Summer Of '96


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 I awoke at 4am to ambulance sirens. I later heard footsteps running up the apartment stair. I later found out that the ambulance was for my mother...

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Chapter One

 I spent a week in the hospital with my mother before she died. I didn't know if she could hear me or not. But, I spent a week sleeping in a chair right next to her. 

My father came to visit and give me food before and after work. 

Then, it happened. It was at midnight, on a Sunday. She often told me Sunday's were her favorite days growing up because she got to go to church and that's when she got to see her father give sermons. But, that changed as time went on, she didn't force religion apron me and I was happy that she gave me the choice. 

She layed in her bed and the monitor lines on the machine went flat. Doctors couldn't perform CPR on her because she signed a form when they told her her cancer was getting worse. 

My father picked me up after being told that I didn't need to stay any longer. 

The car ride lasted an hour. I was carried into the house because I had fallen asleep

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