Don't Answer The Texts


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Me and Amber and the others sat at the campfire. "Anybody got any scary stories to tell" Said Amber "Amber its midnight and its scary out" I Said. My phone ringed it was a message by Unknown it said "Ring around the roses ashes ashes we all fall down". I was to scared to answer the text so I thought "How about play hide n seek with my friends". Suddenly my phone ringed again "Who is it" Said Aaron I saw the picture that Unknown sent me it was a little girl hanging from a rope tied to her neck. "Guys someone is texting me creepy things" I said to my friends "Ugh Lilac it's probably a fake or someone pranking you" Said Amber. Amber and the rest of the group went to sleep I couldn't even sleep.



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 I heard foot steps I got scared so I waked Amber up. "I'm trying to sleep here" Amber Yelled at me. "B-b-but.. I heard foot steps" I said I knew someone was in this forest but who. My phone ringed it was a text from my sister it says "Hide now There's a Alien monster thing that's eating people". I texted "What Alien monster thing" My sister Texted "Its black and red and looks like a spider". I saw the Alien monster thing right in front of me I ran to the house and locked the front door and back door. My hands were shaking my friends were still out there I wanted to save them but I want to go safety. My phone ringed I was to scared to answer it I garbed a kitchen knife and unlocked the door and ran to my friends I stabbed the Alien monster thing. All the people that the Alien monster thing ate came gushing out.

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 After that I had nightmares ever since.  I was to scared to call my friends on my phone or answer there texts. I sat there on my bed looking at the wall.

My phone ringed It was a text from Aaron It says "hey are you ok? You haven't answer my texts lately" I was finally brave to answer the text. I texted "Not really I keep having these flash backs and night mares of what happened on friday🤒" I was waiting for a reply what felt like an hour Aaron texted "Me to". I heared a knock on the door I went downstairs to answer it.

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