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Books that bring back childhood memories

Which books take you back to that early time in your life? Is it the story, the smell of the book or even just the cover? What memories of your childhood do these books evoke?

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Enid Blyton's Mr. Meddle series, the Faraway Tree series, and the wishing chair. They bring back those memories of sitting down on week-ends and just reading in my parent's lounge, in the back yard. TV wasn't the same, and we certainly did not have computers. I recall feeling slightly scared when reading one of Mr. Meddle's stories of him getting lost in the fog at night. I really loved the characters of the Faraway Tree. They were like my little secret friends that all kids had in those days. Then I would really escape with the Wishing Chair series. I would excitedly turn the pages to join in on the adventures.

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