Scared Love


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Chapter 2

 Chapter 1 is in middle chapter 2 is at the start then chapter 3 is at the end just letting you know.

Today was the day of Chloe's date she was over the moon that she will no longer be alone She wore : denim,ripped skinny jeans;a dark blue,long sleeved crop top;a Ted Baked cluch bag and white pumer trainers 

"This is it " she said confidently, as her eyes met his she grind showing her mouth of  teeth that were like crystals in sun light. She ran towards him almost as if they were about to do some sort of crazy lift like from dirty dancing or something but no she stop as she reched shoulder wighth apart her eyes glowing as if she had just found a lost family member.

"Chloe "

"Lukeus "

" Chloe " 

"Yep that's my name"

"Yeh I know that but u r absolutely gorgeous "

Thank you i said back mean while my heart was pounding I had so many emotions my head was about to explode it was happy to nervous to exited and back to nervous again I just couldn't get my head around that he was real and actually liked me so we went off into the park by the looks of it he seems to like nature a lot which is a good thing because I like it to. We had a few more dates after this then we came to a conclusion that he will move into my apartment as an official couple my cheeks hurt from smiling so much when we decided this I think my heart skipped a beat as the path to my future that was once Unknown has been built before my eyes. 

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Chapter 1

 In the books love is an absolute fairytale the prince falls in love with a sevent maid  and turns her into a princess and they live happily ever after but they leave a massive part out, pain the arguments we don't know what they argue about or if they even argue but in this book I am going to tell you about my fairytale,my abusive fairytale! It all started when I entered my name(Chloe),age(18)and what I like doing into a dating website  I was as lonely as a fish in the wrong tank. when the wator would say table for one my hands would shake like an earthquake and I would drop to my knees and sob he would be so confused he would get security to show me the door.  But one day my life changed well I thought it did I was scrolling through my matches on my account (even though I am in no place to be picky) seeing if any of them were attractive or cute I was about to say nope non of them are close to my standards then I saw him tall dark handsome blue eyes, pale skin, brown hair and a perfect smile so I clicked on his profile and it was like God had answered my prayers his description said hay my name is luckes I am 19 years old and I like a girl who has blue eyes like me but blond hair and a body that's not to skinny but not to chubby. I jumped up in exitment  because he was basically describing me so I pressed match and messaged him straight away saying  

  Hi my name is Chloe and I looked at your descript and it fit me perfectly so if it's ok can we go on a date  

Not getting my hopes up I put my phone down an watched TV and forgot all about him until he messaged back he said 

Hi Chloe I would love to go on a date with you I agree it was like my descript was written for you can't wait to see you were would you like to go from lukeus xxx

OMG!!!!!!!!! He said yes it was like all these years of being on and of relationships  had just been practising and building up for this. So of course I messaged him back 

Hay its Chloe just letting you know it's a yes and I think we should go to lorax country park on Wednesday the 15th of June  so excited to see you from Chloe xxx

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Chapter 3

But one day he came back from work it was all so scary he opened the door I said how was work and he hit me. He hit me round my face and said to never mention that job again I was terrified almost like I had been threatened to do something or I would be killed. The next day, she woke up on her velvety,red couch as she refused to sleep with the man that had left a red,throbbing,blood drawn hand print on the left side of her face. To her supprise he said sorry and kissed her on her head and hugged her tightly she  forgave lukus as she thought it was a one off but little did she know what her future has in store for her!!!

I will start the next searies in a few hours 

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