Unluckiest Girl in the World


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Chapter 1.


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Chapter I


Ever since I was a child, I've had a terrible case of luck. My life has been a terrible case of the Murphy's Law since the day I was born. I don't know how the people around me always fail to notice that I have bad luck. My mother always tells me that it's what being a teenager is like, my dad thinks I'm exaggerating, and I don't have an older sibling to talk to. 

At my fifth birthday party, the  piñata was filled with confetti instead of candy. I know that isn't a big deal, but when you're five you expect candy not colorful paper. The cake was underbaked and ended up being extra gooey. 

When I made thirteen, I was old enough to understand that parties don't work out for me. So, I just got a few of my friends and we hand out in my room. What could go wrong right? Likewise, we just planned to watch movies, talk about boys, and eat, but of course life had other plans.  No, it wasn't as simple as an argument. My hair curlers started a fire in the bathroom and all of my friends had to go home. Long story short, I no longer had any friends. 

Senior year, at graduation (last year to be exact) I tumbled across the stage and my gown ripped. I only fell because it was one size bigger than it was meant to be. Why? I checked the wrong size box. I had gotten a Adult small confused with an adult large. My mum always said getting one size bigger was better. By one size I thought she meant to skip completely over the next size. 

So, when you ask me why I'm scared to go off to college. My luck would be the exact reason why. I'd be alone, away from both of my parents, and my friends who actually understood me. Imagine how weird my roommate would think I am. 

"Rowland, we don't have all day." My mom calls my name from the bottom of the staircase. 

"That's unfortunate." I mumble, taking one last look in the mirror.

My blue eyes seeming to look dull due to my unhappiness. I had straightened my mess of curls, just for today. The fawn highlights seemed to stand out more against my light brown hair. 

"Rowland!" My mother shouts. 

"I'm coming, I'm coming." I huff. 

I am not ready for this at all.

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