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Book vs Film

How do you feel about film adaptations? Are the books always better? Can a film ever measure up? Should films just be considered as 'based on' a book and so the book is simply inspiration then there is no expectation to for a film to 'represent' a book? If you have seen the film, do you now not need to read the book?

Books and films are such different ways of telling a story. Both with their own strengths and weaknesses yet they are often compared so vehemently and can rouse such rage and indignation. Share your thoughts.

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The film can never replace the book. In my opinion, only a few have measured up to the written story. Regrettably so much is left out in the film. It’s inevitable that you either read the book or be disappointed with key elements missing from the storyline. In my opinion, more authors should collaborate in the screenplay process, but that's just my thoughts.

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