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"Master, you call for me?" 

"Miracle," he lifted his pointer finger and summoned me to come over. Grabbing my waist, he pulled me down so that I was sitting on his lap. His rod was tucked in between my butt-cheeks and I hear a little moan escape his lips. 

I try to squirm away, but I can't move. A thumb caresses my lower lip, and I whimper, despite my resolve to make no more noise. My body is trembling for his touch. His thick, rough and strong fingers...inside out. 

"You look very sexy," he compliments, his thumb still tracing my lips. "Last night a little birdie told me that you were screwing someone else, Miracle. Who was it?" 

I don't answer him. I was scared. He lifted his fingers from my face and then I felt them on my nipple. He strokes it lightly, making it stiffen and tingle. 

I gasp, and when his fingers suddenly clamp down hard, pinching and twisting the sensitive flesh, I cry out. "Answer me when I ask you a question," he says, pinching me even harder. I moan and struggle to get out of his reach, but he held me in place. "Who did you fuck last night?!" 

I shake my head back and forth, tears forming between my eyes. He waits for me to answer him, and when I don't, he gives a sigh. "You're stubborn," he says, releasing his grip on me, "stubborn slut." 

Then I feel hot breath on my nipple. His teeth sink into me. He bites hard, worrying my nipple between his teeth and then letting up so that he can suck on it. 

I wail but when his teeth release me it's only so that he can use them against my other nipple. He bites down again, even harder this time, making me muffle a scream.

After a few moments, his teeth release me and his tongue begins to slide back and forth over my nipple. His hand strokes my inner thigh. 

He insinuates a couple of fingers between the lips of my cunt and probes at the wetness that he finds there. He slides his fingers up and down and I thrash, trying to dislodge him. 

He rests a hand on my chest and pushes me down against the pillows. He holds me there while the tips of his fingers go to my clit and begin to stroke it. 

I groan.

"You're so wet." he says, and his fingers leave me. I sigh in relief, and when my lips part, he takes the opportunity to slide those fingers into my mouth. I recoil. I can taste myself on him. "Whore," he growls. 

I bite down hard on his fingers. He gives a strangled grunt and wrenches his hand away, cursing. He is going to punish me for that.

I hear him stomp across the floor and then the sound of the door opening and shutting. My trembling increases in intensity. My stomach knots with tension. I wonder how angry I've made him. 

I lie there shivering for several minutes. I can't leave. He'll get angry. He'll kill me for sure. I must be obedient. 

Then I hear the door open and the sound of his footsteps on the floor. He grabs my hair and wrenches my head back. I cry out, and he sticks something between my lips. I taste leather, and then he is prying my mouth open and stretching my jaw to the point of pain. 

He positions a hard ring between my teeth. I try to dislodge it, but he is already fastening straps behind my head to hold the gag in place.

"There," he says. "No more biting for you." The bed depress as he climbs onto it, and I feel him looming over me. I whimper. I feel his breath on my throat. 

Then his teeth sink deep into the sensitive patch of skin where my neck meets my shoulder. I moan, and he bites me again, harder this time. I cry out, the sound distorted by the ring in my mouth. 

I try to squirm away from him. He grabs me by the hair to hold me still, and then sinks his teeth into the flesh of my throat. I wince, saliva beginning to drip from the corners of my mouth and down my chin. 

He seems to take particular delight in tormenting my nipples. He bites first one and then another until I'm sobbing and squirming, desperate to get away from him. 

He clamps his teeth down on one of my nipples until I sob. Then he begins to suck at it almost tenderly, running his tongue back and forth over the hardened flesh. 

My body relaxes a little. His hand cups my other breast and he runs his fingers over that nipple, stroking it gently until it becomes erect. Then he pinches it, making me gasp. 

His mouth leaves my nipple. "This is your punishment for sleeping with another man," he says. 

I feel him moving on the bed and then he is hovering over me. There is the sound of a belt being unbuckled, and of a zipper being pulled down. 

Cloth rustles and then I can feel his cock brushing against my cheek. I can smell the musk of him and feel the heat of his body. I whimper and recoil.. He grabs a fistful of my hair, and then begins to feed his cock through the ring gag and into my mouth.

He slowly pushes himself into me, filling my mouth and then pressing further, entering my throat, making me gag. He sheathes himself in me, holding my head pressed to his belly while I writhe and choke on the full length of his cock. 

He holds himself still for a few moments, and then he begins to move against me, thrusting his hips so that his cock slides in and out from between my stretched lips. He pushes himself deep with every thrust, gagging me, forcing rivulets of saliva from my mouth. 

When he pulls himself out of my mouth at last, I gasp for air. I wish that I could cover myself, could muffle my sobs and somehow hide this crumbling of self-control. I feel him shift on the bed and then the warmth of his body is pressed against my side. 

He begins to stroke my hair. I froze, waiting for the caress to turn into a slap. The slap doesn't come. Instead, I feel the warm, wet imprint of his lips on my cheek. Then I feel one of his hands settle on my vulva, the palm cupped over my cunt.

I stiffen and try to clamp my legs together. "There's nothing you can do to stop me," he says. The hand on my vulva flexes, and he slips one of his fingers into me. He searches for my clit, and when he finds it, he begins to rotate the tip of his finger around it. 

I moan and buck my hips, trying to throw him off. I can feel the lips of my cunt swelling, and the wetness accumulating inside of me. I can feel heat in my cheeks, a flush of mingled shame and arousal. 

His finger continues to move on me, teasing, applying very little pressure. I gasp and jump when I feel the weight of his body ease onto the bed. He stops toying with my clit, and I feel the heat of him above me. My body starts to tremble again. 

He strokes me, running his fingers up and down my belly and thighs, getting closer and closer to my cunt. 

His weight settles between my splayed thighs, and I try again to close my legs, even though I know that I can't. His fingers begin to run up and down my slit, coaxing out the moisture that has collected there. Then he spreads my labia wide apart, exposing my clit, forcing me open. 

He moves, and I feel his breath on my cunt. Then his tongue begins to lick around my labia in rough, hungry strokes. I try to think about something else, to take my mind away, but my body won't allow it. I can't focus on anything but the sensation of his mouth moving on my cunt. 

He licks and sucks, not touching my clit, but paying thorough attention to every other part of me. I begin to move against him, my hips rocking of their own volition. My clit throbs, aching to be touched, but he ignores it. I moan. 

Two of his fingers slip inside of me, and my gasp of surprise turns into a cry when I he fastens his lips around my clit. He sucks gently and then begins to run his tongue around it in quick little circles. 

His fingers probe inside of me, and I feel him curve them upward, searching for my g-spot. He knows exactly when he finds it, because I groan and grind myself against him. He begins to pump his fingers up and down as he laps at my clit. 

I moan and cry out, clutching his shoulders. I try to fight against the tide of pleasure rising inside of me, but I can't. The mouth between my legs is too skillful. I shudder and arch my hips, poised on the brink of orgasm. 

Suddenly he stops what he's doing. I give a bewildered moan and try to catch my breath. My cunt clenches on his fingers, desperate for them to resume their skillful caressing. I can feel him hovering over me, and his fingers remain inside of me, but he doesn't move. 

The desperate need to come fades as the seconds pass, and I slump back, panting. Then he begins to move again, pumping his fingers and licking around my clit in fast little circles. I moan and gasp. 

My hips thrust up off the bed, and I feel the tension gathering in me once again. I cry out, my voice echoing off the walls, and just as the orgasm is about to descend upon me, he freezes. His fingers leave me, and I feel him get up off the bed. I give a frustrated groan and fall back against the pillows. 

I should be ashamed of myself, but at this moment, I want nothing more than for him to continue what he was doing. 

I feel him climb onto the bed and settle himself between my legs. His hands go under my ass and raise my hips. He scoots close to me, and then I feel the head of his cock sliding up and down my slit. I cry out, my body tensing. 

He enters me a moment later, pushing himself in slowly, gliding in easily between the swollen, wet lips of my cunt. I can't resist him. By this point, I'm so desperate for release that my body welcomes every inch of him. 

He begins to move, thrusting in and out of me, going slow, pulling all the way out of me and then pushing himself back inside. I cry out with every thrust, and as he begins to move faster, I can't help working my hips against him in counterpoint.

I feel him shift slightly, and then there's a click and a whir. He's picked up the vibrator again. He settles the head of the vibe against my clit as he fucks me. It only takes a few seconds to tip me over the edge. I scream as the climax erupts from within me. 

My entire body convulses, and I writhe against the restraints. It feels like my nerve endings have been electrified. Every sensation is magnified. The pleasure is so intense that it hurts. Each stroke of his cock inside of me provokes another wave of deliriously pleasurable agony.

The spasms of climax start to dissipate, and my cunt becomes so sensitive that I begin to thrash, his hard cock that is fucking me even faster than before. It doesn't work. The pleasure-pain crescendos and I feel the tension starting to build in me again. 

He continues to fuck me, grunting a little with every thrust. He begins to really slam himself into me, and the roughness tips me over into orgasm again.

When the spasms cease, I slump back against the pillows, panting and groaning. He doesn't stop. He keeps fucking me, not letting the sensations end. I come again, and this time all I can do is croak. 

My voice is too ragged to scream. He just fucks me harder and forces another orgasm out of me. This time I feel my walls crumbling, and I begin to sob uncontrollably, crying and coming, working myself against his cock pounding inside of me. All sense of my own dignity is gone. 

I feel his body stiffen on top of me. He gives a low moan and then he withdraws from me. He moves on the bed, climbing over me and then straddling my neck. He thrusts his cock into the opening of the ring gag between my lips. 

Then I hear him stroking himself hard and fast. He gives a low, guttural cry, and his come begins to pump into my mouth. I have to either swallow it or choke, and I swallow, tasting the salt of him. 

It seems to take a long time for him to finish, and I swallow a lot of come. He gives one final satisfied sigh, and then he moves away from me. His weight leaves the bed. 

I feels his hands on the back of my head, and then he unfastens the straps of the gag and pulls it out of my mouth. I flex my jaw, wincing at the stiffness. My body feels completely spent, drained of all energy. His hand rests on the top of my head and he strokes my hair briefly. 

"Tell me, Miracle. Who did you do that night?" His voice was now soft and sweet, almost like an angel. 

I look up into his face. "Are you going to hurt him?" 

He strokes my cheek and then begins to unbuckle the cuffs around my wrists. "No," he says. "Answer my question, sweetie." 

I think for awhile before answering. He was waiting and there was no way out. I could see the fire in his eyes. "It was....Jake."

He rises from the bed and walks over to his nightstand. I gasped seeing his glock in his right hand and he storms out naked. 

Minutes later I hear a door slam and the gun fire. 

The next day, Jake was gone.

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