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Would you recommend joining a writers group?

We have several writers groups at Yarra Plenty, spread across our branches. Some have specific goals (like writing memoir) and others are for particular age groups - but the majority are for adults who are seeking fellowship, advice and feedback for their writing. I have been involved in a couple of groups which have been meeting for about 10 years and value the fellowship and encouragement I have found. Are you part of a writers group at present, if so what have been your experiences? If you are not a member of a writers group, what would make you consider joining one?

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I'm not currently part of a writers' group; I'd certainly like to be, but as you said, the majority are for adults. I'm a teenager, and while I could probably understand, process and follow the writing advice and feedback in said sessions, the encouraging atmosphere wouldn't be the same, I'd probably feel like The Outsider (TM) and the content might be a bit more adult than I'd like.

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Hi Anix. There's actually a young writers group that meets at a Mill Park Library on a Monday after school 4.30pm if you are keen? You should check it out.

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