Blood Born


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The Awakening

   I closed my eyes. The last day of being human was upon me. My senses would be enhanced, and I would be immortal, a demon hungering for blood. The thought of drinking blood disgusted me in the past, now it was no more or less than the way of life. The first feeding was the hardest. The scarlet red sitting in the goblet mocked me. It urging me to lift my lips to the rim of the cup. I did as it asked, the blood cascading down from my mouth staining my clothes. I looked up at Liam, his bloodshot eyes gleamed at me. Sleeplessly he knelt down next to my coffin and planted a kiss on my cheek.

‘See you soon’ he murmured as he slid the lid closed, the darkness haunting me.

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The turning


My eyes fluttered, the colours radiated in my eyes. I hungered for blood. I could smell it, almost feel it in my mouth. I lifted myself out of the coffin, struggling a little.

‘Liam?’ I called, as he sped around the corner.

He approached me calmly, this time with a whole new level of acceptance in his eyes. He held a goblet of blood in his hands.

‘You must be thirsty.’ He observed.

I reached out my arms, snatching the goblet from his grasp. As I sipped from the goblet I looked up st him innocently.

‘You can’t look innocent with a trail of blood dripping from your mouth!’ He laughed.

I gathered my hand and wiped the blood from my hand, it smeared on my palm.

He went to open his mouth pointing. I touched my lips, sharp retractions stood in my way. I rubbed my teeth over my fangs.

‘It’s happening...’

‘No need to worry, your already doing great.’

He grabbed the wire from inside the fire, it red from heat, and he pressed it against my wrist. I shuddered.

‘I’m sorry my dove, I never said it would be easy.’ He winked

He wrapped his arm around my waist and placed his hand on my cheek, and brushed his lips against mine.

I stared into the mirror, hanging onto every moment of his embrace. From a sea blue my eyes had began to change. The only colour visible in my eyes was a scarlet red...

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The taste of human flesh

 I laid in Liam’s bed, the light shining through his curtains. I recoiled and tried to shield myself from it. Sun was now harmful to me. I could never endure it’s warmth again, unless I had a wish to singe, burning to death.        

I looked over at Liam, he was used       

to sleeping during the day. Clearly 

not having any trouble at the 

moment. I was hungry, and bacon and eggs on toast wasn’t what I fancied for breakfast. I reached for the blood bag on my bedside table and noticed that I had absently drank all the remaining blood. My face scrunched up. What was I going to eat? Nothing else could fill this hunger. I dragged myself out of bed, and got changed into a black outfit. I stalked down the hallway, hearing every humans breath as I walked by. One dorm room was left open, it felt inviting. I entered cautiously, being as quiet as possible. This human was laying in her bed soundlessly. I was quite supervised any human was still asleep st this time of day. But I didn’t hesitate, I drew my fangs and latched onto the soft park of her neck. The blood trailing into my mouth. My lips had been turned a scarlet red, and my teeth, almost looking stained. The woman was unconscious, unmoving. I continued to feed until I felt satisfied, and I quickly cleaned myself up. Leaving to trail of my crime for Liam to come and find. I slid back into bed and closed my eyes, trying not to think about what I had just done. I broke the vampire accords, what did that mean for me?

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