No Way Out


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 You step over the rotting gate and gaze up at the enormous building. You ask the tour guidance man what this building is and he replies that it is a insane asylum, which was bombed by the Natsis in WW2 and none of the staff or patients survived. He starts to give you a story about it: 

When the Asylum was built, there were thousands of patients coming in everyday, so they had to keep building it bigger and bigger. In WW2, Hitler commanded the Natsis to bomb it. Sadly, none of staff survived, but everyone was overjoyed that the Patients didn't survive. They were really insane and mad. People have been here and have seen the patients walking around. Nobody is supposed to go inside because they get locked in there, become mad and then the patients kill them. Each year the amount of people who go in there and don't come out, increase. So, for that reason, we are not going in.

You start to wonder whether, when the tour guidance isn't looking, you should sneak in and have a look. You follow the tour guidance to where a lady, who was criminally and mentally insane, fell off the tree. The tour guidance tells you that people have seen her swinging there and if she notices you, she drags you into the asylum and keeps you there to go mad and then kill you. He also says to you, that whatever you do, don't call out her name. You wonder what her name is but the tour guidance hasn't told you. 

Suddenly, out of nowhere, you see the lady. She starts to talk to you and drags you into the asylum. Remembering what the tour man said, you shout and shout out but he doesn't hear. You realise that you better take one last look around you because that will be your last ever time outside. She drags you up some crooked stairs. It is hot and stuffy inside and you start to sweat and panic. Just when you think you are at the top of the stairs, there are another 100 staircases. Your back starts to hurt and you wonder if you will have back damage after this?! You also wonder whether, going up these 100 staircases, are the start of going mad. You certainly think so anyway! Finally, you reach the top of the stairs, you are in pain and agony. The lady talks to you and tells you that you can go anywhere in the asylum but you won't be able to get out. Your heart skips a beat as she walks out. Then you look back and she is gone. You hear the tour guidance calling your name and you try to call out, but a mad patience is standing behind you and trying to strangle you. You then realise that he can't because he is a ghost. But you feel a cold and bitter gush go through you. 

You start to walk around and stop as you hear a door slam violently shut. You walk over to that door, but to find it is open. Then you hear footsteps behind you. Then you look behind you and to find nobody's there. Your back is still in pain and agony and your mind is spinning about how they are going to kill you. You them look out of the window and look down on the ground. You pound and pound on the window but nobody comes except creepy patients who ask you if you are ok. One of them has no eyes and only black holes and the others have blood dripping from their eyes. You look down and think, your going to die here. There's No way out. 

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