Second Chance At Love


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Jaylin's POV

    I arrived at my house and was surprised to see Claire's car in the drive way. She probably came to get her jacket she let me borrow last night. I got out and walked up the path. I unlocked the front door and opened it. I walked into the living room, but Claire was no where in sight. I heard noises upstairs so I headed up. 


    "What is going on?" I quietly asked myself. 


    I was walking down the hallway when I heard moaning noises coming from mine and Derek's bedroom, both female and male. My heart started racing and I dreaded to see what I was thinking. I opened our bedroom door and what I, of course, dreaded, there was Claire, my fucking my best friend, naked with Derek on top of her. 


    I couldn't speak I was too shocked to say anything. Anger, hurt, and betrayal all slowly washed over me as I watched them. I then slowly stepped back and quietly shut the door and covered my mouth to smother my gasping breath. I quietly retraced my steps and climbed into my car finally letting out the sob that so badly wanted to escape.


    A while later when I returned to "mine and Derek's house", Claire's car was gone. I take a deep breath and gave myself a pep talk.


    "Ok Jay, you can do this. Just confront him and slap him in the face." I take one more deep breath and climbed put of the car and into the house.


    Derek comes out of the living room when I shut the door, "Hey baby," he goes to kiss me but I quickly dodge it by walking into the kitchen. In the corner of my eye, I see him staring at me frowning, "Jay? Are you ok?"


    "Do you love me?" I quietly ask. He froze and his frown deepens.


    "Of course I do baby, what kind of question is that?" He asks, angry.


    "Then why the hell were you and Claire having sex on our bed earlier?" I ask calmly. He visibly pales and starts to protest but I silence him with a hand, "I don't care what you have to say. I'm just glad I found out before we got married because then I would've been stuck with a scumbag like you." I snarl.


    "Jay you don't mean that you-"


    "I do, I do really mean that. I don't even know why the hell you asked me to marry you if you were going to continue seeing Claire!" I let out a bitter laugh, "God I'm so fucking stupid! I guess what they say is true. Love is blinding but now it made me see clearly."




    "It's Jaylin for you. Never call me nor speak to me again!" I walk towards the door but feel a hand on my wrist. Without thinking I turn and slap him, "Don't touch me with your filthy hands," he looks hurt by my actions but I don't care, not anymore, "I'll be back tomorrow for my things. Oh and tell our guest that the wedding is cancelled and apologize to them for me yea?" Without another word, I walk out feeling surprisingly satisfied.


    The next day, I went to his house to get my things as promised. Luckily, he wasn't there which made perfect time to pack my things. The bed in the middle of the room brought flashbacks of yesterday. I shook my head and started packing.


About 30 minutes into packing, the door to what once was mine and Derek's bedroom opened. I didn't need to look up to see who it was. 


    "Jaylin," he whimpers my name, "Stay, please. I'm sorry for sleeping with Claire. I'm sorry for hurting you, I didn't mean to and yet I still did-"


    "How long Derek?" I finally look up at him.




    "How long have you been sleeping together?" I ask starting to get impatient. 


    He looks down at his feet and whispered, "2 years." 


    My breath hitches and tears sprang to my eyes but I turned to grab clothes so he couldn't see.


    "I'm sorry! I know I hurt you and I'm sorry for the pain I caused you, but she never meant anything! She was only a good lay and-"


    "And yet you still did it! For 2 years Derek!" I yell and throw the clothes in the suitcase, "Did you ever wonder how much pain you would cause me every time you fucked her?!"


    His expression said it all, "No I didn't think so!" I yell again and zipped up my suitcase, "Fuck you Derek Smith. Oh and tell Claire I said thanks." I take my bags and threw them in my Jeep Wranglers trunk. I walk over to the drivers seat and climbed in. Before I drove off the driveway, I saw Derek appear in the doorway with tears brimming his eyes.


    I arrived at my mom's house, Delia Carter. My parents divorced when I was young but I wasn't really surprised. My father, Javier Medina, didn't even shed a tear when he signed the divorce papers or when the court said that mom had full custody of me. But who cares about Derek or Javier? I sure didn't and I wasn't going to let them ruin my future. 


    My mom greets me at the door and helps me with my bags. When we have all my bags in the foyer of her house, I collapse on the couch.


    "I take it, it didn't go so well." She comments. I shake my head and take deep breaths trying to calm myself.


    "Why me mom? Why me of all people?" I start crying.


"Don't cry honey, sometimes these things happened because that means fate has other things in store for us you know? You'll find another man who'll make you happy and nevrr hurt you." She rubs my back.


"No mom, I'm not taking chances of getting hurt again, " I hastily wipe my tears and sniff, "I'm now just going to focus on my future and my career. I will be heading to New York tomorrow and start fresh there but no more men for me mom just focusing on my career. No more men, I won't take chances." I see my mom smiling in the corner of my eye and I turn to her frowning, "What's so funny?"


"You just wait darling, you just wait." She walks out of the living room before I get a chance to ask, wait for what?

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Chapter 1

*All places in NYC, characters, will be fictional*

Jaylin's POV

I exited the airport and waved a hand to stop the taxi that was passing by. The taxi stops and I put my bags in the trunk before climbing into the backseat. 


"Hello." I smile.


"Well hello!" The cheerful old man smiles back, "New to the city?"


"Yup, I'm looking for a fresh start." I scratched the back of my neck. 


"Ah," he smiles and nods, "so where you off to?"


"Oh, um. Can you take me to closest hotel?" I still didn't know where I was going to stay since I had no friends and family here.


"Sure can do. Oh my name's Michael." He tips his head. 


"Nice to meet you Michael, my name's Jaylin." I reach out my hand for him to shake and he does. The rest of the car ride was us talking about ourselves. I learned that Michael was still happily married at age 56 with 7 children and 20 grandchildren, yes I know, a lot of grandchildren. He's a retired U.S. Marine and is still in contact with the friends he made there. 


"Here we are." I looked out and taped at the large building at least 20 ft tall. 


"Wow." I breathed out.


"Yes I know, it's beautiful." He chuckled.


I snap out of my trance and dig into my purse for money, that is until he stopped me. 


"No no, it's on me." He gave me a gentle pat on my hand.


"Oh no, Michael. I insist, please." He shakes his head and smiles.


"Go on." I slump my shoulders and nodded.


"Alright, thank you so much Michael. I how I see you around."


"We will, I'm sure of it. This may be a big city, but we'll meet again." 


"I hope to meet your family too." I smiled and stepped out.


"They'll love you. I'm sure of it." He waves and I wave back. I place my last luggage next to my suitcase and waved at Michael one more time before he pulled away and drove off. 


I sighed and turned back around to look at the tall building. It looked very expensive and I just hope that I have enough cash to stay here. 


I pulled the duffle bag over my shoulder and took a hold of my two suitcases and dragged them behind me. I struggled to open the door until a women helped me. I smiled and thanked her before walking through the glass doors and up to the registration desk. 


"Hello how may I help you?" A man around his early 40s greeted me while typing on the computer. 


"Um, I would like to book a room here." I stated the obvious.


"Ok, for how long?" He looked up from the binder.


"Can you tell me the prices for the limited stays?"


"3 nights for $50. 5 for $150. 15 for $210-"


"I'll stay for a week." I cut him off, already knowing that this will take forever. 


"$150 and you'll have to fill out this information." He hands me the binder and filled out the information he told me to fill out. 


Once we had everything done, he handed me the card. I thanked him and took an elevator up to the 5th floor. I rolled my luggage down the hall until I came to my room. I held the card against the little beeper thing until it beeped and turned green. The door swung open and I entered. I set my luggage by the door and shut it, I then went to the couch and threw myself on it. 


It was a surprisingly comfy. I took and hour long nap and woke up with a hungry stomach. I looked up the closests pizza restaurant and ordered a large Hawaiian pizza and a large Rasberry Iced Tea. 


I grabbed my wallet and exited the hotel. I stood at the end of the sidewalk looking from side to side to see if I could catch a taxi. One finally came around onto the street of the hotel and I waved my arm that I stretched out. The taxi stopped and I hopped in. 


And guess what? It was Michael! 


"I knew it was you." He laughed and tipped his head again. 


"Hello again Mike." I chuckled.


"Where you off to now?" He pulled away from the sidewalk and stopped at the red light. 


"Tom's Pizza please." I click on my seatbelt. 


Michael and I converse until he arrived at Tom's Pizza. 


"Could you wait here Mike? I'll be a few minutes." I open the door and step out.


"I'll be right here." He nods and I nodded. I closed the door and stepped into the restaurant. The delicious smell of pizza immediately surrounds me, making my already miserably hungry stomach, more hungry. 


I stopped at the counter and a chubby, not fat, but a chubby guy walks up. I gave him my order and he hands me my pizza and my large ice tea. I paid and left and climbed back into the taxi. 


I open the box that I set beside me and asked Mike, "Mike, when did you eat?"


"This morning. My beautiful wife made me a delicious breakfast." I frown and looked at the dashboard, it was almost 3. 


"Would you like a slice or two?" I offered and looked at him.


"Oh no, I'm ok thank you Jaylin." He chuckled. 


"Michael please, it's last I could do since you didn't let me pay you." I tilted my head and dared him to argue with me. 


"Well alright, I guess I am a bit hungry. " he smiled sheepishly. 


I smiled in triumph and grabbed a cheesy slice with the napkin and handed it to him. He gladly took it.


"Thank you." He smiled and took a bite, "Tom's Pizza is the best, trust me. Even the cheese is real." We laughed and started our conversation once again. 


When we got to the hotel I was staying at, I thanked him and hugged him which surprised him. He then unexpectedly invited me to his house for dinner tomorrow. I eagerly agreed, wanting to meet his family. He gave me his phone number and address. We said goodbye one more time before I came out of the taxi and entered the hotel. I smiled at the secretaries at the front desk and took the elevator. I opened my door with the card and placed the pizza box and wallet on the dark brown table. 


I sat on the chair that was beside my nightstand table and ate my pizza slice. After four more, I was done. My stomach was satisfied, so I turned off the T.V. and decided to take a shower. 


After my shower, I took out my Mac, and searched up apartments for sale or rent. Good thing the hotel let me use their wifi


I found several, but they weren't very nice. I kept looking for another hour before I gave up, it was almost 7. Then and idea came to my mind to look of a job, I opened a new tab and searched up architecture jobs. I remember my art teacher in elementary had us draw like a blueprint of our dream house. I loved it, plus it was how I got interested in architecture. After looking for about 20 minutes, I found a website; Gary's Architectural, Renovating, and Construction. I read the description about the place. I was really impressed, Gary, the owner, built it when he was 24 and the building had grown over the last 30 years, becoming a millionaire because of it. Smiling, I read through the website and wrote down the number. 

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this is really good so far

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Thank you, I'm glad you're liking the story :)

Chapter 2

 Sebastian's POV

I thrust into the bitch one more time and came. I pulled out, tied the condom, and got dressed. 


"Stay." She whines, I rolled my eyes and threw away the condom


"Nah." I shake my head and grabbed my keys from the nightstand. 


I pick up my wallet and stuff it in my back pocket. I feel arms wrap around me and I automatically stiffen. 


"When will you come back?" She brings her hands under my shirt and runs them up my stomach to my chest. I take a hold of her wrists and yank them away, also pushing her in the process. She gasps and lands on the bed.


"Honey, what happened? Did I do something wrong?" She scrambles to stand and walks towards me. 


"I have to go." I kept my back towards her and exited the bedroom. 


"Will you come back?" She desperately asks and runs after me.


"No." I answer gruffly. 


"Why?" A low growl escapes me and I sigh. Damn desperate woman. 


"Look, it was fun, but I'm not looking for something serious." And I never will.


Her lip wavers, "B-but, I thought you were actually interested in me. I thought you loved me!" She screams and punches my chest. 


Is she serious?, "Really? One night of fucking and you think I love you?" I chuckled. She, however, had big fat tears running down her face. 


"Bastard, you motherfucking lying bastard!" She pushes me. I stay in the same spot, she didn't have a lot of strength. 


I narrowed my eyes at her, "What exactly did I lie about? I gave you one night of pleasure, what else do you want from me?" 


"Leave! Leave before I- I- just leave!" She sobs and pushes me again. I stare at her for a second before I turned and left her apartment. I sighed in relief and ran a hand through my brown hair. Well that was hell, never picking one of those again. 


On the way to my truck, my phone rings. I looked at the caller ID and answered.


"Hey Gary, what's up?" I enter my truck and started the engine. 


"We have another costumer. She specifically requested you. The name is Sally Watson." I inwardly groaned, not her again.


"Tell her I have a busy schedule." I tell him. 


Gary laughs, "Damn, you really don't like this woman. No worries boy, I'll get Alex to take the job."


"Thanks Gary." 


"No problem, now hurry before you're late." 


"Yes sir." I nod even though he can't see me. I sped down the road and into the parking lot of Gary's Architectural, Renovation, and Construction Industry. I stepped out of my truck and entered the building.


I sighed and greeted the secretary. As usual, she gives me a seductive smile, but it looked more like she tasted something sour in her mouth. I smirked at her and entered the elevator, pushing the button to my floor afterwards. I'll give her a good time later. 


The elevator stopped a couple of times and I'm stuck with a married couple and another man who works here. 


I tap my fingers against my thigh and looked around, catching the woman looking at me. She knew she was caught and then...she gave me a flirty smile and batted her eyelashes. The lust she felt was evident in her eyes. She wouldn't be the first married women that I fuck. But I'm not in the mood for that kind right now.


I raised an eyebrow and shook my head. The elevator dinged, signaling that we arrived at my floor. I brush past the woman and made sure that I didn't touch her. However when I passed her, I felt something brush over my crotch. I tensed, but ignored the woman and continued my way. I took out my gadget and scanned it. 


I make my way to my office and opened the door. The sunlight immediately blinds me as I enter. I squint and walked over the blinds and pulled them down halfway, blocking some of the sun and relieving my eyes. I blinked a couple of times, the swirling colors slowly disappearing from my vision. 


"Sebastian. Miranda told me you came in." Gary says as he walks into my office. 


"Yea, sorry I didn't come in to see you first." I looked up and back down to keep sketching.


"It's fine," he comes over to stand by me, "What are you working on?" 


"The Templeton's are buying a new house but they want to change a few things, so I have to meet with them." I answered.


"What do they want renovated?" Gary rubbed his chin, a habit he does when he's thinking. 


"Their living room. They feel like the living room is a tad too small. They have 20 grandchildren that come visit them and they want more space." I explained.


"How do you plan to do that?" Gary frowned, "tearing down walls and building new ones will take a lot of time." 


"They have an empty room next to the living room, they had it as a play room for their grandchildren, but as they grow, they feel they won't need the room anymore." I then explained how I would add space. 


"Nice, you got it all planned out." Gary seemed impress, but he knew me. I liked to plan ahead, "when are you doing that?" 


"I'm taking the measurements and the real work starts after I have everything else completed." I clicked on the cap for the marker and placed it down. 


"Ok, well you keep working, I have an interview tomorrow and I have to get the questions ready." Gary states. I nod and watched him leave before looking back at my plan for the Templeton's. My office phone rings and I saunter over.


"King." I replied curtly.


"Sebastian, you have a Sally Watson on the line sir." Claudia, our main secretary for the building, tells me.


I rub the bridge of my nose in annoyance, "I'll take it, thank you Claudia." 


"You're welcome Sebastian, here she is now." 


I hear the beep and I immediately snapped, "What the hell do you want?" 


"That's no way to talk to your girlfriend." She snaps back, I scoff. Girlfriend? When did she become my fucking girlfriend?


"First, you're not my girlfriend, secondly I don't know why you're still calling me! We fucked a month ago, let it go!" I yelled...and then I hear sobbing. Oh for the love of God.


"Why do you treat me this way? Am I not enough for you?" She sobs and I roll my eyes.


"No, you already knew what you were getting yourself into, we agreed to one night." I snapped.


"Sebastian!" She whines. But I cut the call. Bitch is so annoying. I huffed and shook my head. Why do woman have to be so clingy. My mother was like that, look how it turned out for her.


My mood darkens farther as I recall the old days when it was my mother, my sad excuse of a father, and how he left her for a gold digging whore who didn't know anything else but to spread her legs. I chuckle humorlessly and leaned back into my chair. 

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