Crying In The Dark


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Dedicated to my son, Tommy


I lay in my bed as I write this poem of a thought that's on my mind, of how I feel all alone even when laying beside my child.

Thinking of the memories I have from when I myself was just a little girl, and how I was told silly things by my mother who is my world.

She told me to always eat my carrots and to never fear the nights sky, but now I'm crying in the dark thinking of those times.

The truth is that I'm no longer scared as I've grown and now I'm strong, and by telling my child of my experience he doesn't need to cry for long.

Time goes on and now I'm writing from the grave to say how much I cared, I never gave my child false hope he'd see in the dark but held him tight and reassured him I was there.

He should go on and remember what I told him which is that I'm never too far, in fact I'm sat watching over him as we're both crying in the dark. 

 So take this advice forward with you son and teach your children what's right, tell them as I told you when you were just a little boy which was...

Crying in the dark is just a part of life.

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