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We Are More

March 9, 2024: Matthew E. Harper is finally ready to reveal everything about his life in an exclusive interview with The Daily Buzz. You may know him as soul singer DeWayne, from smash hits “Sweet Sugar", "Lady” - and of course you remember the groundbreaking, sizzling hot video for “The Way It Feels“. He declined to answer any...

When I fall

She grew up with him. Cherished him. Fell in love with him. Then watched as her life fell apart the day they announced his disappearance and declared him dead. Renee Weathers has always been in love with her childhood friend, Ashton Steele. They were happily engaged until Ashton's plane crashed into the sea without any sign of his...

Quinn and the Metropolis

(Now available as an eBook) The Metropolis Series #1. When Quinn Vasquez is suddenly put in the center of the Metropolis’ secrets, she kisses her normal high school life goodbye. She becomes a fugitive and is blamed for all the weirdness. But why, what has she done, and what can she do to fix it?

Typical Fuck Buddies

Jessica and Eugene are friends for life. But curiosity hits them. Those times when they innocently play 'Nurse and Doctor' turns into something that five-year-old children is not allowed to do. At a very young age, they watched this X-rated movies innocently. At a very young age, they do something out of love, innocently. Well, Eugene...