My own "love" of freezer cooking


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Chapter 1

My own "love" of freezer cooking comes from the simplicity of having a large amount of already-prepared food while in the freezer that I can pull out anytime and have dinner about the table in less as compared with 20 minutes. Freezer cooking really helps take the "stress" outside of my everyday "whats regarding dinner"...because there is obviously something in the freezer you can easliy eat!

Once our toddler started eating finger foodstuff, I knew I had to use the same notion for his food- muscle mass fast finger food cooking = 30+ meals inside freezer for him.

Of course I were going to share what I made for him to help you to do the same for ones little ones!
I will go on and mention-- my LO possesses an allergy to cow's milk- consequently I use vegan cheese, grain or almond milk, vegan sour cream my recipes-- you have available regular cow's milk products while in the same quantities I get listed. I also aim to buy as much organic and natural for him as possible—but I don’t always—so whether or not it says organic or even doesn’t say at all—you incorporate the use of your own discretion.

Something I will also mention is you will definitely need a smaller muffin pan (or TWO) to generate this freezer cooking easier-- MY PARTNER AND I only had one, and probably could have saved myself considerable time if I borrowed any neighbors! If you don’t employ a mini muffin pan you possibly can improvise with almost all recipes and just roll everything proper ball or patty. For any muffin recipes you can utilize an everyday sized muffin tin plus cut them in half.

What's on the menu in your Little One?
Healthy Meatballs (24-32)
Minuscule Chicken Parmesan Cups (24)
Broccoli Cheese Patties (20)
Spinach Glasses (20)
Mashed Potato Servings (24)
Blueberry Donut Muffins (30)
Apple company Banana Muffins (24)
Special Potato Fries
Here is my grocery list: (don’t often be alarmed! The list looks a lttle bit long but most of the ingredients were already in my cabinet and are also probably in yours! Every little thing in italics was witout a doubt in my cabinet. Compare this list in your cabinets and cross out the home you won’t need to order at the store.

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