Taken Away


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Chapter 1

I opened my eyes... I'm fraile and tired wondering what happened to me with six strangers stood around glaring at me and smiling all except for one. A woman with bright yellow, shoulder length curly hair, in a suit with papers in her hand and her glasses hanging from her blouse collar. Suddenly, I look down in my arms I hold the most precious little thing even though I'm oblivious to how she got here... My daughter. 

"Well... what's her name? This beautiful little princess needs a name."

Still, not knowing what day it is and thinking I've been stuck in a dream for the past decade I sit and wonder how I've gotten to this. Thinking about it and the fact this whole thing is a mystery I shout, 

"I've got it! Her name! It's mystique. And it's perfect for her"

Looking into her big brown eyes and stroking the little tight black curls on her head I say to her in a soft voice, 

"Hello there Mystique. I'm your mummy. Strange huh?"

As I put the most gentle and loving kiss on her little button nose, I didn't realise this strange day with no meaning at all was going to get worse. 

Lots of voices, different faces and other unexplained noises surrounded me as I drift off into a blur. I feel my arms becoming weaker, my bones feeling numb and my eyes starting to close. I'm in no fit state to put up a fight and in a quick second the baby is gone. As I drifted off into unconsciousness they took the little bundle from me and whisked her away.

 I must've been out of it for another few hours. Upon wakening, I've no recollection of anything. All I can see is plain white walls, a bright white light, a white sheet that is covering my broken body and the white gown I am wearing. In a room with nothing but the bed I'm laying on and a sink in the corner next to a secured door, still too weak to pick myself up let alone thinking of walking to or even touching anything. A tall figure walks towards me with what looks like an instrument in his hand. It was an injection. Before I could even ask what it was for or who he was, I felt this sharp prick in my leg. 

"Shouldn't be long now Miss McCane and you'll start to feel a little bit better" 

Better? BETTER? And off I went.

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Chapter 2

Back into that place I'd spent the past couple of days - the land of nod. I dreamt of exactly what my life was like before this all started happening to me. Waking up every morning to find my newspaper on my lawn. I'd sit with my first coffee of the day before getting ready to go to work. Not your normal, high paid, nine till five hours labour but it worked for me, funding my addiction. Every day I'd pull on my knee-high black leather boots to compliment my red tartan skirt and my skimpy red and brown laced vest top that would hide under my black leather jacket zipped up showing nothing but my open chest which of course was there to attract customers. I would then grab my purse and make my way to the streets selling my services to strange men that craved some sort of sexual gratification. Some of them were lonely, others just weren't pleased enough by their wives. Their backgrounds didn't really make any difference to me. I was there for one reason only and that was to make money. Some nights I'd find myself earning buttons but other nights I'd come out more better off than a Hollywood actress. Little did I know or even realise but the dream I was in at this moment in time, which was more like a nightmare, was a replay of the last night I remembered working.

I was standing on the corner of Western Avenue crossroads when a dark silver car rolled up to me and the window went down. Music was booming inside. A man who was built like a machine around 6 feet 9 inches tall weighing over 230 pounds leaned over and asked what I could do for him with the money he had. He didn't have a lot but was quite happy to accept my services offered. I climbed into the car and off we went to a little neglected demolition site where there was this tiny building and I did the deed. He seemed happy with everything that had happened until I asked for my money. Then he turned nasty. The last thing I remember was what I thought was a fall but must've been something else for me to be where I am now. 

Hours go by and I start to pull round. My eyes are starting to open and I'm getting some sort of sensation in my arms and legs. I'm able to use my fingers to reach up and touch my face. I can feel a tube coming from my nose and some sort of cloth around my ear. Things are still pretty hazy and I've no idea how I've ended up in this position but I remember a woman stood next to me with her clipboard and pen, in her suit with a name badge hanging around her neck on a string. I couldn't make out what her badge said because I'd been in and out of consciousness but I can remember her being harsh and talking down to me. 

The door to my room opens. In she walks accompanied by a police officer. 

"Miss McCane? We need to ask you a few things. Do you know where you are? Are you aware of why you are here? Do you know someone called Simon Blinkly?"

None of this made any sense. I mean, I think I'm in some sort of hospital. I'm pretty sure something bad has happened to me. I certainly don't remember any of it but I have never heard of this person who goes by the name of Simon Blinkly. 

"I have no idea who he is. What am I doing here? I have to get home."

Still no mention from any party of anything that has happened to me they leave the room. A doctor walks in with a piece of paper in his hand. 

"Your body is intoxicated with a high dose of class A drugs. Tests have shown you have cocaine, methadone and methamphetamines in your system. You're very lucky to be alive."

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Chapter 3

Part of me wished I wasn't alive. In so much pain and not aware of what's happened to me, I can only lay and accept the help off people I've never met before in my life. It's been a couple of hours since I was told of the drugs I've had. A nurse walks into my room checking my tubes and the numbers on my machines which I can only assume are keeping me alive. She pulls a tube out from arm and raises the headrest of my bed which put me in a sitting position. I could see everything. By everything I mean my empty room. She lifts up my gown and pulls up her trolley with her bowl and gauze on it and starts to wipe my abdomen. 

"I'm just cleaning your wound Miss McCane. You may feel a little discomfort but it shouldn't be too painful."

I look confused at her. Not only because I don't know who she is but also because she's cleaning this mystery wound I didn't know I had. It's pretty blatant I'm still numb as I can feel absolutely nothing. The nurse left without giving me any opportunity to ask what was happening to me. I'm still very unaware of what has happened but make it my priority to ask every person that enters the room. Asking doctors, nurses, assistants and getting no answers I shout with frustration. Minutes later the door opens and a police officer walks in and sits beside me. 

" I don't want you to say anything. I want you to listen. Although hospital bound you are under arrest. You will not leave this institution without supervision by myself or another officer. There is someone who wants to talk to you about your situation. It is very personal and graphic but I have to be here for the security of that person and to protect them from any repurcussions."

I can't walk and can barely speak so it seemed very unreasonable that they thought this mysterious person was at such a risk from me. I couldn't understand why I was arrested let alone what was happening to me medically.

Thinking about things and trying my best to remember absolutely anything that could've possibly put me here, I see that same woman who asked me if I knew Simon Blinkly.

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