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It is a truth universally acknowledged…

That we are getting very excited for our Booklovers festival!

Featuring an amazing costume exhibition ‘Be Persuaded’ at Watsonia branch.

Which got us wondering, who is your favourite Austen character? Do they inspire you as a writer or as a person?

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Fav character? Mr Darcy of course. Dashing, masculine, quietly passionate but not sickly sweet. Whereas Emma and even Jane Eyre... you just want to slap them!

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I agree Mr Darcy is quite something like intelligent but with a hint of strictness. As for Lizzy, hehe she's quite judgemental though is very sweet with Mr Darcy at the end. I fancy Emma as well though she can quite nosy but still love how she does things. Heathcliff, hmm... he's a bit too possessive and the book is quite like Romeo and Juliet except Juliet dies earlier and not because of love for Romeo rather she dies of something else. Many other books I love too but Pride and Prejudice is always in my heart.

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