I Just Want To Play


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 Creepy dolls are always top of the list when it comes to - HOW SCARY ARE THINGS - but just sometimes, you may find, there is something rather odd about them. Something that you just can't figure out, something that is more deadly than you think. Paranormal activity is one thing, but, what about creepy and haunted dolls coming alive? Let's just see how creepy things can get then! Are you ready? Because if your faint hearted, then this story is not for you... 

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Chapter 1

Joycie had brought a fabulous doll from a toy shop for Katie. Well, at       least she thought, that maybe, Katie would like it. Katie was 8 and since her mother had brought her a fluffy dolly, to play with, she had always asked for a real doll for her to play with. 

                                  Monday 13th July 2017:

Hi! I'm Katie and today's my birthday! I have never had a diary before. Auntie Liyla got you for me!! You were the first thing I have opened, and before I open any of my other presents, I decided to write In you! I have now opened all of my other presents except for one. Mummy and Daddy said it was a surprise and I would have to wait until  Cousin Joycie came round. They said the present was from her and that she would have to give it to me otherwise it wouldn't be fair. I can't wait! 

Cousin Joycie has just come round and she has brought a large recatangular box with her. I wonder what's inside it? First we have to have lunch and then I can have my present. How much longer :(. Lunch is going on for a long time and I finally get the courage to say, which is not very usual of me, "when can I open the present Cousin Joycie has got for me?". Oh by the way, Cousin Joycie is my cousin and she is 17. "In a minute" Mummy said. 

Finally, when the grown-ups had finished talking, Cousin Joycie gave me the present. Slowly, I unwrapped it, taking care with every tear. That's what Uncle Kevin would have said - sadly, about a year ago Cousin Joycie's daddy, Uncle Kevin, died. It was very sad. When I had finished unwrapping the present, inside was a beautiful, China doll. I took the doll out and propped it up on my old wooden chair, next to me. 

"Time for Cousin Joycie to go!" Shouted Daddy. "Thank you so so so so much for the doll Joycie, I love it and shall take care of it and play with it forever!" I cried out, as I wrapped my arms around her. "Your welcome and anytime you want another doll, just ask" replied Cousin Joycie. 

When everyone had gone to bed, and I was suppose to be in bed, I got down to go and check on my doll - which I called Annie by the way! But she wasn't there. How bizarre I though to myself. To start with I thought I heard 'I just want to play with Katie, I just want to find Joycie' and just thought it was my imagination but when I turned round, there Annie was, looking at me and chanting ' I just want to play with Katie, I just want to find Joycie'. More to the point, where had she got the knife from? The knife was covered in blood, and cracks and scars where appearing down her face. Her lips where slowly turning blood red and her eyes were growing larger. Suddenly, the clock striked midnight and I turned round again, only to see Annie was back to how she was when Joycie gave her to me.

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Chapter 2

Her heart started to beat faster and then...

                       Tuesday 14th July 2017: 

When Mummy and Daddy came down that morning, they said that they found me collapsed on the floor but still breathing. Even more terrifying, Annie had moved and was sitting next to me with blood dripping down from her onto the carefully marbelled floor. Daddy told me that she sat with a evil smile across her mouth and her eyes were getting redder and redder. 

We moved Annie into another room, after they had woke me up, and locked that door and all of the windows in there. Shortly after, I went and got dressed and got ready to go out. I was still a little bit unsteady, but then... I noticed... a red scar on my arm, it said 'I just want to play with Katie, be ready Joycie, I'm Coming To Get You!' "Mummy, oh Daddy" I shreaked at the top of my voice. I showed them my arm. It was slowly being carved - to go with the words - I hope you are happy now. Annie :). I turned around and then turned back and only (to the greatest horror of my life) my parents, they were gone! And standing in their place was 2 other dolls, just like Annie. And then, out of nowhere, came Annie. All 3 of them stood with knifes, full of dripping blood, and their mouths were going red, and blood was dripping out of them. I suddenly realised that Annie had got out of the room and turned my Mummy and Daddy into her as well. :( I screamed and screamed and screamed but nobody came. They were walking closer and closer to me and were chanting "We won't hurt you. We just want to play" "YOU WONT!" I screeched at the top of my voice. Then there was whispering. It kept saying "you can't hide now, were all dolls, we only need you and we're complete". They were nearly at me and their knifes were getting sharper, and, suddenly out of the blue, croweded all of the other dolls. I had had enough of this, I was going to go and that was for one and for all. 

Goodbye, it's been nice writing in you - for only 2 days, but it's my turn to go now. :) :( bye xx

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