired boy who was only 10, as he ran into the field. It was a hot summer day at about noon. "Why dont you help me collect flowers for mom?" Said Jack, Alex's older brother who had black hair and was 13.  

"Their so beautiful!" 

"Wow! I never knew someone could be so boring" exclaimed Alex.

 "Jeez you could have just said no." Alex continued to run into the field while Jack slowly followed, still collecting flowers. "Ow!" Alex exclaimed, Jack looked up to see Alex on the ground crying, Alex had tripped over a rock covered in grass and scraped his knee, Jack ran over and helped him up, "Maybe we should head back to the village"

"Yea, your right" they both started heading back to the village as Jack was sorting out his flowers. Jack handed Alex some flowers "Here, give this to mom, She'll appreciate it."


The village of Honimoku was very small with very few  houses. Everyone knew eachother there, they entered the home and saw their mom on her bed coughing. Alex walked over and handed her the flowers.

"Thanks Ali"

Alex nodded and went into his room. "Jack, when im gone, promise me you'll keep him safe"

"Dont say that!" 

She smiled softly and told him to let her rest, he went outside to visit his mentor, Kiami. He knocked on the door and was greeted with a "Hello!" Jack stepped back and apologizes for the intrusion. 

"Oh its quite alright" the old man said.

"Can i talk to you for a second?"

"Oh, of course! Come in!" Jack stepped in the house to see a table with 4 chairs at it, the man gestured for him too sit down as he took a seat.

"So what is it i can do for you?"

"Well, im a little worried, as you probably know my mother is very sick and wont be here much longer and im scared."

The man sighs and says "Listen, losing a member of your family is never easy and it is hard to bear the thought of, the best thing you can do now is try to not think about it too much." 

"Yea your right, Thanks!"


Jack stood up and exited the house at this point is was getting dark, he decided to get home and go to sleep... Jack awoke the next morning to Alex screaming and crying, Jack stood up and ran too the noise. It was coming from his mothers room, he entered the room and saw Alex at his mothers feet crying as she lay there lifeless, with flowers laying there beside her. Jack ran to his mother and looked at her face, he knew she was dead, but he didn't want to admit it. "MOM!" he screamed... but no answer. Jack, who had began to cry, grabs Alex and runs out of the house.

"Jack! What happened? Are you ok?" Kiami exclaimed.

"Its mom! Shes dead!"

 He grabbed Jack and Alex and told them its alright.

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