I Love Him, I Hate Him


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She picked up the silver blade her uncle had given her for her tenth birthday. Who gives a ten year old a blade? Ugh. This is why she had to do it. There was no way she could bring her child into this life. She just wouldn't do it. Her child would have a better life, would never know the pain of being part of this murderers family. They would be happy. She would make sure of it. Everyone was asleep, she wouldn’t wake them. In all her years of sneaking around no one had ever woke up. She didn’t intend on having her luck change tonight. As she approached her uncle, his throat exposed, it was almost like he was expecting her. It would be quick he wouldn’t feel a thing, there would be no noise. He would just be gone. She had done it before; many times. Quick slice. Good bye uncle. Moving round the room. Quick slices, goodbye auntie, dad, mum even little sister. There were only two more left. Cousin and her baby. It was horrible. The poor thing wasn’t even a year old yet. Better to leave this world than to live as part of this family. It was done. There had been no noise, they had all left this world silent. Asleep. Tears slid down her cheeks. She was a monster. But she was the last monster, never again would her family's hands be bloody. Never again.


Cybele had been watching the girl. The poor girl had slaughtered her entire family to make sure her own children would live a good life. A pure murder; if ever there was such a thing. Well now that she was here, she would make sure this pure little girl got the life she so desired. After all through her actions this girl had summoned Cybele. This was her new little mistress.


She ran. Down streets and dark back alleys. Her back to the river she ran to the country road. From there she could walk to a new life. A fresh start. Her children would be free of her family. Treated as humans-not murderers. She walked quickly, head bowed and shoulders hunched. She could hear a carriage a little way behind her. That was ok. The constables wouldn’t have found out yet. It had been silent and no one ever went to the murderers house. She had hours before anyone noticed the smell of decomposing bodies. The carriage was closer now. She could almost feel the horses breath on her back. To be honest the heat was really comforting, it was cold and the shawl she was wearing couldn’t even be called thread bare. She shivered and pulled her arms tight to her chest. Stupid rich people with their horse drawn carriages. Lovely and warm. She shivered again-more violently this time. The carriage pulled ahead of her and stopped. Probably pulling over to stretch their legs. She shuffled further to the side of the road as a woman stepped down from the carriage. Her dress looked warm. A stupid fur shawl wrapped around her shoulders. God she hated rich people. Look at this rich woman, standing there looking over at here. Smiling. What the hell was she smiling at. Probably loving her suffering. Why did rich people always get off on seeing poorer folks suffering. It was all a big game to them. The woman was walking towards her. Still smiling. She hunched over further. Hiding behind her mangled her.

"Why don't you borrow my shawl, dear?" her voice reminded her bells in the wind. She shuffled further away looking only at the ground. Warm hands gently gripped her shoulders. She tensed, clenching her fists. The blade was hanging by her hip, it wouldn't even take thirty seconds to slice this woman's pretty little throat.

"No need for that dear. I'm only here to help. I can't have my newest client freezing to death now, can I?" okay, so rich and completely insane. She stopped struggling and looked up at this unusual woman. As she did she felt warm fur falling over her shoulders. The woman smiled at her.

"There, that's better. Now we had best get a move on. The constables aren't far away." She froze. How could this woman know. There was no way. She was just some crazy rich person.

"It seems one of your neighbours thought you looked suspicious running away that quickly. So they had a look…" she turned and looked down at the girl meaningfully, "seems she saw something rather…gruesome. In your house." She swallowed. God, stupid neighbours. Always so stupidly nosey.

"Okay so maybe you know who I am. Why do you want to help me?" slowly she pulled out the slim silver blade. The woman smiled and shook her head gently. She could hear horses now. Several of them. Galloping. This was bad. She couldn't get caught. Not after everything she'd sacrificed.

"I can help you. Just trust me and I will make sure that you and your family will be safe and happy for the rest of eternity." The calm in the woman's voice caught her off guard. There wasn’t much time left. She nodded and climbed into the carriage, followed smoothly by the woman. As the door closed and they both sat, the carriage beginning to move again-four horses sped past. She exhaled deepley, slouching she smiled. The woman sat across from her smiling back.

"Thank you for trusting me. My name is Cybele and I give you my word that you will never be punished for your crimes."

And so it was done. After over five hundred years Cybele once again had a client to protect.



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Chapter 1

Kayla browsed uninterested through the plethora of band shirts. This shop had everything. Every band Kayla had ever heard of had a shirt in here. But as usual she hadn't found the one she was actually looking for. Nirvana, Avenged Sevenfold, Blink 182, there was even that annoying little bitch-Justin Beiber. Where the hell was "Your Lucky Stars"? Fair enough practically no one had heard of them and they're merchandise was unbelievably rare to find. But Kayla had checked six other shops. It had to be here. She checked her watch.

"Oh shit." She mumbled. Ross was expecting her back n the shop in five minutes. Kayla turned and shoved her way past angry looking teenagers. Ignoring the glares and growls as she rushed out onto the street. Her work was at least fifteen minutes away.

"Now would be a great time to work on your cardio, Kayla." She thought to herself. Ugh, why did she always forget to keep track of time. Ross wouldn’t let her off this time. Shit, she started running. Not caring about the people she near enough threw to the ground as she hurried past. If they turned out to be customers…well she would worry about all that later. A few breathless minutes later kayla stumbled in the doors. Ross looked up, unimpressed. He tapped his watch,

"Cutting it a bit close Kayla." She  just rolled her eys. There was already a smile pulling on his lips. Probably thouroughly amused by kayla's panting. She slipped behind the counter, shedding her coat and removing her bag before slipping on her employee name tag.

"it's not as if I'm missing anything." She nodded to the empty shop. Ross shrugged and continued reading through the new stock list. Kayla sighed, flipping through one of the latest music magasines on the counter. Another uneventful day. Topped off with further disappointment in her search. Ross turned to her, obviously noting her sour mood.

"No luck today either, huh?" kayla's head flopped,

"Well obviously." She snapped. Her temper flaring. Ross backed off- mumbling something about it just being a t-shirt. Cringing kayla apologised,

"It's just that I've looked everywhere and dno one has anything. Not even fucking fake little button badges." She was grinding her teeth and could feel her temperature rising. Calm down, you don't need to get this worked up-she thought to herself. Shaking her head she apologised again. Ross was a nice guy. He didn’t need to put up with kayla's horrific temper. After all, he'd been nice enough to hire her. He didn’t even hot on her. Unlike her creepy landlord. Ugh; now there was the world's biggest pervert ever to get what he wanted.

"What if we order some in? We could get some of their newer c.ds too." Ross smiled, pulling kayla away from her own disgusting memories. She had thought of asking this already but she knew that whatever they bought probably wouldn't sell.

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