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We as humans walk around the world thinking that we are the ones who are forging are destinies. We believe that if we work a little harder, push a little further, that we will get the outcome we are yearning for. Wrong. Our destinies are already drawn for us. No matter how hard we try to make it our own, we are the universe's bitch. 

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Chapter 1 - What the Persephone?



I hear steps coming up the stairs. "What happened sweetie?"

"I'm turning into an alien" I shout back as a response.

"Why are you screaming so-", she pauses at the bathroom door. Her eyes begin to widen and her breath hitches at the sight of me. Same mom, same. Suddenly her expression completely changes. "It's time," she voices sadly.

"What-", I couldn't finish my sentence. As I stare at my reflection my blonde hair starts to morph into a medium brown, starting from the roots down. Not only is it changing colors, but it's also growing thicker and more voluminous, exterminating the lifeless strips that always made my hair fall flat. What the hell? My hair finishes its "self-makeover" by tainting the tips of my newly brown mane lavender, similar to an ombré look. Not going to lie this is pretty hot, still effing freaky, but hot nonetheless.

I start to fiddle with my hair and notice that my eyes are no longer dark blue. The irises are now turning the same pastel lavender to match the tips of my hair. Seriously, what's up with all the purply transformations? I lean in and bump my head with the lights connected to my mirror. To top it all off I'm about 5'10 now, instead of my respective five by five inches "Mom, what the hell is going on?"

"You may want to sit down for this," she says as she leads me towards the edge of the bed. I sit down expectantly, while touching my face for any new involuntary alternations. My mom resembles what a teenager looks like on a Saturday night after they snuck out and got busted...guilty. Boy do I not like that face. She's still standing and walking back and forth while mumbling words only she can hear.

"Mom! I'm a little freaked out here and you're not helping", I clamor quickly.

"You're Persephone," she says all of a sudden after a pause.

"What do you mean I'm Persephone?"

"Persephone, goddess of spring and rebirth," she says hesitantly. Looking like she finally grasped onto her courage she said, "This is going to be a bit confusing, so bear with me".

"I have a feeling I'm not going to like this".

"You know about the Olympians, right?" I nodded. Of course I do, my history teacher Mr. Johnson, talks more about Zeus and the Athens than Abraham Lincoln and the Cold War. Boring. "Well, they aren't just myths".

"So you're saying that Poseidon is real?"

"Very real".

"Okaaay...". I'm glad my mom has been dating after my dad died, but her dating Mr. Johnson is not helping her stay mentally stable. Now he has has her thinking Gods and Goddesses exist. "What does that have to do with me turning into an alien?"

"You're not turning into an alien Primrose, you're turning into Persephone," she responded sadly. At my confused look she said, "I will explain just let me gather my thoughts".

"Oh you better gather them alright," I retort. She gives me an almost berating look.

"Here's the deal. Gods and Goddesses have always existed and they've always been among us mortals. They change the course of people's lives and are responsible for earth's evolvement". She's breathless but continues to speak. "Every five centuries the Gods and Goddesses embody a different body".

"What do you mean? What do they do while in the body?"

"Primrose calm down and just listen," she speaks softly. "After the five centuries are up, the Gods and Goddesses choose another body. The old body they occupied just dissipates when they are no longer being used".

"Meaning...?" I'm not going to lie that I rise up a little bit because although I'm freaked out, this is quite interesting.

"The body is only able to last that long because of the immortal abilities the Gods and Goddesses posses but after they leave the body, the body decays instantly, as it should have long time ago as a mortal". That makes sense, I guess. "Each God or Goddess does what their traits and powers require them to do."

"Why do they embody a human body and not stay in their true form?"

My mother lets out a stressed breath. "Because their size is too monumental to roam around earth in their true form," she replies. "Their entity is sort of transferred to the human of their choice and their true bodies are left untouched in Athens, Greece."

"Very intriguing story mom. I'm not sure I believe it yet but as of right now, why don't I look like myself anymore?" Sure the whole Greek myth is fascinating but I can't go to school looking like this without a semi-believeable explanation. If the alien story is proven to be right, I can even be swimming in millions due to my alien-y existence by tomorrow... I like where this is going. I pray for the alien theory.

"You're physique has changed because you're features are being combined with Persephone's."

"So Persephone had crazy lavender eyes and hair?" I imagine her and the others to look very classical and rather boring, not funky and fruity.

"Solstice will explain that to you," she says and waves me off.

"Who's Solstice?" I know squat about Grecian mythology with the exception of a couple of things, but I know for a fact I've never heard of a "Solstice" before.

"She's Aphrodite, like you," she whispers. Like me? Whoa wait, am I an alien, Persephone, or the sluttiest Goddess of all? At my look of confusion my mother sighs and proceeds to spilling out more nonsense. "You are Persephone but during the change after the last five centuries, Persephone and Aphrodite fought to take over your body. Persephone won but since Aphrodite was in your body for a while you have traits from her." So, I'm an alien, Persephone, and the slutty Goddess.

I look at my ever so secret keeping mother to ask more questions but am surprised by the depressed look on her face. "What's wrong? Are you okay?"

"The fact that you have them both makes your situation all the more complicated", she says. Oh. This should be good and by good I mean bad.

"Persephone is the Goddess of spring and rebirth therefore required to be eternally pure," she voices. I give her a look of encouragement since I can feel her hesitation. "Meaning you can't have... sexual relations."

So, I wasn't expecting that bit. I wasn't exactly hoping to get laid anytime soon but damn. Never? I have never actually given that a thought, but now the things I could be missing on come racing through my mind. Whatever. I'm cool with that, no one has ever evoked such feelings in me anyways. Reading my moms face has easily become my most praiseworthy talent and right now I'm reading there's more to this. "Just go on."

"Thing with this is that since you do have traits from Aphrodite, you tend to be very... well... sexual," she says. "When you kiss him you'll feel it all over body. When you fall in love with him, it'll utterly consume you. Just his proximity will cause major strikes of... arousal and passion". She looks down and then back up at me her eyes a solemn blue.

Now I see how much I don't look like my mother anymore. Sure 
the resemblance is there, but we could pass as long distance relatives instead of as mother and daughter. Wait... "Who's the 'him' you are referring to?"

"Rogue," she simply replies. She sighs and then says, "He's the current incarnate of Hades".

"I don't know this guy and you're talking about how I'm going to jump his bones?" Most secretive slash irresponsible mom award goes to my mother. She's crazy. "I'm not going to fall in love with anyone, especially the Ruler of the Underworld," I exclaim. I'd probably end up dead if I stuck around with this guy, not to mention he's probably demonic and creepy looking. I shiver at the thought.

"Oh honey but you will," my mom says. She looks at me then and has an "I'm sorry" expression written all over her face.

"What do you mean I will? You don't know that." I didn't like the sound of that. I don't have to do anything, much less fall in love. When did my life become such a mystical mess? Well about ten minutes ago but it all feels to be dawning on me now.

"You don't have to and I'm not sure you will due to the animosity between the past Persephone and Hades incarnates, but I'm warning you because there's this thing written somewhere about you and Rogue."

"Warning me? Me and Rogue? Mom,
I haven't even met this guy and probably won't so it doesn't even matter," I say.

"That's the thing you will meet him, along with the other incarnates and supernaturals," she replies. "There's this school for the supernaturals. Vampires, witches and warlocks, ghosts, werewolves, and Gods and Goddesses being at the top of all things out of this world. You will meet him and the others there."

"So there's a school now too," I voice bitterly.

My mother stands up and grabs my hands, pulling me up to stand in front her. "Life for you is going to be different now and we must learn to adjust." No shit.

"You need to give me an explanation so I could feed the people when I go back to school," I say. The hair is easy to explain but the eyes... not so much. You might be thinking how can I not be extraordinarily mad at her right now, but don't worry I'm getting there.

"You're not going to your old high school anymore. You have to attend Mystia Boarding High." You see, now I'm pissed.

"What the hell is a 'Mystia'?" My mother gives me a berating look at my choice of words but frankly, I don't care. She should've started with the fact that I'm not going to finish high school along my friends anymore.

"It's the school I'm talking about," she replies.

"Where is this super freak school?"

"It's located in Calabasas, California. Very secluded area. Although it's a boarding school, you'll will be staying at Solstice's house." Now I'm rooming with strangers, too. This is just rich.

"How long have you known for?" Clearly this isn't knowledge you just acquire when your daughter starts morphing into a Goddess. My mother looks down ashamed. "How long?"

"When I first found out I was pregnant. Jay told me. But it wasn't a sure thing. You weren't displaying the known factors that certified you to be an incarnate," she responds. What? "About a week ago I started noticing thing in you. You started looking a bit older, which happens at this stage of an incarnate's life. The hue of your eyes were different. And plants started growing all around you," she finalized. What the hell?

"You knew? Jay knew? How could he have known something like that? You knew him since then? Isn't he a mortal?" At this point I'm shouting.

"There are some people that have 'the knowing' which allows them to innately come with knowledge about this stuff, but they are still mortal."

"You know what, I don't want to hear from you anymore," I say as I stand up. "Come back to talk to me in a few days after I'm a little less pissed at you."

My mom looks at me and just stares. She seems to be taking in my new looks and she smiles a tiny smile. "You are so beautiful Primrose." Now she's trying to compliment me to soften things up, this woman is incredible. "I just want to tell you that I love you and that you need to pack."

"If you loved me you would've- what do you mean pack?"

"You're moving in with Solstice as of tomorrow. After the transformation occurs you are required to go and join the others," she exclaims. My mother moves towards my closet and pulls out my empty luggage bags and says, "I'll book your flight for tomorrow morning."

I'm leaving already? I didn't even have the time to properly decipher what my mom just revealed and I'm already being thrown into a whole other world. Then I notice that my mom talked singularly and pluralized. "Why does it sound like I'm the only one leaving?"

"Because you are. I'll meet up with you there in a few months ," she replies as she goes to one of my drawers. Granted I was mad at my mom, pissed, but I still wanted her with me. This officially sucked. "Finish up, I'll be booking the flight."

With that last sentence she left. With that last sentence she officially considered me a goddess and not just her daughter. Persephone. I am Persephone's incarnate and I'm sure this is going to be one hell of a ride.

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Hades Berothed

Hades' Betrothed

Girls are like tires, after you have used them enough and gotten where you need to go, you change them. Right now I was eating out Britney Samson. Blonde, big tits, and great mouth. Once I finished her off, she was so eager to tend to my own needs. I like that, when girls give more importance to my needs rather than theirs. She started working me as I started watching some space documentary on the Discovery Channel.

All of a sudden the door to my home theatre opens with a loud bang. In comes in a shirtless Gregorio with Britney's twin sister trailing behind. "They found her!"

Britney kept on doing her business and I asked, "Who?"

Britney's twin, Brandy, kept pushing her bare chest towards Aaron to grab his attention. He looked down at her and gave her a scowl, to which she responded by cowering down. I chuckled quietly. "Persephone's incarnate," Aaron exclaimed with a smile threatening to break out on his face. I quickly pull myself out of Britney's mouth and zip up my pants.

"Britney give me some privacy with Aaron will you," I instruct. Britney pouts her lips but obeys almost immediately. Britney walks up the stairs while Brandy roams around the room. Aaron and I go the bar. I take a seat on the stool and Aaron fixes us a drink. "How do you know this?"

"Gabrielle told me over the phone just now," he said digging through the counters. "She's coming over here now to talk about her and shit. She's excited."

Pissed. I'm pissed as hell. I thought that I'd be the first Hades incarnate to not have a stupid Persephone incarnate prying around. "I don't want her here," I grumbled.

Aaron chuckled. Handing me a glass of rum and clinking it with his he as states, "Dude there's nothing you can do about that and you know it." Bullshit. I do what I want. Someday I'll be ruler of the Underworld and no one can take that away from me.

Ten minutes later I'm sitting with Aaron in one of the theatre seats when I hear Gabrielle chirping like a bird on cocaine. I swear that girl is always happy. Despite her being a pain the ass sometimes, she's cool people. "Did you guys hear?!"

"Yes, Gabrielle we heard, from you actually," Aaron said mocking his cousin's tone. He smiled without looking back at Gabrielle and said, "How much Adderall did you have this morning?" Gabrielle took a pillow and threw at Aaron's head but he caught in time, with his vision still fixed on the TV screen. I might be good at combat but Aaron is kick ass at that and everything else war related. He is literally a killing machine.

"Stop being an asshole Aaron," I hear Solstice say. Aaron has his back turned, so Gabrielle nor Solstice can't see his face. I, on the other hand, can and I most definitely noticed the glow of his eyes. Solstice can't come into a room without giving Aaron a mini heart attack. His breathing gets all heavy and everything. Good thing that when he finally faces her he puts on his usual 'I don't care' facade, so he doesn't give himself off. He will never ever admit it but he's completely in love with her. Falls in love and on top of that with the incarnate of Aphrodite. Smart move.

I turn around to see Solstice dropping her expensive purse on the bar counter. She then takes a seat in the chair across from me and gives me an expectant look. I expect her to start but she just keeps looking at me.

"What?!" Her scrutiny is bothering me and she knows it. "Talk Solstice will you," I grumble.

Aaron comes up from his seat and sits next to Solstice. She looks at him and then rolls her eyes. Aaron chuckles and faces me. "Hold on," Solstice exclaims. She whistles and Brandy turns to look at her. "Beat it." Brandy gives her a sour look and then huffs and puffs up the stairs. "Really?" Solstice looks at Aaron and he innocently shrugs.

Impatient as hell I yell, "Solstice what do you know about the Persephone incarnate?"

Solstice takes a deep breath. "I don't know much, I mean she literally just turned." That's weird, most incarnates are born with the God or Goddess within them. "Her mum noticed the change was about to occur soon, so she contacted me last week to alert me. As as she turned she called Mrs. Ivory and then she called me to notify me that she will be here tomorrow." Tomorrow? I find this out and now I'm supposed to already have her here? To hell.

"Why didn't you tell me that there was a Persephone incarnate?" Solstice really loves having her secrets.

"No one knew," Solstice said. Crossing her legs she continued, "Only I knew because we weren't sure if she was going to morph or not and if she did they figured I, as the full Persephone incarnate, would be able to help her. We're always born with the Gods in us so we weren't sure if she was a fluke just showing symptoms of the change or the real deal. That's why it was all hush hush." That makes sense but I still would've like to know beforehand. I would've made her a rules to follow handbook.

Gabrielle flashed in the seat beside me pink light all around her silhouette and added, "Forget that. I just got a text telling me her name is Primrose Anders." I hate when Gabrielle does that shit. As Goddess of the Rainbow, she can flash in and out of places in at the speed of light. I also hate how quickly people find out shit in our school and how they spread it even faster. "Her name is pretty! She's probably pretty too. I mean Aphrodite wanted to take over her body so she has to be beautiful," Gabrielle says all in one breath. Yeah yeah.

"So this Primrose character is the only other person to have to Gods in them like me," I remark. Huh. Wait... "She's morphed with Persephone and Aphrodite?" She has one eternally virginal Goddess and one eternally sexual one inside her... Poor girl.

Solstice laughs out loud. "Yes yes. I feel so bad for her. Not the bit where she has two goddesses merged into her, although that out to be bliss complicated, but the part where she can't have sex!" Solstice throws herself backwards on the chair and then tries to recover her breath. "Persephone overrules her body though, so it isn't that bad but it does make a good laugh."

"Whatever. Her situation doesn't concern me. Only thing does concern me though is my throne and she's not having it," I voice sternly.

Aaron looks at me and laughs. "I'm pretty sure she won't have enough hands to handle all the Greek stuff plus fight you for the throne," he says. Well that better be the case. No matter what she's dealing, the minute she crosses my sight, I'm going to enforce the rules.

Solstice stands up and utters, "I'll leave you guys to your reckless screwing ways. I'm pretty sure the blondies up there are entering and re-entering the same bathroom without your help." With that she leaves and Gabrielle follows suit.

Aaron turns to me after checking out Solstice and exclaims, "This year is going to be so much fun."

We'll see about that.


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Chapter 2 - Aphrodite the Informant

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Chapter 3 - Ruler of the Underworld

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Goddess of The Underworld

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Chapter 4 - Bloodstream

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Love's Reckoning

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Chapter 5 - Supernaturals

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