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Soccer Heads - simplicity at its finest

We all have been there, when after a long hard working day all we want to do is to just sit back and relax, to feel some comfort and forget about everyday problems. But how do we achieve it? Some people love to do some workouts, some people watch TV, others go for a walk and some of us play video games.

Gaming is a relatively new thing, but it surely is growing every day. A new generation is widely familiar with it and they find it both interesting and entertaining. I myself more belong to a new generation, I love gaming, I love things that it can offer and my favorite part of it is the possibility to relax.

In order to relax I use simple games, since I am also interested in sports it is common to enjoy sports games. I like this new trending game called Soccer Heads unblocked, I find it simple yet very enjoyable and challenging.

Why I have a need for gaming? Well I work as a programmer, it is pretty hard to think about different codes every day, it is pretty hard to write different solutions, etc. It can even be stressful in some situations, after a long day I really need to clean my head, this is why I enjoy simple games, no need to think about anything and you can clean your head from unnecessary thoughts (I call them TEMP thoughts :D )

I'm not only one like this, a lot of my friends at work feel the same way, but they also outline often in conversations how useful gaming is and how grateful they are for it.

It is pretty interesting actually, as always we must take measurements in order to not overdo with it, we have to set up priorities well, we all should know that gaming has its part in our life and work and family and personal life, in general, has its own part. We really shouldn't mix these two things.

Like I have said many times before gaming is a tool, it is up to you how you use it ;)

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