Flashlight Trip


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 A Friday morning in blueberry town. Abby RiverRock was Kiddnapped out of nowhere. Abby woke up in a ice cream truck. Abby was tied up to a chair three was five guys wearing black T-shirts and tan pants. Abby saw a knife on the ground and it was also near her. "CAPTAIN MAX!!!!?! YOU FORGOT TO CHECK ON THE INMATE" said one of the guy's in the ice cream truck. "I'll be there Jack in a minute!" Yelled Captain Max Abby thought to herself "Am I the inmate?" Abby's mind would ask. The knife on the floor was so close to Abby it was 4 Cm's away Abby kicked the knife near to her the guys walked out of ice cream truck to get some food and drinks and maybe steal some things from stores. Lucky Abby escaped and ran home to safety finally Abby was safe and home. 

-Captain max I repeat captain max

- What John 

-Our Inmate Escaped I repeat Escaped

-JOHN that was your fault you let the prisoner escape

-No I didn't captain I promise I didn't let the Inmate free

-Whatever 🙄

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Friendship and love

"The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love" Abby read out loud to her little sister Amy. The other pages in the book were ripped it looked like someone ripped them out. "B-but.. What about mommy s-she-" Amy was about to finish her sentence but Abby said "Mommy is in a good place Amy..". Abby didn't want to tell Amy that mommy was dead then Amy would cry and Abby doesn't want that. Someone Knock on the door ~knock knock~ when Abby was about to answer the door the door flew open. It was the T.L.O.B.M (The legend of black magic). "Holen Sie sich Jezt auf dem Boden! (Get on the floor now!)" Said the Captain Abby and Amy went on the ground. The Soilders Tied Amy and Abby up to a chair and locked the door shut. "Sie Sehen aus wie hassliche Entlein (they look like ugly ducklings)" Said The captain. The other soilders laughed so hard that they spit on Amy and Abby. "What's so funny?" Abby mumbled "Ach, Sie Dachte nicht, dass das lusting war (oh you didn't think that was funny?" said the captain "He said oh you didn't think that was funny" Said one of the Soilders. "Halt den Mund Johannes! (Shut up John!)" Said the captain It went silence after that.

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Sadness and sorrow

 "Fat hasslich Entlein gesicht (Fat ugly Duckling face)" Said the captain the soilders laughed so hard that one of them had to get his gun and shoot the wall so everyone would shush up "Guter Witz Kapitan (good joke captain!) said one of soilders. Amy and Abby were Basically bullied by these soilders and a captain all day. They would make fun of Amy and Abby's faces and call them names like "ugly duckling, ugly face, fat face. Finally at night time everyone went to sleep. A teenage boy knocked down the door and woke up Abby. "Te voy a ayuader a escapar (I'll help you escape)" said the boy. Abby knew that he was speaking Spanish because Abby learned Spanish at her school. "Gracias y me ayudaras a mi ya mi hermana derecho? (Thank you and you'll help me and my sister right?)" Abby said "Lo prometo (I promise)" said the boy. The boy punched everyone besides Abby and Amy in the face to make sure they were knock out he toke the keys from the floor and Abby escaped by using a butter knife. Abby toke her sister out of chains and ran out of there in sadness.

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To be countied!

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