How I Improved My Essay in One Day


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Chapter 1


Over the years, students depend on other people to work on their assignment as they take part in other activities. Although finding help is one way of an easy way of achieving better grades, there are times when students would need to learn how to write and become conversant with an essay. Most Australia students go to Australia PapersOwl paper pay a substantial amount for online writers to write your assignments and eliminate all the struggles on your shoulders. However, if you are willing to learn and improve your essay, this guide will take you through simple steps that will enhance your paper in one day.

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Change Your Wording

A better essay does not mainly focus on meeting the required word count. Instead, it focuses on passing information that is relevant to the question. Therefore, if your approach while writing any task is to fill pages with words, then that is the area you should work on intensively. Start by taking key points that are relevant to your topic, research deeply and ensure to gather enough material to compile a competitive and exciting essay. Also, avoid any unnecessary or random statements that do not add value to the article. Ensure your paper is analytical and has information that others would wish to know concerning your topic.


Avoid Simple Grammar and Spelling Errors

Examiners often have their independent opinion about students, which has a strong influence on the type of results you get with your last submission. They expect that you spend most of your time working on the essay. Hence it should not have minor mistakes. It is often possible for examiners to overlook your structure, but none of them will assume basic errors in writing. While writing, you must demonstrate that you have a good command of the language, by making your article clear and fluent. After you are done writing, revise it keenly, then pass it to someone else to proofread and highlight your mistakes.


Research In-Depth

As a Melbourne student, you shouldn’t assume that you know much hence minimize researching and dedicate that time to other duties. Various topics seem to be comfortable and make you think that you will have all the information without browsing through the internet. If you are looking to improve your essay and attain better grades, silence your inner voice and start doing things the right way. Examiners want to see how conversant you are in researching and they will award you marks based on a number of sources you use. Additionally, having several sources helps you arrange and organize your thoughts throughout the paper.


Improve Your Structure

Structure, research, and revision they all have, and they go hand to hand. If you improve your wording and neglect structure, you are likely to get the same grade from the previous work. However, if you take your time and familiarize yourself with what is expected, your writing will automatically have a correct structure. Additionally, every essay should have a ladder of information from one paragraph to the other. For instance, if you are writing a high school essay following the five paragraph rule, the three body paragraphs should contain a different argument, instead of juggling the same point in separate sections. It should also be consistent and build towards summarizing the entire piece.


Have a Time Frame

If you need to improve your essay and achieve better grades, it is essential to dedicate enough time to write. Don’t wait for the last minute rush for you to start reading through instructions and research on a topic. Instead, plan, take enough time to digest through instructions and understand them.



Regardless of how long you have been writing your essay, a little day-to-day polishing guarantees that your paper will be great in the end. Therefore, if you combine the above tips and what you have been using, your article will not only improve, but you will also attain better grades and sharpen your career.

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