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Some secrets are best kept

 Some secrets are best kept. Especially when your boyfriend has a girlfriend and you ask him out in front of his girlfriend and she attacks you. Life quickly goes downhill after that, as Kayleigh found! 

Kayleigh loves Charlie and found him rather cute. But he is hooked up with Laura at the moment. And Laura is hooked up with him. They just can't get apart! And from the day Kayleigh asked him out, Laura always gave her a sly and mean look every time she saw her or Laura saw Kayleigh. 

Today was especially a bad day for Kayleigh, because exactly a year ago, she asked Charlie out. Her and Laura were still not friends but where frenemies (which BTW means distant friends but very good enemies). 

"Why don't you ask whether he is ok?" asked Cheryl, who is Kayleighs best friend. "He looks a bit sad" she offered again. "No... no... I'm sure he is fine" I whispered, blushing a bit. "Ugh, here comes Miss smarty-thinks she knows it all pants!" cried Cheryl. Bitterly, Laura turned round and said "be quite You two, some secrets are best kept, OK?" She quoted. Kayleigh and Cheryl thought about this for a while and shouted "DONT STICK YOUR NOSE INTO OTHER PEOPLES BUISNESS YOU DIPSTICK!" they chorused together and skipped away - arm in arm - shouting "some secrets are best kept" in Laura's voice, but a bit more cheeky one! Then they laughed sweet laughs and ran into the distance.

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Adventure world

 "Tigers, monkeys and... oh! Hello!" Said Harry. "I'm Harry and I'm in the film called Adventure World" "No No No that's not in the script" shouted out Taylor (who was head of the film). "I just thought I would make it sound a bit more, I dunno..." he thought "a bit more like... um..." he thought yet again "OH COME ON" cried out the directer, in a voice full of doom. "Aha! A bit more like in the first person, so they know who I am" finished Harry. "THEY KNOW WHO YOU ARE, YOU ALREADY TOLD THEM AT THE START!" Boomed out the director. "But... but... bu-" shivered Harry. "NO BUTS YOUR FIRED!" Screeched the director. "I'm only eig-" "Goodbyeee" said the director, more calmly. Sadly, Harry walked up to his mother, crying, and they walked home together. 

That evening, Harry's Dad came home. He had brought with him a wallpaper that Harry had always asked for. It was a water slide wallpaper to go on his wall. He walked in the door and exclaimed "I will go and put this up in your room, and oh, the water park is called Adventure World! When his dad had finished putting up his Adventure World, they all sat down and had a lovely meal. There were burning candles, that were nearly burnt down due to the amount of times they had used it. There was also a beautiful melody playing in the background. 

"I say" said Harry. "I'm very, extremely tired" he added. "I think I'm going to go to bed" he cried as he yawned his way up the stairs. He was so tired and bothered by being taken away from his job he loved - being an actor. 

As he went to get into bed, a light suddenly came from the wallpaper and the sound of laughter, fun and water - as people ride down the rides in the park. He decided he would touch the wall just to make sure that he wasn't hallucinating, but no. He went right through. And there he was, standing only in his pyjamas! He looked left and right, and then looked to the right of him again, he saw a sight and read it "WELCOME TO ADVENTURE LAND HARRY!". 'How funny' he thought to himself. 'I must be in the wallpaper dad got for me!' He thought again, as his second thought. He then spotted a pair of swimming trunks and put them on. Then he wondered off to a water slide. It said £2. "I'm sorry Mr whatever your name is, because I don't know your name, I do not have £2" said Harry "Are you Harry?" Enquired the manager. "Yes" replied Harry rather slowly. 'How does he know my name?' He thought to himself. Suddenly the manager blurted out "then all of your rides you go on are free" 'YIPEEEE HORAYYY!!!' Thought Harry. Could this day get even better?! Maybe it could! And as Harry was climbing up the stairs, the manager shouted out one more thing "you can go on the VIP ones as well, and they are alot better!". 

When Harry got to the top, he read another sign that said NORMAL SLIDE and another that also said VIP SLIDE. The manager had told him the VIP slide was better so he went on that one. When he ended up at the bottom, he went over to the manager and thanked him, then he questioned him "Sir, what is the time?" "10 of the clock" he replied. 'OH NO!' He thought 'Mum and Dad will be coming up soon to check on me' he finally thought. "Thanks for all your help Mr manager" he said to him "but I have to go now". "Be sure to come back and go on any ride you like" he shouted back after him. "Thank you, I will" replied Harry as he hurriedly (taking care of where he ran) ran back. But then he realised he was still in the swimming trunks and took them off and put his pyjamas on. Then he reached over the other side and back into his bedroom, where he jumped back into bed and all went silent, including the wallpaper. 

Just at that moment, his Mum and Dad opened the door and checked on him. "Ahh, fast asleep" they whispered. And as they closed the door, Harry smiled a little cheeky smile.

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