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Chapter one

In a far away village lived a girl with brown hair she was picky but nice, her name was Sophie she had two sisters who were very loyal and precise they always sat up straight when they where eating lunch, one was named Lucy and the other Lisa. But the worst of all was Sophie's stepmother which is practically her mother which made her so angry. her stepmother always told her to do nearly everything which made her roll her eyes ever time. There was no happiness in Sophie's life in till one time or was there...

Let's get to the storyline.

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Chapter two

It was seven, seven in the morning Sophie had been twisting and turning all over her bed she got up and groand and flopped back down on her bed.

"Sophie there's no milk nor food and I don't have any money!" explained her stepmom. She groand back up and tumbled down the stairs screaming ow that hurts.

When she finished tumbling she crawled into the kitchen to find her sisters in dresses so was her stepmother.

She smirked then brusted into laughter 

"Ha ha haha hahahhaha ha ha ha ha!" 

"Silence!!! " screamed her stepmother 

She arose from the ground looking innocent. "We are going to the playoff"

Said Lisa 

" you mean THE playoff sorry I mean THE princes playoff cool that means you can watch me cause I'm in it and I'm against the prince "

The stepmother crossed her arms and looked in her eyes seriously.

And said, " your not going any where your going till you graduate college "

The two sisters chuckled like pigs.

Sophie stomped upstairs and flicked through her closet taking a dress and then she walked  back down the stairs  into the kitchen with it she layed it on the table and smiled " look this wonderful dress could of been worn on Lisa or you or Lucy but since I can't go where your little rubbish raged cholthing " said Sophie. The snorty sisters gasped as Sophie admired her dress the stepmom turned a evil look in her eyes meaning revenge was going to come upon Sophie. 

" ok fine put go and put on the dress in your room " hissed  her stepmother.

Sophie ran like usain bolt into her room. Followed by her stepmother however she shut the door and locked it then put a chair under the knob surcuring the door shut.

" HEY YOU LOCKED ME IN HERE " bellowed Sophie 

"You called our dresses ragged these were Cottened clothing not rubbish ragged clothing and your not coming out till Christmas"

" but that's three weeks till then" questioned Sophie 

" so you will starve in there for three weeks then"

Her stepmother walked down the stairs carefully meanwhile Sophie banged on the door.

The three meanies stumbled out the door. while Sophie watched she felt a tear go down her cheeks, she then flopped on her bed and cryed.

When she got up she prayed that she wouldn't die early because of her stepmother, Sophie stood up looking at the bat she had in her closet that she was going to use in playoffs, she then looked at the door. 

Then Sophie ran over to the bat picked it up and  ran to the door and stood there listening closely to any people outside the house.

There was her que...

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Chapter three

 Sophie hit the bat against her door breaking it into small pieces and ran out the door however she realised she was in underwear she ran back in put on a dress 

And ran down the stairs BUT she wasn't a lone the landlord of the house was in the living room enspeckting she hid in the toilet. He came upstairs and fainted the door Sophie broke she came out her hiding place and helped the man

" you you you menace that door was a lot of money " screamed the man 

The man reached for his phone and called the court. 

Sophie put her hands on her hair scared. Because tomorrow she would have to face the jury.

The man walked out the house shouting out words in Spanish 

Sophie thought he was probably reconsidering the whole court thing but thought wrong.

However that's not the only problem her stepmother and her sisters were coming up they were thirty paces away from the house which means they will be there in thirty seconds when her stepmother sees that hole in the door she'd probably be sleeping in her friends house or worse on the road.

Sophie had no idea of what to do all she really had to do was confess.

" WHAT THE .... " belowed her stepmother 

Find out what happens next next week

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