Second Chance At Love

25 year old Jaylin Medina moves from California after catching her fiancée, Derek Smith, with her best friend, Claire Peterson, two days before the wedding. Determined to start fresh, she moves to New York City, and swore to never fall in love again. Meet Sebastian King, your typical player, he gives one night of pleasure and nothing...

Amberlyn Rose

Amberlyn Rose is a single mother at age 20. Having gotten pregnant when 16, she decides that she can trust no one man but her father, who helps her and supports her through her whole pregnancy. Cassian Hart, a 25 year old tattoo artist who owns his own tattoo parlor. He and Amber meet when she decides to get a tattoo. He's determined...

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Beautiful Misery

Running from her haunted past in East LA, Giada De Sousa and her best friend hit the road. Becoming accustomed to a new town, surrounded by new people Gia quickly finds herself drawn to the towns notorious man-whore...King of the streets-Rayne Rossetti. The dark and dangerous sex god, lives fast and races even faster.