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Car Stop

 Hi, I'm Amy, I live with my mum and my brother. Everything was good until my dad moved away! My grandad disowned my mum so they never talk, I really want to meet them, apparently they adopted my mums uncle, who lives with them, I want to meet all my family but my mum won't let me. Until today, we pushed her to the limit and now she says we can go, I finally get to meet my family, mum says I'll regret it, but what is there to regret, meeting my family, ooh big deal! 

Mum is taking us to the street, but dropping us off at the end, she can't even bare to look at her parents! 


We're finally here! Mum left a minute ago, the road is in the middle of nowhere and we have to walk all the way to the end. Minutes later we're outside a big house, looks like a mansion, we just can't wait to get inside! We knocked on the door and we see our grandparents, I've never seen smiles as big as there's, it's as if they needed to see us, for some joy in there house. Nothing seemed to odd about the house, apart from our uncle, Rob, he smiled the most, he looked too happy to see us, it didn't bother us though. We were surprised to find out our grandparents love Oasis. My brother, Finn, is 15, he loves Oasis and playing the guitar, luckily grandma has a guitar and grandad taught Finn some tips about how to play. Meanwhile, I went to speak to Uncle Rob. Everything grandma is feeling, he feels but even more. When Grandma is happy, he is happier than happy. When Grandma is sad, he's sadder than sad. He's an odd bloke, kind of creepy, still doesn't bother me though. 

Grandad showed us our room, it was massive, Victorian beds, mint Green walls, big windows with rose imprinted curtains, a walk in wardrobe, a door with two locks and a gold doorknob. The room was amazing, our grandparents love everything Victorian, they even act Victorian. Robs room had 5 locks on the door for some reason, it looked old and weak the walls had holes in and some floor boards were missing, Grandad says the room is very old and was once on fire. It smells old.

I asked Grandma if we could speak to Uncle Rob, she brought him up and sat outside our door, it was open by about two inches. I kept asking Rob questions, he seems really nice, odd, but nice. I asked him this one question which didn't seem to appeal to him. I asked him about, his room, about the holes, he said, it wasn't me, it was them! I have no idea what he means.. 

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