The Ballroom


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The Ballroom

The walls in the immense grand ball room are all covered with the most luxurious, dark red velvet drapes. In the ceiling there are hanging huge, glittering crystal chandeliers, only lit up with candlelights. You are standing in the middle of the grand dance floor surrounded by laughter and dancing. Men and women in beautiful clothes are swirling around you in an endless dance, making them blurry before your eyes. You look down, not understanding what you see. You have a beautiful white dress in silk and chiffon that falls soft on the floor. Your shoes have just a small heel, making you only an inch taller than you really are. 

When you stand there, trying to figure out where you are and how you got there a warm, dry hand gently takes your cool hand and drags you away from the dance floor. You can only see the back of a tall, blonde man but you have no idea who it is. Not until he has lead the way behind one of the luxurious curtains, where he turns you around and pins you to the wall. His deep blue eyes gaze at you, his tongue slowly licks his lips and he bites his lower lip when he lets his hand run through your hair. When he leans forward you get completely overwhelmed by his scent. His discrete cologne blends with the scent of sweat and a little hair gel. He presses his lips against your neck, making you shiver a little bit. You know this is wrong but you don’t do anything to stop him. His lips make their way down your neck while your hand finds it’s way up to the back of his neck, now gently running through his dark blonde waves. You moan softly when he lightly bites your throat. He glances at you where you stand, blushing, and smiles at you before he slowly unbuttons the five top buttons on your dress. His lips venture down a little further, covering what skin they can while you moan a little louder, still your hands entangled in his hair.

– Matt, we shouldn’t, you moan silently, afraid that someone could hear you. It’s not likely, the music is too loud but still, you are afraid of getting caught. Matt stops kissing your chest and looks up at you, meeting your eyes. He gently lays his hand on your cheek and strokes it with his thumb and smiles. He leans forward.

– It’s you. You are the only one, he whispers in your ear. You are not really sure what he means but you know there is no point in asking because he won’t answer anyway. His lips are back kissing you again, now covering your face with featherlight kisses while he continues to unbutton the rest of the buttons on your dress. You can stop him but you don’t want to. Instead you start to clumsily unbutton his shirt. His white, fancy shirt that goes perfectly with the dark grey, woolen, slim suit and his black, shiny dress shoes. He takes your shaky hands in his and looks at you with a concerned look.

– Only if you are sure, he says. – Only if you really want to. There is no going back, he whispers. You nod. You understand that, but yes, you are sure. This is what you want. He unbuttons the last button on your dress and lets it fall to the floor.

– Darling, wake up! Someone shakes you gently. You slowly open your eyes, the sun is shining right in your face so you close them straight away again. Someone laughs at you and moves a little, to shadow your face. You once again open your eyes. There he is. You give him a loving smile. A warm smile. He gently lays his hand on your cheek and you get an even warmer smile back. – What were you dreaming? You were looking so satisfied.

– Oh, it was nothing my love, you say. ’I was only dreaming of your brother,’ you think, still remembering Matt's lips burning on your skin.

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