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The House

     It’s the senior decorating committee’s responsibility to search, locate, and prepare for all of the senior activities. It’s not as glamorous as it sounds, in fact Sally Richards was wishing she hadn’t joined the committee. Halloween is only a few weeks away and they still didn’t have the perfect place for their class party. There was a trophy at stake.

     Every year the senior class would present a trophy to the best and original costume. It was a very big deal, especially in this town, Salem. Not the famous Salem, but we took advantage of the name sake and went all out for the holidays. More especially Halloween. The whole town got involved. Everyone loved this time of year.

     On her way home one day, Sally had to take a detour due to some road construction. She drove for a mile or so and came to a dead end. She was puzzled that she missed her turn but couldn’t help but stare at what was right in front of her face. It was the old Mills Mansion. From the looks of things, no one has been around to take care of things for quiet some time. The stories about the Mills Mansion and how people disappeared without a trace, never to be heard from again was the towns favorite to tell outsiders. .

     Weather his ghost is lurking about, who knows. All Sally really cared about at that time was that it is the perfect place for her class Halloween party.

     There was a For Sale sign hanging on the gate at the driveway. Turned out that her mother’s name was in big bold letter, Cindy Richards, Realtor and below that ‘Reduced’ took up most of the remaining space of the sign.

     She thought about rushing home to inquire about the property and if there was any possibility of her senior class having their Halloween party there. But something pulled at her until she didn’t realize she was approaching the front porch steps until she tripped and nearly fell to the ground. She stood there for a few seconds trying to figure it all out then shrugged it off and approached the door only to find it locked.

     She shrugged her shoulders again and turn to leave. She got to the bottom step when she her the door unlock. She stopped and turned to see if someone was standing there. No one was. She slowly turned and walked back to the front door. She turned the knob, sure enough it was unlocked. Sally entered the house.

     She explored the downstairs area and was headed to the staircase when she heard a child crying. She called out and with no reply she followed the sound upstairs and down a long hallway to a closed door at the end. She jumped back releasing the handle when the crying child became louder and suddenly stopped.

     Taking in a deep breath, she opened the door. Much to her surprise the room was beautiful and clean. It looked as if the little girl that once occupied this room was still there. She scanned the room from right to left and upon the reaching the far left side of the room was a beautiful canopy four poster twin size bed and on the back side of that was what looked like a little blonde hair girl with big curls and bows crouched down so that the top of her head was all that was visible.

     Sally let down her guard and walked to the side of the bed toward the little girl. Once she got into view of the little girl she squatted down to better see her face when the little girl looked up and screamed out in horrific fear.

     Below, out at the street where Sally’s car was parked, police officers were scurrying about doing all sorts of police type duties. However there was this one officer talking to a little old lady.

     She was explaining to the nice young officer how she saw the young girl pull up to the house and saw her go into the house but never saw her leave. She heard a loud scream that made her notify the authorities.

     “Oh, yes officer. I saw that cute young lady park her car and go on up to the house. Then I saw her go on in. I would think it would be locked since the youngsters enjoy pranks. But anyway, I saw her go in and that’s it. I haven’t seen her come back out. Then I called the police department when I heard a loud screaming sound. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a cat, but who knows. I just thought it was better to be safe rather sorry. Know what I mean?”The police officer wrote down all that the old lady told him and thanked for her time and if they need anything else someone will be contacting her. Then he walked away. She stood there and heard another officer come up to the one she had just spoken with and mention that they went thru the entire house and there is no one in there.

     “It’s a mystery, Lt. No one can find this girl. It’s like she just vanished in thin air.”

     The old lady turned and with a wide grin she giggled under her breath, “Oh, I’m sure she’ll show up, someday.”

     She turned to look up at the mansion and saw Sally in the tower window beating on the glass trying to get someone’s attention. She went un-noticed. Then she the old lady turned and went inside her house, an evil smile appeared across her face as she slowly closed the door.


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